Corporate Gift
Corporate Gift

Best Corporate Gift Baskets for All Business Gifting Occasions

Maybe you've heard the saying "People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust." This applies to anyone, starting from investors, customers, clients, or employees for retention and satisfaction. Maintaining strong connections with people around your business will be a bridge to your success. One way to keep that in good order is with corporate gift baskets. This article will explain how important gift baskets are for your connections, and what benefits you can get for the progress of your business. What is a corporate gift item? Before we discuss the benefits of gift baskets, we must know what corporate gift baskets are. A corporate gift is an item or experience given from a company to its investors, clients, prospects, or employees. Companies give these gift baskets as a polite gesture to express gratitude and appreciation. The item can be any shape, and more often companies will show their identity on their thank you cards, or print the company logo in the center of the item. The items chosen by the company to be in gift baskets can vary, ranging from stationery, drinkware, clothing, tech accessories, etc. Whatever item is chosen, companies hope it will create a touchpoint with clients, prospects, or employees through the use of a gift. How do you offer corporate gifts? As someone responsible for selecting, designing, and coordinating corporate gift baskets, you must think carefully about this subject. Whatever you give must make an impression on the recipient, because our goal is not only to give gifts, but we have to give good gifts for good connections. We provide several tips to consider when you want to choose an awesome corporate gift. Share your work culture You can give corporate gifts according to something unique about your company. For example, if your company allows you to wear casual clothes on Fridays, then you can give T-shirts with the company logo as a gift, and show that it is a part of your culture. Presentation matters Presentation is a key to giving a great impression. Please pay attention to details about the package you choose for the recipient, so that they can say "wow" when they get your gift. You don't have to give branded items, but package the gift as uniquely as possible, and don't forget a thank you note with your own design at the top. Think quality over quantity Ensure you provide items that are useful and also of good quality. Even though you give ordinary items such as pens or mugs, you have to give those items with the best quality and unique designs. You can think about the recipient's preferences, or customize it to make it look like an item they won't be able to find anywhere they want to buy it. Useful items will be more meaningful if they last for a long time, and don't seem cheap. The recipient will be proud of your gift, because they feel appreciated by the items you chose. 5 best corporate gift baskets for any gifting occasions We have prepared some of the best gift baskets for everyone on your list. Tech accessories Now is the digital era where the need for gadgets is the most important thing in business. You can provide a collection of tech accessories such as USB Fan, Power Bank, wireless mouse, mouse pad, cable organizer, etc. Collect several tech items in one basket, and arrange them neatly to give an attractive impression. Don't forget to put a thank you note on the front of the basket with your design. Homeware Many homewares are suitable as corporate gifts, such as mirrors, jewelry boxes, tableware, vases, cup accessories, umbrellas, aromatherapy, etc. Collect several homeware items and adapt them to the recipient's preferences. Match the colors of the items you choose, so that the recipient is impressed with the items you choose. Stationery Every employee will like stationery as a gift, because they can use it for their work needs every day. Some stationery items that can be included in gift baskets are notebooks, meeting cards, pen holders, folders, pens, pencils, bookmarks, etc. The more complete the stationery you choose, the more employees will feel cared for by you. This will have a positive effect on employee retention. Drinkware One item that everyone needs and always carries when exercising, working or traveling is drinkware. Several types of drinkware that are suitable for gift baskets are mugs, water bottles, thermos cups, RPET environmental cups, enamel mugs, titanium cups, or stainless steel water cups. You just have to choose one of the best drinkware as a corporate gift, and don't forget to print the company logo in the middle as your identity as the gift giver. Clothing One of the usual corporate gifts as a promotional step or to strengthen relationships with prospects or clients is clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters or jackets. Even though these items are more expensive than others, they can show that you care about the person you are giving a gift to, and also think about the quality of the item you choose. Don't forget to put the company logo on several parts of the clothing as brand awareness and to add uniqueness to the items you give. When is The Best Time to Give Corporate Gifts? All the corporate gifts that we recommend above are at BestGiftHK, along with customization for corporate logos or service promotions with pad printing, silk screen printing, and embroidery. BestGiftHK is your best place to order corporate gifts, and is a one-stop solution for gift customization needs for any business occasions such as promotions, exhibitions, employee benefits, advertising, event celebrations, customer visits, etc. We have more than 20 years of experience focusing on gift customization and production services. We accept all customer orders ranging from small, medium, or large, and are ready to send to all places. There are already many overseas customers who continue to choose and rely on us. Hope you find what you are looking for, and can order it from us.
Employee Appreciation Gifts
Corporate Gift

Best Employee Appreciation Gifts as Token of Appreciation

Recognizing employees is a step that is often taken by many companies nowadays because it is starting to be considered as an essential part of a company's success. When companies can implement employee appreciation, the office atmosphere becomes more positive, opening up many opportunities for employees to show their best potential. One way to recognize employees is with employee appreciation gifts as a token of appreciation, to celebrate your team's wins or individuals. What is a token of appreciation for employees? A token of appreciation can be in any form that can touch the employee's heart. It can be as simple as giving a thank you note, sending nice employee appreciation gifts, giving bonus, or giving a little trip. Don't forget to show praise and gratitude periodically in boosting your workforce. All of these things are done to show your gratitude for having a solid team, an excellent individual for completing work tasks, and to show how grateful you are to have them as part of your family. What are some memorable gifts? Memorable gifts are something that the recipient can remember whenever they use or see whatever you give them. You can give a unique gift, useful gift, or classic gift, as long as you can make it more memorable compared to the usual gift. You can make a gift more special by giving it a personal touch to show how much you care about the recipient. You need to find references for what type of gift the recipient likes, what they need in the near future, and what they might want and so far they haven't been able to get it. Giving employee appreciation gifts to teams or individuals must give a great impression, because it is a sign that you appreciate their hard work, and want them to maintain their good performances. Best employee appreciation gifts for teams and individuals If you are confused about choosing any appreciation gifts, we have prepared a list of the best gifts that will help your company to reach new heights and boost your workforce and staff morale. Plants for their workplace The workplace is a daily place for employees, and there is nothing wrong if you upgrade their workplace by providing plants for each employee. You can choose several plants that can grow rapidly or slowly, depending on your preferences. A desk plant for their workspace is a gift, because they can enjoy some greenery in their office and everyone has the opportunity to care for it. Plants in the workspace are also a special symbol for them that they will grow bigger together with the plants they care for. The large selection of plants means you can give each employee a plant that reflects their personality. Some favorite plant choices are money tree, succulent, and peace lily. What makes this gift memorable is that you think about the personality of each employee by giving plants that are suitable for them, and making the office atmosphere more lively with plants. Custom corporate gift shop Create your own custom corporate gift for your team and employees and show how much you care. BestGiftHK is your place to choose any corporate gift that is suitable for your employee with a wide selection of products such as stationery, tech accessories, T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters, drinkware, and many other memorable gifts. Personalize your gift with the company logo, and also the recipient's name to express gratitude in creative ways. BestGiftHK provides many printing methods for your custom corporate gift, such as pad printing, laser, silk screen printing, and embroidery. Since the establishment of the company, we have focused on creating corporate gift customization and production services, making your gift more memorable and giving a great impression to the recipient. Bags and totes Other items that employees will always use are bags or totes. Tote bags and company gift bags are very suitable for employee gifts because you can show that you meet your employees' needs, including space for their belongings. Apart from that, if you put your company logo on tote bags or company bags, you can show your brand every time your employees wear them when traveling. Choose eco-friendly materials for tote bags, or company bags with materials that are durable for a long time. Stress relievers and games Every worker certainly has their own level of stress at work. You can buy board games or stress relievers such as small dolls, mini figures, that will allow them to destress and always have fun at work. You can personalize this gift by adding their name in the middle of the toy or doll, to make it more impressive. Mini trip Every employee wants to unwind with their colleagues on their weekends or even weekdays. Prepare a mini trip for your employees as a form of gratitude when your team reaches a certain milestone. Apart from thanking them, you can convey your hopes for the team to remain solid and always show their best in every task. The trip doesn't have to be expensive, but the most important thing is the time to have fun with the team, as well as boost the team bonding. With this, you can show employees that their hard work will be rewarded appropriately, and this can be felt by each individual. 12 Unique Coworker Gift Ideas To Show Your Gratitude Now, after you have several options for employee appreciation gifts, you need to think about when to give the gift. You can create a special meeting to discuss the achievements of the team or each individual, or you can give it directly to each employee when they are going on holiday. Don't forget to personalize the gift so that every time the recipient uses that gift, they will always remember what they did for the progress of the office, and continue to try their best to move forward together. Or to add to each employee's sense of pride with their achievements, you can host a special event such as an employee award or dinner with the company to keep employees motivated and strengthen team bonding.
wedding gift for guests
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The 12 Best Wedding Gift for Guests That They'll Love

Wedding favors or wedding gift for guests will serve as thank-you tokens to your guests and show how happy you are with their presence at the event you are holding. Every person who comes to the wedding will provide a tangible memory and you have the right to give something to show your gratitude. Before you prepare everything for the final, you have to think about the right gifts for your gusts. To help you inspire what gifts are suitable for your guests, we will share all the best wedding gift for guests that you'll ever see. Do you give gifts to guests at a wedding? Wedding gift for guests are a nice way to thank them because they took the time to come to your special day. Although it's not expected or required, gifts are always appreciated. If you start thinking about giving any gifts, keep in mind that they don't have to be elaborate or expensive. Simple gifts are okay, but you can choose thoughtful gifts that can be appreciated as much as the expensive ones. Do we need to thank the wedding guests? Good etiquette as an event owner is to say thank you to every guest who comes, greet them or shake their hand, or you can give a gift as your gratitude towards their attending. You can do this by placing thank-you cards on top of the gifts you prepare, because wedding favors will also give you peace of mind because you are showing how happy your guests are for taking part in your special day. Wedding day is a sacred day for everyone who does it. That's why the arrival of each guest will be something meaningful, because we can take photos with them, chat with them when it's possible, and share happy moments on your happy day. It's also best if you don't just think about the guests, but also about the people who help make your wedding run smoothly, such as the hosts, the vendors, or your family who help from preparation to the big day. Best 12 wedding gift for guests Do you understand how important wedding gift for guests are but are confused about where to start? Don't worry because we will give you lots of ideas about what gift to give. Keep reading until the end about our wedding favors, from your favorites to thoughtful gifts that you can order online. Classic candle wedding favors Are wedding souvenirs easy to find but always appropriate because of their usefulness? How about scented candles? There are many candle flavors that can be used as gifts, such as roses or scrumptious scents, while there is a spelling label with the name of the person being married and the wedding date. If you order in bulk, of course you can get a cheaper price and you can also choose the shape or scent you want. Coffee mug If you give guests something they will use often, you can give them coffee mugs with engraving in the middle of the mug. You can write a phrase or your wedding date at the bottom as a complement to the gift and a reminder that the recipient has come on your special day. Trust us, the recipient of this gift will always remember your special day every time they drink their morning tea or coffee. Small fan / Handheld fan customization This is a suitable gift to give during the summer, because this super cute wand fan is stylish, usable, and also provides a strong wind when you are exposed to the heat of the day or night. The personal fan is rechargeable, has a long battery life, and you can charge it from a regular outlet or any device via USB port. The fan can be carried whenever you want as a summer companion to keep them cool while queuing, traveling, or exercising. REPT water bottle REPT is a water bottle made from silicone rubber, this material is often used in baby bottles and special medical cups. This water bottle has the characteristics of BPA-free, antibacterial, and good adaptability to high and low temperatures. The water bottle from REPT can maintain the hygiene and quality of drinks. It is very suitable for gift recipients who like to carry a water bottle for work or exercise, because they can continue to use it all the time. Handheld mirror Small handheld mirrors are very suitable as wedding favors because they can be used as cosmetic mirrors, travel make up mirrors, or portable mirrors for any need. Made from safe and reliable material ensure long-term use and the mirror design is convenient for use when making up or hair cutting. You can choose to order a handheld mirror with a plastic handle or other material according to your needs and budget. Mini succulent wedding favors Instead of giving flower seeds, you can give guests mini succulents placed in small pots. You can directly order sets of 100 or more directly from the seller to ensure the highest quality succulents for your guests. You can put a thank-you note near the pot with the words "thank you for coming" or "thanks for joining us". This will be a great cute gift idea for your guests. Extra virgin olive oil One gift that will be especially useful in the kitchen is olive oil. You can provide organic olive oil for wedding favors in the size you want starting from 30ml or more, filled with certified extra virgin olive oil from local producers, and you can provide customized tags such as the wedding date and the names of those being married. Throw blankets Soft bulk blankets are another wedding favor choice that can provide warmth and comfort for guests when using them in the office or at home. Throw blankets can be arranged neatly and tied with ribbons, with a thank you card in the middle. The throw blankets are comfortable and cozy, made from plush material like polyester which can offer softness and warmth for whenever the recipient wants to use it. You can choose a blanket in medium or large size, depending on the comfort or coziness factor. Bottle openers Enhance your guests' home bar with decorative bottle openers from your wedding favor. You can make bottle openers according to the design you want, starting from the shape of the opener according to the initials of the couple, the shape of a key, or a unique shape that you can choose your own design. These openers will be very useful for household needs that often open drink bottles or for kitchen needs. Keychains Keychains are always fun as gifts. You can customize it with the materials and design you want, and it can be something that becomes a touch of charm of the recipient's routine. There are many key chain materials that you can use, such as plastic, metal or rubber. Don't forget to personalize it with the wedding date and also the initials of the married couple. Soap bars Pamper your guests with self-care staples like soap bars. You can provide a touch of relaxation for guests after their weekend. You can choose subtle scents with no common allergens so that the recipient can use this beautiful gift without worry. Flip flops or sandals Sandals or flip flops can be worn at home, or when traveling around the house without having to be confused about style or having to wear shoes. Flip flops ensure everyone's feet are comfortable when traveling around the house or inside the house, especially if you choose a material that is comfortable for your feet such as rubber, foam, or leather. 新婚結婚禮物實用高級禮盒餐具伴手禮擺件 Now you have lots of ideas for wedding favors or what you can give to guests on your special day. But how do you elevate your gift to be more personalized? You can order it at BestGiftHK as a maker of personalized gifts and corporate gifts by prioritizing product quality and engraving results. You can include your name, date or photo on the item you choose, with good printing quality. BestGiftHK has more than a decade of experience in making thoughtful gifts and accepting bulk orders for consumers throughout the world.
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Best 15 Travel Products That Are Suitable As Gifts

Do you have family members, work friends and best friends who like to travel during their holidays? It's time for you to think about travel products that can be used as gifts for their special day, so you can look for items that are functional and attractive enough to carry with them when they travel later. Don't worry about what you can choose, because we have prepared for you a list of the best travel gift to make shopping easier, and many of these products have been tested and tried until they find a suitable spot for travel strategists. What do people bring when traveling? Before we think about travel products that are suitable as gifts, we need to know what people bring when traveling. Before we go to a destination while on holiday, we have to know what we can bring. How to pack is complicated, because we have to know what places we will visit later, what we might need, because we are far from home. A list of several items commonly needed when traveling are a phone charger, passport, flip-flops, water bottle, spare underwear, and plug adapters. Other needs will depend on how long you will be going on holiday, and whether you can buy it when you arrive at your destination. What do you give someone who loves to travel? Even though the gift is not only physical but can be experience, of course we will think again if we are going to give a gift of experience in the form of a trip to our friends. The large budget for preparing a trip will make us object, especially if our financial situation does not support it. Let's focus on items that we can make as gifts when our friends or family members like travel. Travel products will help travelers more easily get ready wherever they are going. You can give them bags, suitcases or other luggage to help them pack their stuff before leaving for the trip. Even if the trip is far or near, each trip requires certain luggage. That's why space for luggage is necessary. Apart from that, you can provide other items that are always needed when someone is away from home, such as toiletries, clothes, portable tools, or anything that makes things easier for them. 15 travel products as the best gift you will give Once we know that the person we are going to give a gift to is someone who likes travel, then we will prepare the best list for you of travel products that are suitable to leave a good impression on them when they receive it. Multipurpose passport holder Sometimes people who are going to travel are confused about the many cards they carry, such as passports, business cards, identity cards and other cards, therefore travelers need a multi-purpose password wallet that is sufficient to be filled with lots of cards and cash so that there is enough to slip into a cross-body or purse during preparation for traveling or at the airport. Look for a password wallet with an elegant design such as an envelope that is also easy to clean. Universal travel adapter One thing that travelers often face is trying to charge portable devices using a single outlet at the airport or hotel, especially if the airport or hotel uses a foreign plug. Universal travel adapters are useful for times like this, because they can be your best option for charging your devices wherever you are, by providing USB-C and USB-A ports, can also be used to overload dual fuses to handle electric devices like curlers, steamers, and dryers. Luxury sleep mask Maybe for some people a sleep mask is a trivial gift, but this item is very useful for long trips. Sleep masks can be used when you are on a plane, bus or car, especially if the traveler is very sensitive to light or anything around them when going to sleep. With a sleep mask, recipients can get their deep rest and quality sleep, making their vacation after the trip more refreshed and fit. Power bank or portable charger Portable chargers can make vacations less stressful, especially if travelers use their smartphones to take pictures wherever they go. Choose a power bank with a large capacity because many smartphones now have power up to 5000 mAh. Don't forget to look at the ports on the portable charger, try to choose one that has lots of ports for charging your multiple devices. Noise cancelling headphones There is nothing more comfortable when you are in a vehicle and want to relax than a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. You can give this gift as a comfortable gift when traveling, because you can ensure the item has great sound quality, durability, and good design. Let the recipient drown in the beautiful noise from the headphones to make it more comfortable when on a plane or bus that takes longer than a few hours. Portable neck fan You certainly know that traveling during the summer will make it difficult for many travelers to stay cool and comfortable while away. The portable neck fan can be a solution for travelers with lots of air slots that function to blow air up toward the head gently and weighs only half a pound so it will be very comfortable to use wherever the recipient goes. The neck fan is rechargeable and the battery can last more than 10 hours. Bookmark style reading light Every traveler's hobbies can be different when they enjoy their trip. If your friends like to read while in bed, plane, or train, surely they will need extra light to read their favorite book. The tiny reading light is easy to carry, can adjust the light to cover a full page, and has buttons for changing the temperature of the lighting and the brightness. This reading light is so small and can be clipped to a paperback without disturbing the book you are reading. When they have finished reading, the recipient can put the reading light in their pocket. Luggage tracker For travelers who often forget to put their belongings when they are in waiting rooms, stations, or near places to eat, a luggage tracker will really help them. The Bluetooth tracker is easy to set up and is great for location accuracy. Recipients can track their belongings almost in real time. Apart from showing a map for the point where you want to locate the luggage, the luggage tracker also has a feature to sound an alarm to speed up your search process. Bags toiletry kit Travelers will need a special place to organize their toiletries for both long and short trips. The bag is needed to stash larger items such as contact solution, shampoo bottles, or toiletries in medium to large sizes. The bag toiletry kit is easy to hang from a towel bar, making it easier for users to use their toiletries. Foam travel pillow A travel pillow is an item that must always be available for travelers, especially those who get tired easily when traveling long distances. The travel pillow will support their head, back, and shoulders while napping, when relaxing on a couch or reading on the bed. The foam cushions will relieve painful pressure points and provide relaxation in any travel condition. The cushion can be used around the neck and will not disturb you when using headphones or other items around the head. Notebook set It is not uncommon for travelers to record their travels or their own travel journal. Choose a notebook set that suits them in their favorite color, or choose material with ink-proof paper that works well with pens and pencils. Notebooks and pens are easy to carry and ideal for documentarians. Cable organizer bag For travelers who are neat and always tidy with all their belongings, a cable organizer bag can be a savior for them. Tech accessories and chargers need a special place to make it easier to find them and return them if there is a place. This organizer is perfect for all adapters and cords. Metro backpack Sometimes travelers don't want to bring so many things, because they only focus on a few vacation spots, and want to stay more in hotels for relaxation. Metro backpack is the right item to put clothes, laptop and travel miscellaneous. It'll keep laptops in place and clothing neatly packed. Action camera For travelers who prefer to travel in places related to water such as lakes, rivers, swimming pools or beaches, an action camera is a suitable item for shooting any travel footage they have. You can also give the stick so that the recipient can shoot from a distance and show their excitement at their favorite place. Silk sleeping bag Camping or hiking requires a comfortable and warm bed. You can provide a silk sleeping back sack to provide comfort and glamping touch to any trip. This sleeping bag can be added to a blow-up mattress or hotel bed for added comfort. Try to choose a sleeping bag with a drawstring bag which makes the item easy to store and pack. Top 12 Corporate Luxury Gifts for VIPs Now we know what we can choose for our family members, work friends, or best friends who really like traveling. Do you still feel lacking in these fancy and useful items because they lack personal touch? Don't worry because BestGiftHK can help you add a personal touch to the gift you choose. BestGiftHK has more than a decade of experience in making corporate gifts and personalizing gifts to create engravings in the form of text, company logos, photos, or anything that can make the item memorable to the recipient. Immediately order the gift you like, then discuss with us how you want the item to be personalized.  
Best Electronic Gifts
Corporate Gift

15 Best Electronic Gifts That Will Impress Anyone

Keeping up with the latest gadgets is what many people want, because we don't want to be left behind with any developments in this digital era. Especially for tech lovers who always follow updates about new gadgets or electronics, but still can't buy them. If you have friends or family members who are tech lovers, you can start thinking about electronic gifts for any occasion and as a surprise for them. Why electronics good for gifts? Electronic gifts are good because they are often useful and technologically advanced. Electronics have long lifespans and can sometimes be upgraded according to technological advances, which makes them an excellent gift or investment for the sender or recipient. The choices for electronics that are suitable as gifts are limitless, because you can adjust them to the recipient, whether they need them for home, work, college, school or travel needs. The best part is that you can make this type of gift personalized by adding a company logo, recipient's name, or your favorite quote on it. How are electronic gadgets useful? Electronic gadgets have become an important part of modern life. Some of the positive things about electronic gadgets are connectivity, communication, information access, productivity, efficiency and health monitoring. Electronic gadgets and accessories will make it easier for us to communicate, stay connected between us and friends and family across the globe. Gadgets also make it easier for us to get information on the internet. This helps anyone to research, learn, and stay informed about various topics. Not only that, gadgets are very useful for increasing work efficiency, organizing schedules and managing tasks. This can lead to increased productivity for personal or professional life. When is the right time to give electronics as a gift? If the recipient of the gift is someone who likes technology and electronic stuff, you don't need the right time to give an electronic gift. You can give it any time, and you can adjust it to the right day according to your choice. But the most common time to give someone a gift is on their birthday, achievement, anniversary or graduation. 15 best electronic gifts that are sure to impress Once you know the reasons why electronics and gadgets can be a good gift, now you just have to choose which gadget or electronics is best for the recipient. We have prepared some of the best electronic and gadget gift ideas, you just have to choose and decide when to give them. Tracking device The Raptic link + lock carabiner can be used to secure suitcases, bikes, even cars. Equipped with Bluetooth trackers to make it easier for you to find items you put around the house or office, whatever needs tracking. Simply slide the combination-lock into your thing and close the carabiner lock. You can safely protect your items with a combination lock, and make it easier for you to find them when you forget to put them using Bluetooth. Wireless charging stand Wireless chargers are items that are often sought after by tech lovers because of their usefulness. The angled stand provides convenience and aesthetics for users who want fast charging without having to stick with traditional charging methods. There is also a 3 in 1 wireless charging station for Apple devices to charge your iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch simultaneously. Modern bird feeder This is the world's most techy bird feeder you'll ever see. This bird feeder can detect what is coming and create still photos and video clips, and can share with an active in-app community. The quality is because it can capture 1080p photos and videos to record the moment when birds or squirrels come by. Your gift recipient can share their photos and clips with other tech bird feeder owners in the community section of the app. Noise-cancelling headphones Some people want their work or study place to be quiet and calm. By providing noise-cancelling headphones, you can give them focus and increase their concentration or productivity. The best thing about this type of headphones is the feature of adapting to your environment, using wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and with a plush comfortable design for anyone who wears them. LED light strips The LED light strip is a suitable gift for anyone because it can light up the office, bedroom, or gaming room. You can connect the LED light strip with assistants like Alexa or Siri. Or you can integrate the light strip into the Nest ecosystem or SmartThings. This is the cool way to spruce up the place with soft mood lighting or bright red glow lighting according to the desired color. Don't worry about the colors in this lighting, because it has the best color zones that will never disappoint. Mini electric shaver The mini electric shaver is very suitable for men who need regular shaving. This is the cleanest and most powerful electric shaver with a small size. You can take it wherever you go, and can be used both wet and dry. The shaver is high quality and gentle on the skin. Will not cause irritation to the skin and effectively shaves hard or short beards without missing a beat. Battery charging is fast, less than 60 minutes and you can use it immediately, wherever and whenever you need it. Robot vacuum For someone who has just moved into a new house or moved into their dorm, the robot vacuum will help them to clean their room. The robot vacuum can be your solution for cleaning the floor of your house from dust and dirt, without having to bother cleaning it yourself. The robot vacuum works automatically to clean various places in the house, including the corners of the room. Users don't need to move parts that are difficult to clean, because the robot vacuum can reach them even under the sofa, bed or between cupboards. The vacuum doesn't make noise like a general vacuum, so you will never be disturbed every time you turn on the robot vacuum to clean the room. Mini portable air purifier A mini air purifier is a tool needed to clean a room from smoke, dust or bacteria. This tool is very suitable as a gift for someone who has a dust allergy, or those who want a room that is always clean from dirty air. The portable one is easy to move to any room because its size is not too big. Choose a type of air purifier that does not make noise when turned on, so as not to disturb the recipient's activities. Mini drone For friends and family who have never had a drone before, you can give them a mini drone to make it easier for them to take photos from a distance, or for recording purposes. The mini drone is light but powerful, can spin off into the sky in a short time, and snap photos with HD Wi-Fi camera quality. 3D printing pen For someone who loves art and technology, the 3D printing pen will be the best gift they'll ever have. The pen heats up plastic inserts and re-hardens almost instantly, available for multi-colored plastic and users can draw in full 3D. The kit comes with a guidebook and 15 different colors, and you can buy it together with additional refills. Ring light For content creators who need lighting in their room, the ring light can help them. This budget-friendly gift is highly functional, because it is available with a tripod stand for secure phone mounting inside the ring, and a remote is available for hands-free filming. Wake up light alarm clock For some people, an alarm clock alone is still difficult to get them up in the morning. With a wake-up light, the recipient can easily wake up in the morning, because it has a spherical design that creates a sunrise simulation while also monitoring the recipient's sleep environment. The wake-up light can be connected to a smartphone to customize the color, sound, duration, and intensity of wind-down or wake-up programs. Shower phone holder For people who can never be without their cellphone, even when they shower, you can give them a shower phone holder. It's easy to use, because you can safely cradle the phone to get a good view from any angle. They will love this gift because they can watch TikTok videos, movies, or even YouTube during the bathroom activity. Electric make up brush cleaner This electric cleaner is capable of cleaning make-up brushes so that they are always hygienic and clean. You don't need to worry about using it regularly, because this electric device will not make your brush hair fall out or become rough. The device will be very useful because it can clean and dry make-up brushes in just a matter of seconds. The rotating tool will make the process of drying the brushes easier after washing. Souvenir gift set The souvenir gift set is very suitable to be used as a corporation gift for employees or clients who are tech lovers. The gift set contains a dual-use U disk, wireless mouse, and wireless keyboard. You can make this gift even more special by giving 1 printed logo, embroidery, or other printing options. BestGiftHK is the best place to order customized corporation gifts, by providing the company logo on the gift set or each item you choose. BestGiftHK has more than a decade of experience in professional gift customization with customers all over the world. More than 80% of customers return orders, and overseas customers choose our services.  Choose the best electronic and gadget gift ideas, and don't forget to customize it with your company logo or recipient's name so that it gives a special impression to them. Don't forget to look at and choose gifts based on quality, use and function to impress the recipient.
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Best 15 Conference Gift Ideas for Conference and Events

Conferences are a big part of the business. There are many ways to make conferences awesome, one of which is by choosing conference gift ideas. The key is to make a good impression from the attendees, and the conference gifts will become a good conference experience from the initial work obligation to something meaningful. The increasing number of gift choices out there means you have to be smart in choosing what gift you will give. Let's see what gift is suitable to give at a conference and make them happy when they receive it, no matter what role they might have. How do you make a conference special? Sometimes conferences can be boring because we will see Powerpoint slides with monotone lectures. But if you are the organizer, then you have to think about conference ideas that can infuse excitement and engagement. Providing unforgettable experiences to attendees is proof that you can successfully create a conference event. The two best steps to ramp up audience participation are games and giveaways. Simple indoor games such as icebreakers can make attendees interact with each other, while you apply your conference gift ideas as giveaways. How do you get people excited for a conference? Sometimes many people are lazy to go to conferences or work events because the activities are boring and not varied. Your job as an organizer is to make attendees feel like they are getting something valuable, not a chore. Inject a source of fun, such as making icebreakers and giving gifts. Don't forget to facilitate brainstorming, giving attendees the opportunity to convey their opinions to other participants and have a classy chat. When you invite someone to a conference, you need to tell them the structure of the event and what they can expect. Create content that tells a story, so that attendees can expect something new and won't get boring presentations like old conferences. 15 best conference gift ideas for any events We have discussed one way to give a special impression at a conference, which is conference gift ideas. After creating a fun and innovative conference, you need to give gifts to make attendees feel proud to be a part of the event. Let's see what is the right gift for the attendees. Foam yoga mat Sometimes a lightweight and straightforward gift can be a source of pride for the recipient if we know what items are suitable to give. The customizable foam yoga mat is workout gear that everyone can use, making attendees always remember to stay fit wherever they go. Why is this gift special? Because attendees can be proud of themselves because they have a foam yoga mat to stay healthy. Custom tote bag Tote bags are super versatile gifts, available in various colors, and you can add a unique design in the middle of the bag. Totes are one of the best gifts at conferences because they are eco-friendly and easy to get. You can provide additional gifts to put in the bag, or products that you want to offer to attendees. Mini notebook set If the conference provides a lot of interesting information and lessons, then attendees need something to write down conference hot takes like a mini notebook set. Choose a notebook set with lots of pages, plus a matching pen to quickly write down any information or personal thoughts. If you want something personalized, you can customize it with the recipient's name, or your company logo on the hardcover. Bluetooth finder There is one thing that can unite us with people, namely how we look for items that are easily lost, such as keys, chargers or other important items. The Bluetooth finder makes it easy to find our important items, because you can pair them with a Bluetooth device. With the app on your phone, you can easily find your last paired Bluetooth finder with your valuables. You can set an alarm to make it easier for you to find misplaced items. This modern conference gift will give the recipient peace of mind to protect their valuables. Refillable glass water bottle Everyone definitely has a moment where they are thirsty in the middle of a meeting and there is no water available in sight. The water bottle can be a conference handout that overcomes the problem of dehydration for attendees. Although you as the host will need a glass water bottle as a hydration station instead of leaving the room and looking for a drink. Bento lunchbox The Japanese-style bento lunch box will be an attractive gift for attendees, because it can support your company's commitment to sustainability, making it easier for recipients to meal prep. Choose a bento lunch box with BPA-free material, includes spoon and fork, as well as a sauce container that can tuck into the box. Many lunchboxes now feature leakproof silicone sealing, and are great for anyone to take their lunch to work and put in a bag to eat later. Power bank In this digital era, smartphone batteries and other gadgets are like life for every user. By providing a power bank, you can give attendees the opportunity to charge their phones wherever they go. Power bank is easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to recharge. Give a power bank with power up to 5000 Mah and don't forget to customize it with the company logo. Wireless charger The wireless charger is ideal for salespeople or employees who need to use their phones throughout the day and move from office to place. The wireless charger has rotating magnetic connectors to charge all devices ranging from tablets, headphones, cameras, smartphones, etc. This charger can be a solution for everyone who needs to always be steady with their gadget for work, and fits in their pocket or purse and can be carried at any time. Classic backpack A classic backpack could be the right gift for your next conference or corporate event. The backpack has a large front pocket to store many items you need for the day. The adjustable straps will add comfort and comfort, making it easier for anyone who carries it and look stylish. Apart from the rear space being large enough for lots of people, there are side pockets for extra storage to keep small belongings. Traditional mug for morning coffee Giving an item that can be used every day is something memorable for attendees. Give them a ceramic mug with the company logo in the middle to enjoy their favorite coffee in the morning. Choose a mug with a glossy interior so that your logo is clearly visible and long-lasting. Choose the right color to match the logo design you choose. Waterproof speaker The waterproof speaker will always accompany the recipient to listen to their favorite songs whenever and wherever they want. Employees and clients can play their favorite music under the rain, sun, at the office party with more than 10 hours of battery life, and only takes a short time to charge via USB. This gift is suitable for music lovers and adventurers who want to listen to songs without having to worry about the weather around them. Office essentials Sometimes employees and clients always appreciate if they get office essentials at a conference or seminar. Some office essentials that are good to use while working are a notebook plus a pen, stapler, and stable refills. You can add several other important items such as a desk organizer, ruler, or adjust it to the role of the attendees. Custom T-shirt giveaways Apparel is one of the favorite items that is suitable for conferences with supersoft quality and stylish for any occasion. Choose a medium or large size and unisex, with the T-shirt color matching the design you choose. T-shirts are one item that is easy to put a company logo on the front or back, making your brand easily recognized by many people every time the recipient wears it. Travel bag The eco-friendly travel bag is perfect for the gym or travel. Spacious space, as well as perfect straps to easily carry heavy luggage for attendees who like to travel once a month. If you want to provide something more high end for attendees, this is the right choice. Custom embroidered hat Need branded hats for your attendees? how about a personalized hat to show your company logo? Some events can provide something that is low budget but still gets great exposure, such as a custom embroidered hat. You can add the classic baseball hat with the company logo in the middle, plus a color that matches the design you choose. Event Gift Ideas: The Best Guest Gift For Corporate Event A conference or corporate event will be more interesting and give a positive impression to the attendees if you think about conference gift ideas. Because you can customize some items with a company logo, immediately choose the item you like and BestGiftHK will make your gift better by making it personalized. BestGiftHK is the best place to make corporate gifts, conference gifts and bulk gifts for any occasion with guaranteed product quality and durable logo prints for any type of item. So, immediately choose your best gift, and make it personalized so you can make a good impression on the recipient.
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15 Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Closest Friends

After several years of being in and out of classes, completing any assignments and chasing professors for theses, your best friend or family member has finally finished their studies. It's time to celebrate their graduation day! As the closest person, you need to show pride in their efforts to get to this point, while wishing you best for their next step. But are congratulatory messages alone enough? Certainly not. In this article we will provide a list of the best graduation gift ideas you can get for the people closest to you when celebrating their best achievement. Is it traditional to give a graduation gift? The tradition of giving gifts after graduation seems to have originated in America, to congratulate high school students and as a signal for them to start a new chapter of their life. Starting from the family who always supports the steps of their family members to complete their education, to their closest friends as a feeling of pride that their best friend has moved on to the next step of their life. Is it rude to not give a graduation gift? You don't have to give a gift, but you can give one if you want. If you are invited to a graduation party by your friend, it's an etiquette myth that you need to send a gift or note of congratulations. Giving a gift or not also depends on how close you are to the graduate, the closer you are, the more you want to think about graduation gift ideas and choose the best one. Is it rude to not get a graduation gift? It's rude to request a gift for yourself, whether you're throwing a graduation party or not. Let the people closest to you choose for themselves whether to give a gift or not. You shouldn't expect any gift from anyone, but there's no harm in accepting what they give. 15 best graduation gift ideas for your best friend Here are some graduation gift ideas for those closest to you by giving thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will always be remembered by the recipient. Personalized graduation trophy A trophy is a symbol for certain achievements such as winning, or being the best at one thing. By giving personalized trophies to graduates, they will feel proud of what they have achieved and been able to get to this point. What makes this gift special is that you can engrave your design in the middle of the trophy with the graduate's name, best wishes, or their photo. BestGiftHK is the best place to order graduation gifts with engraving tailored to the product you choose. The 3D full customization can be molded according to various styles along with beautiful packages. Choose BestGiftHK for any personalized gift you want, available to consumers worldwide. Customized illustration Graduation is a once in a life time moment. Give the people closest to you an illustration of themselves in their graduation ceremony, holding their diploma. You can choose several styles for the illustration, whether you want cartoonish, realistic, or another style. Choose a suitable frame to give an elegant impression to the illustration. Tea lover package For graduates who like drinking tea to accompany their study time or during their free time, give a tea package with several kinds of tea to brew, plus flower buds and rose petals to make the tea even more flavorful. You can send a package with a tea pot and cup, as a special gift for those who are tea lovers. Personalized Coffee Mugs A custom coffee mugs can be used for morning coffee that helps them carry out activities in the morning. These coffee mugs are special because they can be designed with a photo, monogram, or favorite quote for a high school or college graduation gift. This will be memorable because it is dedicated to remembering when they graduated. Tote bag Tote bags are the perfect gift for those who are always ready to travel and store all their most essential items. The tote bag can match all styles of clothes, and is more comfortable for carrying travel needs such as to a cafe, library or office. Personalize this tote bag to give them a memorable touch as they complete a step in their life. Photo book The graduation photo book is a sentimental and heartwarming gift for your best friend. Customize a photo book when you come to their graduation event, some school groups, extracurriculars, and some special moments on campus. All the memories are collected into one album, and with the graduate's photo as the cover. A box full of sweet treats Does your best friend have a sweet tooth? This box of sweet treats will be a great choice for them. Chocolates, candy bears, cookies, and several other treats in one box along with your congratulatory note for their success in completing the study. Chocolate and sweet treats are always appreciated, because they are favorite light foods for many people. Self-care package After weeks or months of pushing through assessments and graduation assignments, it's time to give our best friend a self-pampering and caring package for their graduation gift. Give scented candles, relaxing bath salts, essential oils and tea for their best relaxation of the year. Good night sleep package If your best friend has lost a lot of time for a good night's sleep, give them some relaxation equipment while sleeping for their comfort, such as a facial mask, eye mask, comfort pillow, blanket, or some organic candles. Let your best friend enjoy the beauty of a good night's sleep without having to think about assignments. Board games Providing board games to graduates will give them the opportunity to get to know new friends by doing something fun. Board games can help ease the awkwardness and connect graduates with new friends at a new workplace or while in a college dorm. Good quality headphones A good quality headphones are a must-have gadget for graduates. When studying in a noisy public or at a cafe, they need headphones that can eliminate noise and focus more on what they are studying. Choose headphones in the recipient's favorite color as a sign that you think about what they need and what they like. Suitcase A suitcase is needed by graduates if they are going somewhere to apply for a job, go to a college dorm, or fly to a new country during their gap year. The suitcase will help them to keep tolets, clothes, and other personal items organized. Mini refrigerator Sometimes graduates who live alone to continue their education or work only have limited space and lack kitchen appliances. A mini refrigerator will be really needed to store any soft drinks, leftover food, and perishable groceries. This gift will be very special because it allows graduates not to think about rental fees and have a mini refrigerator in their room. An instant camera upgrade If your best friend likes taking instant photos, give him an instant film camera that can print out photos from their phone via Bluetooth. Choose a camera with a good lens, so your best friend will never miss their shot at a great scenery. A minimalist backpack Backpacks will always be used by graduates for their future travels or commutes. Apart from being trendy, backpacks are super comfortable to carry, with optimal storage for carrying items for studying or working. The Best Graduation Gift Ideas in 2023 - Best Gift Hong Kong We must give someone who is celebrating graduation the highest appreciation with a graduation gift. We show our pride in their graduation, and hope that whatever their next steps will bring good things to their lives.
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15 Fresh Gifts For Team Members Ideas to Impress Them

Being a team leader is something fun because you can collaborate with team members, share knowledge and experience, and achieve goals together. Sometimes when our team shows good performance, we want to congratulate our team and think about gifts for team members. Giving gifts is one step to celebrate the team's hard work and show your appreciation. We have summarized many gifts that are suitable for team members. Whether you want to choose it for a special occasion or when your team is celebrating something, our gift selection can help you. What is a unique contribution to the team? The concept of unique contribution is how you as a team leader identify a person's value. You can identify team members' knowledge, unique experience, passion, relationships, talents, skills and interpersonal abilities. After identifying what your team has, you can align it with your team so that they can achieve the same goal. Don't forget your contribution as a leader by recognizing your team members' hard work and giving them what they deserve. How do you support a team member? As a leader, providing support to team members is the main obligation. You can provide support in terms of communication, providing time or knowledge for them to learn more, encouraging coworkers to bring out their best potential, offering praise and feedback, recognizing whatever they do. Every team member wants their voice to be heard, their ideas discussed at meetings, and they want to feel valued. A team leader who successfully provides support to his team will significantly foster a sense of solidity and successful team performance. Is giving gifts good for the team? Yes, it's good for the team. Meaningful gifts can make employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated. You can improve the performance of team members and their collaboration skills after receiving a gift, because they feel proud and take part in the progress of the team. Gifts for team members is a mutually beneficial scenario, because you give to team members according to their performance, and team members who are satisfied with gifts from you will improve their performance and try to work the best for the team. 15 best gifts for team members to impress them Are you ready to see some fun and unique gifts for team members? Let's start to choose the best gift for your best team performances. Mini arcade game machine A mini arcade game machine is a vintage and retro item, making team members reminisce about their childhood. Surprise your team with this fun gift idea, because the mini arcade game machine can be played in your free time, during work breaks, or in pass time between meetings. Sometimes you can make challenges such as who is the winner of an arcade game to get additional prizes. Personalized drinkware Drinkware such as mugs, bottles, or tumblers are a daily rehydration requirement for employees. There's a lot of options if you choose drinkware as a gift set, because you can choose between tea cup, ceramic mug, coffee or tea mug, thermos cup set, water cup glass, etc. What's interesting about this gift is that you can customize it with the recipient's name or company logo. Choose the best quality drinkware, then customize it on the BestGiftHK website. You can choose drinkware that is suitable for team members, between bulk orders or you can choose different drinkware for each employee. The results of the printing will adapt to the material so that the logo will last for a long time. BestGiftHK is a specialist in making corporate gifts for any occasion, and accepts orders for customers all over the world. Throw blanket If cold weather has entered, it's time to provide team members with something cozy while they work, such as a throw blanket. Get a throw blanket that is the right size for back support, comfort when sitting, or when resting. Choose a blanket design that is fun and bold, or choose material that you can custom print with your brand for another way to introduce your brand every time the blanket is used by team members. Indoor gardening kit Sometimes every worker wants to have special time for gardening. By giving indoor gardening kits to team members, you can give them the opportunity to grow their own plants and flowers and place them near their work desks. Send your teammates a gardening kit if they want to grow a mini garden at home or near their work desk. Online class A good team leader will give teammates the opportunity to learn new things or give them the opportunity to continue their studies. To ensure team members can always deliver benefits, provide online classes or courses according to their field, or of their own choice. Give special time for each individual to explain what new knowledge they have gained after some time, so that a team can benefit from what they learn, put it into practice directly at work, and share the knowledge with their teammates. Yoga mat Invite your team to care about their wellness by providing yoga mats. Create a special day to do yoga together with team members, so that yoga accessories and mats can be used regularly. You can do it virtually or directly in the office if there is enough space. Yoga is an activity that can be used for relaxation, as well as for body fitness. Essential oil diffuser The essential oil diffuser is a relaxation tool for team members who want to relax at home while enjoying the aesthetic mist around them. Choose several different essential oils for team members, and let them try according to their own tastes. Team photo jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw puzzles are fun and interactive gifts. But what is more interesting is the customized jigsaw puzzle with team photos. When team members complete the puzzle, they can save it to decorate their home or work desk. This is a fun and quirky item that you can give to team members and as a memento that they were on a solid team. Fitness tracker Another wellness gift for team members for someone who wants to prioritize their health. Fitness tracker is suitable for employees who want to lose weight, have a fitter body, and increase stamina by keeping track on their fitness goals. Give each team member a challenge to do fitness simultaneously, or for a specific goal such as jogging once a week, cardio for 1 hour, or cycling for 20 minutes. Scented candles Like an oil diffuser, scented candles can be a tool to relax and unwind any tension after working hard in the office. Send several scented candles to team members of your choice, according to the characteristics of each individual. Each scented candle can be a mainstay for employees to spend their free time more relaxed while reading books or watching movies. Noise-canceling headphones Sometimes team members can lose focus when there is noise around their work space. Give a useful gift in the form of headphones with clear sound quality that can eliminate any noise around them. While good quality headphones have a fairly high price, they are worth it to provide a better experience to employees to increase their productivity. Candy hamper Sweet tooths will love this gift. Candy has always been a mainstay for those who like something sweet. You can provide several choices such as sweet snacks, marshmallows, cupcakes, candy, dark chocolate, and more treats for them to eat at home or at the office. A simple gift like a candy hamper can be delightful for the recipient, because they get something they like and can enjoy while they work. Board games Sometimes we don't realize that our team has been in front of the computer too much or meeting in front of clients. Give team members relaxing time, and prepare board games for them while they relax and enjoy some downtime. Choose some board games that many people enjoy playing, such as Werewolf, Chinatown, Monopoly, etc. Mini desk fan Sometimes there are days that are hotter than usual. Especially if your office is not provided with AC, and only one or two fans in the work area. A mini desk fan can be useful for team members to enjoy the cool breeze on a hot day, to stay focused on work while enjoying the coolness of the work space. Overheated employees can reduce productivity, so you need a mini desk fan to help your team every hot summer. Single serve coffee maker The mainstay of coffee lovers is being able to make coffee in the morning before starting their work. The single serve coffee maker can allow your employees to brew up their favorite coffee, instead of having to spend money daily for their coffee. Team members' productivity will increase when you provide special facilities such as a coffee maker. How to Build Trust in The Workplace - Best Gift Hong Kong The success of the team depends on how the leader recognizes and appreciates the performance of the team members. Celebrate the team's success and give a suitable gift according to their hard work. Giving gifts will be a good turning point for you, because team members will feel satisfied with the team's achievements and try to remain solid to achieve the next goal.
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Reasons Why Corporate Gifting is Crucial to Business Growth

When you brainstorm with a team, many ideas emerge from each team member. Then when one of the employees talks about corporate gifting is crucial as a possibility for business growth, you think it is something that doesn't make sense because many people think that gifts cannot be one of the reasons for business growth. Can corporate gifts grow your business? Meanwhile, you know that buying gifts is not cheap. Isn't that an unnecessary expense because there is still a lot that needs to be managed in the company's finances? This is why you underestimate corporate gifts. Giving gifts is the right way to grow your business. Gift recipients will be excited when they get something special. This applies to employees, clients, prospects, or whoever your target is to get a corporation gift. Many companies have benefited from gifting strategies for years. This experience will enhance the drive growth and business's reputation in the long term. Let's learn why corporation gifts are crucial in business. Is corporate gifting a good business idea? Yes, corporate gifting is a good business idea because it promises long-term profits if done correctly. Giving gifts can’t be arbitary because it requires talent for sourcing and designing unique things, even it’s for to prospects, employees, or clients. The gift you give needs a high-quality product and memorable for the recipient. The benefits of corporation gifts are not felt immediately in the near future, but can be considered as a long-term investment. One of the main reasons why a corporation gift is a good business idea is because it can provide brand recognition. For new brands that still don't have much trust, they can give gifts to clients and prospects to introduce the product and show the advantages of your product compared to other products. Enhancing your business brand will grow loyalty, respect, and recognition. Who is the target audience for corporate gifting? The target audience for corporate gifting is customers, consumers, partners, influencers, associates, and employees. The main priority of gift giving is shortlisting who will be given it. Once you have clarity on each profile, you can start adjusting your budget and what gifts you will choose according to your role and importance. Consumers Consumers are the actual users of your services or products. Consymer has a high life time value, so many brands want to invest with high budgets to influence and get new users. The importance of giving gifts to consumers is to keep adding new consumers on an ongoing basis. What business owners often do is provide new products to consumers or offer something they cannot refuse. Customers Customers are people who buy products on behalf of consumers. Your point of contact is customers, because you may not interact with consumers. He in turn influences users to consider your offer. A particular brand may form ties with other non-competing brands for mutual benefit. For example, a branded smartphone buying another branded phone accessory is a customer, but not an end user or consumer. Partners Partners are associates who help you increase sales and market share to achieve end goals. Partners are distributors, retailers, and stockists. Influencers Influencers help your product to influence the various decision makers. A single product can have many influencers. For example, if you are the owner of a cement manufacturing company, your influencers are masons, engineers, architects, and project managers. Associates Business associates can become your consultants, friends, referral partners, and well wishes. Employees An employee is someone who complete tasks, carries out their duties, and achieve company goals. Employees are entitled to receive gifts based on their completion of service and achievements. How corporate gift giving can be ethical? Corporate gifts serve various purposes like recognizing employee's milestones, celebrating successes, showing appreciation, or building stronger relationships. However, you need to know the ethics of corporate gifting to avoid any unethical behavior. The first rule about gifting is to ensure the gift is modest and appropriate to the business relationship. Overly or lavish personal gifts can create an uncomfortable situation or considered as a bribe for the recipients. Learn about the ethics of corporate gifts according to company rules, and don't give them at certain times, such as when you are collaborating with a new client, to prevent the possibility of being considered a bribe. Best reasons why corporate gifting is crucial for business Now that we know corporate gifting is crucial for business growth, now we need to know what we can get after we can routinely give corporate gifts to various types of recipients. There are various ways that corporate gifting can help your business growth. Enhancing brand reputation Corporate gifting is a way to build a solid brand reputation. Every business needs advertising, recognition, and gaining trust to prospects or consumers to keep them using our services or products. Giving gifts to consumers and customers generates good feelings. They will give your brand an image of being kind and caring. Gift giving will provide a positive reputation and attract more sales from consumer referrals. Referrals are one of the surefire steps to increase sales without having to increase your marketing budget. Try to start corporate gifting as a way to increase your reputation, because you will get results in your consumers referring your business to new customers or consumers. The results will be better when many people trust your business because of your quality and service as an effect of the good brand reputation that you have built. Promoting your business An easy way to promote your business is gift giving. Gift boxes with your company logo are a way to publicize your company softly. Whatever corporate gifts you choose, provide a special space for presenting company gifts to introduce your brand to a wide audience. Corporate gifting keeps your business known to clients and their peers, and also turns prospects into your loyal customers. Look for a place to get custom corporate gifts that can display the company logo on any item you choose. BestGiftHK is the best place for you to promote your business by giving custom corporate gifts to recipients. BestGiftHK has been making high-quality corporate gifts for more than a decade using various printing methods, adapting to your gift needs. Think about your best concept for giving gifts to customers or employees, and BestGift HK will help you to give the best gift you'll ever give. Boosting relationships Many companies do gift-giving as part of their relationship marketing strategy. Most gifts will not be expected by the recipient. They will be happy with whatever you give them, and it tells them that you value your relationship with them. Giving any gift is a step to show your gratitude to both your employees and customers. Maximize your gifting experience by customizing the gift. Receiving a personalized gift shows that you understand what the recipient wants, and what they need. Don't forget to add thank you notes or best wishes for good cooperation with them. Many recipients appreciate the gift they receive. This action will grow trust and reciprocity or increase their business dealings with you. A simple gift-giving can lead to more sales and foster the working relationship. Increasing productivity Taking care of your employees is the most important thing in business. Apart from providing them with facilities according to their work needs, giving gifts is one way to recognize employees' hard work. Employees feel appreciated when you give personalized gifts for whatever they have achieved and done. Public recognition plus gifts or rewards will send a message to the work environment that every job will be noticed and rewarded. Every employee who feels calm because they are comfortable with office conditions, being highly valued, and connected will increase their productivity and performance. It's a strong sense of belonging and workplace bond. Employees who receive gifts will work better at serving customers. All actions that employees take will add a good reputation to your brand. Top 12 Corporate Luxury Gifts for VIPs - Best Gift Hong Kong Corporate gifts must be planned carefully and purposefully. Apart from thinking about quality products, you have to understand the rules of thumb regarding gift giving, and who you will give it to. Choose the right occasion to avoid any trouble and maximize your meaning when giving gifts. There are many benefits that you can get after you give a corporate gift, and immediately plan to grow your business with new corporate gifting methods.