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15 Best Back to Work Gifts to Boost Employees Morale

A change of work scenery will not be easy even though you will return to a place you previously worked there. With various conditions, such as the worldwide pandemic, remote work due to limited workplaces, or a sudden workplace change, are some things that make it possible for us to return to our original place of work in the near future. Assuming every employee will behave as usual when they are in the office but what can companies do to make employees enthusiastic about coming back to the office? One way is to give back to work gifts to show your employees how thrilled you are for their return.

How do you welcome employees back to work?

There are many factors that cause employees to leave their offices temporarily, and every time they return, we must welcome them to regenerate their enthusiasm where they started. Even though employees have been there before, it doesn't mean they are as excited as when they were first there. You have to give them time to adapt again, give employees time to socialize, be flexible with time management, and don't forget about back to work gifts.

Why are welcome gifts important?

Welcoming employees back after some time away from the office is a way to make them more enthusiastic and quicker to engage with old or new team members. Investing in welcome gifts is a win-win solution for your employees and company. Employees who are happy with your gift will speed up collaboration, be enthusiastic about getting back to the routine, and feel like they are at home again.

Showing employees that you care and are happy when they return to the office will foster excitement and remain engaged, even though there is a transition in their last work period.

15 best back to work gifts ideas for employees

Here are some back to work gifts ideas for those who are re-opening the office, welcoming employees who have come from assignments outside the office, welcoming employees after a long holiday, or many other factors.

  1. Customized stationery

When returning to the office, sometimes employees need new stationery because they previously brought it home. By preparing some customized stationery, you will provide excitement to employees and make it easier for them without having to buy new one. You can provide pens, pencils, notebooks, file cases, or other useful tools to start their desk work.

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  1. Fantastic flora

Fantastic flora are succulents that are easy to care for, and everyone will love them because they are tiny, adorable, and provide an opportunity for employees to have plants on their desks. Surveys show that the plants in the office area will increase the possibility of relaxation and reduce work stress. Choose a tiny pot color that matches the color of your office desk and serves as beautiful decoration.

  1. Spa day essentials

Give all the spa things in the box. It is a great welcome back work gift because there are anything for an at-home spa, from lavender body essentials, clay face mask, natural luffa, lip balm, and anything that can add to what you need for the perfect at-home spa experience. Providing relaxation for employees will give them new enthusiasm to return to work while fulfilling their self-care needs.

  1. Power travel kit

Prepare a kit for your employees as a companion for travel or at home backup. The power travel kit will make it easier for employees to carry their phones to keep their batteries full, with a power bank and USB charger that can work in the car or as a handy wall plug. What makes this gift convenient for travel is the case, which can fit perfectly in a briefcase, suitcase, or in a purse.

  1. Personal massage

Let your employees feel relaxation with personal massage to alleviate and soothe the employees' stresses. Returning to the office requires readjustments and avoids stress, so providing personal massage will reduce work tension and make employees feel a little bit easier in adapting for the second time. After getting a good massage, employees will be ready to shine again in the office and ready for anything.

  1. Beverage heating and cooling station

Another useful item to increase employee enthusiasm when returning to work is a special place to keep beverages cold or hot. Sometimes, we will forget the drink we made because we have to do something right then and there. Employees no longer need to drink drinks at room temperature because there is a special place that can restore the desired drink temperature. With a beverage heating and cooling station, employees can always enjoy the drinks they want, including hot beverages or something chilled in the morning.

  1. Leather organizer

The leather organizer is the perfect office and home gift for employees who like to keep their things neat. This genuine leather can be used to organize phones, cards, pens, cords, notebooks, and anything you need for work every day. The sleek design and lots of space means the organizer can keep everything neat. You can choose many sizes, colors, and add a company logo or welcome back message.

  1. Custom yoga mat

Wellness gifts can make employees more enthusiastic about living their days after returning for a long time. The custom yoga mat is made of PVC which can add comfort when doing yoga at home or in the office. This is a perfect gift for stretching out the body and relaxing employees' mind. To make it more useful, schedule a yoga class at the office once per week. Let employees have a flexible body that can lead to a flexible mind.

  1. Mini humidifier

Relaxation in the office can be achieved easily by using a mini humidifier. The work space will get aromatherapy relaxation and gives off moisture to eliminate dry air at the workstation. The mini humidifier is a genius desk accessory that can be used at any time to provide comfort while working and relaxation when there is tension at work.

  1. Books

Show your employees some care by providing books for learning and development as welcome back gifts that speak to their interests.

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You can provide books on topics that match the employee's field of work, position, or topics they say they want to learn. Personal development will always be welcomed by employees because it is an opportunity to increase knowledge and experience to become even better.

  1. Team happy hour

Invite employees to have fun outside the office before they return to the office and get back to work. There are many things you can choose to do at happy hour to laugh, cheer, chat, and share experiences about how employees miss the office. Celebrate by drinking and eating together to add excitement and closeness to coworkers again after not working together in the office for some time.

  1. Tech needs

Returning to the office requires some new office equipment. Provide several tech needs such as wireless keyboards, wireless mice, mouse pads, Bluetooth headsets, charging pads, or anything that can help employees' needs for their work equipment. Portable items make it easier for employees to work anywhere, and employees feel cared for because they are provided with new technology to support their work.

  1. Desk mirror

A desk mirror is a simple but effective gift. Appearance is important in the workplace, and you can help workers maintain their good looks with a small mirror. It's great enough to freshen up or props up their looks throughout the workday.

  1. Desk fan

Sometimes having an air-conditioned work space is not enough to feel the fresh air in the office. A desk fan can help employees to stay cool in the office environment. Its small shape will not interfere with the workspace, and will not require a lot of electrical power.

  1. Chocolate gift box

Giving something sweet to employees can lift up their spirits and bring the joy in the office. Nothing goes wrong when you give chocolate as a welcome back gift. You can mix up different flavors and add a personalized welcome back message to show how much you miss the employees.

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Sometimes there are several conditions that cause employees to have to work remotely and leave the office temporarily. After they can return to work in the office, you should give a welcome back gift or back to work gift to lift up their spirit and bring up their enthusiasm for work. Some of the gift options above can be your choice, ranging from affordable budgets to gifts that suit employee needs. Whatever gift you choose, make sure you give a welcome back message to show how much you missed them at the office.