Important Reasons Why You Should Sell Gym Merchandise

Important Reasons Why You Should Sell Gym Merchandise

In this modern age, people need to be physically fit to increase their stamina and health daily. It's the reason why the majority of people join a club or gym to exercise regularly. While spending time at the gym or club, they like to wear fitness merchandise to increase motivation and desire to exercise. That's why the opportunity to sell gym merchandise has many benefits and is a unique way to boost your business.

What can be sold as gym merchandise? Is there much to sell?

You can start with anything anyone who wants to work out in the gym needs, and the opportunities are endless! Offer your members to buy whatever they need that can benefit your business, your brand, and your bottom line.

Reasons to Sell Gym Merchandise

Do you think selling gym merchandise has little chance for your business? Let's dive deeper into what the potential benefits are:

  1. Boost the Gym’s Revenue

Any kind of sales will bring in more revenue. If you think about margins, you can use a 100% mark-up to ensure a healthy profit on every merchandise you sell. If the item is hard to sell, you can think about lowering the price to clear out the inventory faster.

Besides club revenue running well, you need a consistent flow of cash and funds to expand your business. The fitness merch can be the main solution for additional income besides membership fees.

First, you have to find out what your members want. Offer items with several price tags, find out which point sells are selling the most, and start from there to develop a strategy for the future.

Focus on volume, and don't start with expensive apparel. Think about it this way, if you can sell one of the merch with a large volume and make the most money, then you can sell the item regularly instead of having to sell one item at a large price but will run out in a long time.

If you want to attract your members to buy gym merchandise, you can create a special package, such as paying for a membership to get certain merch with terms and conditions. Besides, you can benefit from merch, and you can get regular revenue.

  1. Brand Recognition For Your Gym

gym merchandise

Did you know that selling merch not only increases revenue but also increases brand recognition? Let's think it this way, if you can make T-shirts, water bottles, or fitness needs with your brand name, you can also promote your gym's name.

Think of a FREE advertisement that you can get from merch that is used regularly by your members outside the gym. For example, when your members run in the morning and bring a water bottle with your brand name, many people will see that name and add potential new customers.

This method is also used by many brands to grow their customer bases, such as by giving out free T-shirts or other useful items. You can provide free merch for an annual membership or special packages while increasing the trust of members to stay loyal to your gym.

  1. Add Value to Your Service

Selling fitness merchandise is the same as adding to your value to train people to stay fit at all times. People join the gym to train their bodies to be fitter, but they need more enthusiasm to keep it routine.

Members will appreciate it if their gym becomes a shopping center for their fitness needs. In addition to increasing your revenue, members also find it helpful because in the same place they can buy the merchandise they need without having to go all the way to other places.

The more complete the selection of gym merchandise that you offer, the more your credibility will be as a professional trainer and a quality gym.

Now you know some reasons why gym merchandise is important to increase the revenue potential of a gym or club. How do you get started?

How to Start Selling Gym Merchandise

Let's take a few steps below before you start selling gym merchandise:

  • Focus on your brand

The brand is the key to choosing the right merchandise. Don't sell items that don't align with your brand and what your members associate with the business. See also potential buyers in your gym. If your brand is a professional and prestigious gym, then you can sell higher-quality merch.

For example, you sell stainless steel water bottles rather than plastic bottles for fancy and high quality. Or you also provide plastic bottles for members who prefer convenience over others.

Don't forget to add your logo or gym name as much as possible to the merchandise you sell. Make the merch subtle and appealing by using the services of a designer to arrange your logo and attract buyers.

  • Choose your products
gym merchandise

Do a broad market to find out what your brand needs. Start by offering items like branded water bottles, hats, and bags. Some of these items do not require a range of sizes and are unisex, making these items easier to sell and reach all potential customers.

If you are still confused about the logo or gym name on the merch, don't be too bothered to think about it. Make a merch with a simple design and have a gym name or logo without having to overthink the looks. Evolve your style from how members provide feedback, while you seek better design references for higher quality merch.

  • Find local suppliers

Invest in your community by finding local suppliers for your merchandise needs. Look for some local businesses that sell T-shirts, water bottles, hats, or designers that align with your brand and preferences.

In addition to providing benefits to local allies, you can add business relationships with your community and can become partnerships when there are certain events or when you want to do co-branding.

  • Good spot to sell merch

Now, you have some of the right merch to sell. The next step is to set up for the right place. The gym's front desk is a great place because it's where people get in and out of the gym when they want to pay for a membership or other needs.

This will come in handy when gym members want to find water bottles, shirts, or other items they forgot to bring and need them right away. Ensure you can prepare some workout items that can be displayed at the entrance.

What do members need after a workout? They will pick something to drink or eat. Attractive set-up display for cold drinks and healthy snacks near the exit.

Are You Ready to Sell Gym Merchandise?

Let's recap what you can get if you start selling gym merchandise. First, you can get new opportunities to increase your revenue. Next, you can increase brand awareness, and add value and loyalty to your members.

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