Unique Gifts

14 Unique Gifts for Employees That Show Your Appreciation

There's a lot of employees in your office who need recognition for their hard work and dedication. There are many benefits you can get if employees feel valued and get rewarded for something they did good. Some of the benefits are high retention, good performances, and willingness to learn more to provide the best. That's why this article will focus on unique gifts for employees, to show you what you can give to employees as a form of appreciation or to celebrate any moment in the office.

Why give unique gifts to employees?

Giving gifts for employees will motivate them to do better and work harder for the company. Some employees might get a boost in their morale, and become more productive after receiving a gift. There's a lot of good reactions when companies give gifts to employees, because employees feel like they want to give good things back to the company in their own way.

Even though giving gifts to employees is not an obligation, you need to reconsider after seeing the many benefits you can get for your company's progress.

Why is appreciation gift important?

Giving gifts as appreciation might be important in the workplace because it can improve self-confidence, strengthen relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals. You can show your gratitude for employee's acts, and they will feel proud of the achievements they have achieved. Appreciation gifts make every employee who excels maintain their performance, and other employees are motivated to achieve the same achievements.

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By giving simple gifts, you can create a positive culture at the office for employees who want to compete with each other positively, and the company accommodates them by giving rewards to anyone who has good performances.

14 unique gifts for employees to boost their morale and show your appreciation

Unique Gifts

Now, we know a lot why giving gifts to employees is important. The two main benefits of giving gifts are boosting employee's morale and as a form of appreciation. We will provide the best list of gifts for employees to show your gratitude.

  1. Heal box

Let's gift each employee a box that can be used to heal them by recharge and refuel in between their stressful days. You can fill this set with Pure Sol collagen hydrogel eye mask, small bath tea, face towel, facial soap, body lotion, and other self-care gifts to help employees relax and heal their bodies. Thinking about the freshness of employees' bodies will increase their morale.

  1. Online yoga and meditation classes

Wellness gifts are one of the best gifts to show your appreciation. Let your employees get meditation or yoga classes that can be done in the office or at home, with a monthly or annual subscription. Every employee will have the ability to stay at peak performance after receiving yoga and meditation classes. They will be healthier with more focus at work.

  1. Portable thermos cup set

The portable thermos cup set is a suitable gift for employees who like their drinks always warm. The thermos set comes with a cup to immediately enjoy the drinks they bring. There are many color choices for the thermos that you choose, and you can put the company logo in the middle of the thermos. BestGiftHK is the best place to make custom gifts like thermos up set with printed logos, embroidery, and other printing options. BestGiftHK has long focused on making the best appreciation gifts for companies around the world.

  1. Tech bundle

For tech lovers, you can provide several accessories and branded teaching gear to boost employees' performances. The box includes power bank, charging cable, wireless headset, wireless mouse, Bluetooth tracker, and any new technology that can help your employees' performance. Employees who have their work needs met using gadgets or work equipment will have higher productivity.

  1. Travel tech kit

As a complement for tech lovers, the travel tech kit is pockets and straps to hold employees' entire arsenal of tech accessories like chargers, power banks, cords, and more. This gift is an ideal option for employees who are always ready to go anywhere with their gadget needs. This is a practical gift that can provide convenience for each of your employees, by collecting tech accessories in one place, without having to put them in their bags in a mess.

  1. Insulated lunch cooler bag

Lunch bags are one of the items that employees often carry. By providing top-tier lunch bags, your employees will be enthusiastic to bring lunch and enjoy it together with their co-workers. The bag has a shoulder strap, insulated flap compartment, and is made of heavy-duty materials. The insulated lunch cooler bag has an elegant design, and can be used when commuting or traveling.

  1. Compact versatile backpack

A compact versatile backpack will be the perfect gift for employees because it is suitable for all occasions. The backpack has a slim style with many features such as organization pockets, a dedicated laptop compartment to help employees keep their technology and gear in order. The sleek backpack can make your employees have a professional look and organize all their belongings neatly in one place.

  1. Activity tracker

Choose a wristband that can be used to track distance moved, calories burned, and more. When employees use an activity tracker, they will be enthusiastic about training, exercising, and doing their best for their wellness. A simple wristband can make your employees more enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle, and they will feel happy because the office is thinking about the health of its employees.

  1. Smart indoor garden

The smart indoor garden is suitable for people who love to cook, because it allows them to easily grow herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers in their home. The smart reservoir waters plants every three hours, and drains the excess to keep the roots stay moist. Some plants that can be used in this smart indoor garden are tomatoes, chili peppers, fresh herbs, etc.

  1. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Enrich the employees' home with essential oils for relaxation. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser makes the room fresher with a natural scent, available with three mist settings, low-light indicator, timer setting, and auto shut-off. The relaxing mist can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, brings out the good in pure essential oil to make the room an aromatic environment. Any humidifier scents oil can be used. It's easy to use, just add water and aroma oil, within minutes the whole room will be filled with a mist of fragrance.

  1. A stylish hoodie

Bring your employees a hoodie to keep them stylish when leaving the office. You can choose to give the company logo on the part of the hoodie, or leave it as a plain hoodie with a bright color. Choose a hoodie with good quality fabric, to give employees a fashion choice so they can be used for any occasion.

  1. BBQ appron and set

Approns and gift sets are the best gifts to approach the holidays. Every employee certainly has a special moment to hold a BBQ party with friends or their family. The set includes approm, spatula, gloves, and other grill equipment. Give them a BBQ apron and set to make grilling fun and easy, very suitable for making their summer more delightful.

  1. Garden gift basket

For employees who like gardening, you can give a gardener's super-basket filled with gloves, seeds, shears, books, shovel, and whatever is needed to start a little garden. Employees will love this gift for those who are always curious about gardening. Now, you give them the opportunity to give it a try.

  1. Virtual cooking class

Give your employees time to study apart from office needs. Let them put on their aprons, enter their kitchen, and have cooking experience with a professionally-trained chef who will lead the group from preparation to making delicious dishes at their table. Employees will love to learn new things from professional chefs, it's fun and engaging activity in their kitchen, and doing something fun outside of work.


You can show your appreciation to employees by giving unique gifts in the form of experience or goods. Whatever unique gift for employees, make sure they can enjoy it and get the best quality or quantity. You can receive many benefits after you show your appreciation to them, because employees will have high morale and maintain their peak performances after being recognized and feel valued. Start giving unique gifts to employees to show your gratitude and foster a positive culture at the office.