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The 12 Best Wedding Gift for Guests That They'll Love

Wedding favors or wedding gift for guests will serve as thank-you tokens to your guests and show how happy you are with their presence at the event you are holding. Every person who comes to the wedding will provide a tangible memory and you have the right to give something to show your gratitude. Before you prepare everything for the final, you have to think about the right gifts for your gusts. To help you inspire what gifts are suitable for your guests, we will share all the best wedding gift for guests that you'll ever see.

Do you give gifts to guests at a wedding?

Wedding gift for guests are a nice way to thank them because they took the time to come to your special day. Although it's not expected or required, gifts are always appreciated. If you start thinking about giving any gifts, keep in mind that they don't have to be elaborate or expensive. Simple gifts are okay, but you can choose thoughtful gifts that can be appreciated as much as the expensive ones.

Do we need to thank the wedding guests?

Good etiquette as an event owner is to say thank you to every guest who comes, greet them or shake their hand, or you can give a gift as your gratitude towards their attending. You can do this by placing thank-you cards on top of the gifts you prepare, because wedding favors will also give you peace of mind because you are showing how happy your guests are for taking part in your special day.

Wedding day is a sacred day for everyone who does it. That's why the arrival of each guest will be something meaningful, because we can take photos with them, chat with them when it's possible, and share happy moments on your happy day. It's also best if you don't just think about the guests, but also about the people who help make your wedding run smoothly, such as the hosts, the vendors, or your family who help from preparation to the big day.

Best 12 wedding gift for guests

Do you understand how important wedding gift for guests are but are confused about where to start? Don't worry because we will give you lots of ideas about what gift to give. Keep reading until the end about our wedding favors, from your favorites to thoughtful gifts that you can order online.

  1. Classic candle wedding favors

Are wedding souvenirs easy to find but always appropriate because of their usefulness? How about scented candles? There are many candle flavors that can be used as gifts, such as roses or scrumptious scents, while there is a spelling label with the name of the person being married and the wedding date. If you order in bulk, of course you can get a cheaper price and you can also choose the shape or scent you want.

  1. Coffee mug
wedding gift for guests

If you give guests something they will use often, you can give them coffee mugs with engraving in the middle of the mug. You can write a phrase or your wedding date at the bottom as a complement to the gift and a reminder that the recipient has come on your special day. Trust us, the recipient of this gift will always remember your special day every time they drink their morning tea or coffee.

  1. Small fan / Handheld fan customization

This is a suitable gift to give during the summer, because this super cute wand fan is stylish, usable, and also provides a strong wind when you are exposed to the heat of the day or night. The personal fan is rechargeable, has a long battery life, and you can charge it from a regular outlet or any device via USB port. The fan can be carried whenever you want as a summer companion to keep them cool while queuing, traveling, or exercising.

  1. REPT water bottle

REPT is a water bottle made from silicone rubber, this material is often used in baby bottles and special medical cups. This water bottle has the characteristics of BPA-free, antibacterial, and good adaptability to high and low temperatures. The water bottle from REPT can maintain the hygiene and quality of drinks. It is very suitable for gift recipients who like to carry a water bottle for work or exercise, because they can continue to use it all the time.

  1. Handheld mirror

Small handheld mirrors are very suitable as wedding favors because they can be used as cosmetic mirrors, travel make up mirrors, or portable mirrors for any need. Made from safe and reliable material ensure long-term use and the mirror design is convenient for use when making up or hair cutting. You can choose to order a handheld mirror with a plastic handle or other material according to your needs and budget.

  1. Mini succulent wedding favors

Instead of giving flower seeds, you can give guests mini succulents placed in small pots. You can directly order sets of 100 or more directly from the seller to ensure the highest quality succulents for your guests. You can put a thank-you note near the pot with the words "thank you for coming" or "thanks for joining us". This will be a great cute gift idea for your guests.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

One gift that will be especially useful in the kitchen is olive oil. You can provide organic olive oil for wedding favors in the size you want starting from 30ml or more, filled with certified extra virgin olive oil from local producers, and you can provide customized tags such as the wedding date and the names of those being married.

  1. Throw blankets

Soft bulk blankets are another wedding favor choice that can provide warmth and comfort for guests when using them in the office or at home. Throw blankets can be arranged neatly and tied with ribbons, with a thank you card in the middle. The throw blankets are comfortable and cozy, made from plush material like polyester which can offer softness and warmth for whenever the recipient wants to use it. You can choose a blanket in medium or large size, depending on the comfort or coziness factor.

  1. Bottle openers

Enhance your guests' home bar with decorative bottle openers from your wedding favor. You can make bottle openers according to the design you want, starting from the shape of the opener according to the initials of the couple, the shape of a key, or a unique shape that you can choose your own design. These openers will be very useful for household needs that often open drink bottles or for kitchen needs.

  1. Keychains

Keychains are always fun as gifts. You can customize it with the materials and design you want, and it can be something that becomes a touch of charm of the recipient's routine. There are many key chain materials that you can use, such as plastic, metal or rubber. Don't forget to personalize it with the wedding date and also the initials of the married couple.

  1. Soap bars

Pamper your guests with self-care staples like soap bars. You can provide a touch of relaxation for guests after their weekend. You can choose subtle scents with no common allergens so that the recipient can use this beautiful gift without worry.

  1. Flip flops or sandals

Sandals or flip flops can be worn at home, or when traveling around the house without having to be confused about style or having to wear shoes. Flip flops ensure everyone's feet are comfortable when traveling around the house or inside the house, especially if you choose a material that is comfortable for your feet such as rubber, foam, or leather.


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