5 Tips to Sell Coffee Merchandise in a Coffee Shop

5 Tips to Sell Coffee Merchandise in a Coffee Shop

Customers have started to fill your store, waiting for their drinks while watching their phones, talking to their friends, or waiting in line to get the beverages they want. Sometimes you will find a unique customer who wants to spend their time checking out any cafe's merchandise instead of watching their phone for their waiting time.

If you already have that opportunity and you still haven't thought about selling coffee shop merchandise, it's a lost business opportunity. Try to calculate how much time it takes to make coffee per customer and how many people are willing to queue to get your beverages. Those minutes can be used by loyal customers to check your coffee shop merchandise and buy it.

But don't worry, we are here to give you 5 tips on selling coffee shop merchandise and creating new money-making potential.

Why Selling Coffee Merchandise Is Important?

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Selling merchandise is essential for your business because it can open a bigger opportunity to increase revenue and increase your brand value. Your business doesn't just stop at the products you sell or how good your service is to customers. You can also add all the internal factors that will affect your brand, including offering stunning merchandise to your customers.

While thinking about the coffee shop merchandise ideas that will bring to the store, we will give you tips when you're ready to sell merchandise in your coffee shop.

5 Tips to Sell Coffee Merchandise

Sometimes owners think the number of visitors who are willing to queue for their products has become the main revenue, and there is no need to add other potential revenue. But it's not true at all. The tips that we will provide can be new thoughts for you on how to start selling coffee shop merchandise.

  1. Business Logo on the Merchandise

The logo of your business must be able to give an aesthetic impression of the merchandise you are going to sell. A cafe logo will show what customers see and think about your brand.

If your logo fits with the merchandise your customer chooses, it will take a while before it goes viral through social media like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Ensure the logo looks catchy and resembles well with the products you are about to offer.

  1. Understand Your Target Market

Take a look and notice how your coffee shop gets customers. Are the customers who come mostly students? office workers? or a couple who wants to spend their evening in your cafe?

You can data all customers and take the largest percentage to choose what merchandise you will sell. For example, if there are more couples, you can make a couple of T-shirts or mugs with different but matching colors. Or if more visitors are workers or employees, you choose stationary with a pleasing logo that they can use in the office.

Before deciding what merchandise you choose or adding new merchandise, try to ask yourself what items would you like to see or buy if you were in a coffee shop. Having that mindset will open up new thinking for any merchandise that you have the potential to sell.

  1. Make A Demand

You need to make the impression that the merchandise you make is a limited edition. If you can create demand, customers will think twice if they don't take the coffee shop merchandise they see. But if you put too much merchandise on display, customers will think you will always sell it, and they can buy it whenever they want, and they won't buy it.

Give a price tag or a special design for the limited edition coffee merchandise, or make merchandise according to design request or shape from your customers. The better your merchandise design, the higher the customer's interest to see and buy one or two items.

  1. Right Spot for Selling Merchandise

Find the best place to put coffee shop merchandise, such as upfront by the register, put a special shelf near the cashier, or a special brochure by offering some of the merchandise you have. Products that are often chosen by coffee shop owners are decals, stickers, flat pouches and bookmarks are some items that are suitable to be placed near the register.

When customers want to pay for their orders, there is a high chance that they will add some small items at a reasonable price. If several customers per day buy some of your small merchandise, imagine how much additional revenue you get. You can offer beverages with bonus merchandise to increase the interest of your customers.

  1. Fresh Item Then And Now

Don't leave merchandise that has been on display for a long time, but no one is interested in staying on the shelf. Track what coffee shop merchandise is selling fast and items that are more hesitant for customers to buy. Always stock hot items, and delay some items that don't sell too fast. Make a room for new and fresh items.

You can put a special paper or book about what customers request about what merchandise they want. If you already have loyal customers, it's not hard to want to know what your customers want. They also don't hesitate to want to know more about the coffee shop where they have been hanging out all this time.

Selling Merchandise is a Step to Increase Branding and Earn More Revenue

Let's recap the coffee shop merchandise ideas that can provide any benefits for your business. It will increase brand awareness, elevate the ambiance, and increase revenue potential. If you can choose merchandise properly and know how to sell it, you will get huge steps for the progress of your business.

The choice of merchandise such as mugs, hats, and stickers is a huge success because it can be used by your customers and add brand awareness to their acquaintances. The more merchandise that is needed and what the customer wants, the happier they'll be.

Please remember, you are selling merchandise not only focusing on your profits but giving something remarkable to your loyal customers. Interested in finding the right place to provide merchandise? Get the Best Gift to create unique coffee shop merchandise for your business.