Top 12 Customer Appreciation Gifts to Show You Care

Top 12 Customer Appreciation Gifts to Show You Care

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Customers and clients are the partners that keep business in the world going. Whether you are running a small business or heading to a large corporation, every customer interaction is essential. With good customer experience, you can outperform your competitors from all aspects. The goal is to give customers warm feelings to your company. One way to give warm feelings to customers is to think about customer appreciation gifts. Pursuing customer satisfaction is not an easy thing. But by giving appreciation gifts, you can spend any dollars as an extra effort to strengthen your relationships with customers.

How do you give clients appreciation?

Businesses often only focus on growth and how to get new customers. But there are still few entrepreneurs who think about steps to gain trust from customers in order to become regular customers or become loyal to your brand. When there are customers who regularly buy your products, or are excited about your new product, then it's time for you to give them appreciation.

You can show appreciation in several ways, such as giving discounts, thank you note, free products, or customer appreciation gifts. Your business can grow because many customers are loyal to you. You can give a number of things to customers to express your gratitude and make them feel heard, seen, and valued.

How do you say thank you to customers for appreciation?

Customer Appreciation Gifts

Thank you are powerful words that can foster your relationship with customers. The challenge of every business is that sales teams focus more on their targets and think about the next batch of leads, without thinking about how to thank customers for their loyalty.

Saying "thank you" every purchase is a polite gesture. But if you say it in the right way, it can build another foundation for your relationship with a customer, and help guarantee your future business. In fact, you will get a nice feeling when someone thanks you. When you can thank your customer properly, your "thank you" message can mean a lot more. We will give tips on how you say thank you to customers as a sign of appreciation for them.

There are three different ways to deliver thank you notes to customers. By note, you can put it on the product that the customer buys, like thanking them personally. By letter, specifically for high-ticket clients and make it a more serious tone. By email, you can send thank you notes in an informal and fun style.

To appreciate your customers because they have been loyal customers, you can make handwritten notes. Writing a thank you note won't cost much and doesn't take much time either. Don't forget to greet your client by name, and spell their name correctly. Express your gratitude and provide details on why you enjoyed your experience with this loyal customer. The more specific it will be more memorable for your customer.

Top 12 customer appreciation gifts to show your gratitude

There are many benefits when you send a client or customer an appreciation gift. Some benefits can be seen immediately, while others can be long-term. For those of you who are starting to think about the importance of customer appreciation gifts, we will summarize some of the best gift ideas that you can choose from.

  1. Self heating mug

Everyone likes hot drinks that will stay warm even if they spend their time sitting for a long time. Self heating mug allows your customers to choose the exact temperature for their drink, so their tea, coffee or other drinks will never be too hot, too cold, but just right. This is one of the best appreciation gifts to keep your customers' drinks hot or chilled for an hour or more.

  1. Winter celebration

If winter is coming, the token of appreciation gift can be in the form of socks, mugs, chocolates, candles in one package. All of these items will help your customers relax and enjoy their winter. This gift pack is not only perfect for showing your customers how much you appreciate them, but also an opportunity to promote your brand. You can add a company logo on some of the items you choose.

  1. Lavender body bath

If most of your customers are women, you can give thank you gifts for customers in the form of self care gift boxes. Choose lavender soap bar, lavender shower streamer, clay facial mask, cotton eye mask, or another lavender self care which you can put in one box. You can include a thank you note or greeting card in the box to make it more personalized and show your gratitude more.

  1. Cocktail recipe book

Cocktails can be a comfort drink at home. Choose a cocktail recipe book to teach customers how to make ice sweet cocktails for dinner or special occasions. Customers can try various cocktail recipes until they become cocktail lovers and can serve their signature cocktails to their guests at home. Julep cocktail recipe book is one of a kind recipe book with 224 pages of refreshing alcoholic goodness.

  1. Growing gourmet

Plant lovers will love growing gourmet as appreciation gift. Fresh herbs can be added to all of the customers' favorite dishes. Your customer can grow their fresh herbs and kits are available to treat them. Customers only need a little bit of water and sunlight, they can enjoy fresh herbs whenever they have grown quite thick. Choose a beautiful pot that fits your growing gourmet, don't forget to include a thank you note by sticking it on the pot or in the kit bag.

  1. Tech lovers box

For customers who love technology, you can provide appreciation gift boxes with several premium gadgets and accessories to reach their needs. Some options that are suitable for tech lovers are portable chargers, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and cable organizers. You can choose from several items to be more personalized by adding the company logo on the accessories.

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  1. Moleskine hard cover

Notebooks with moleskine hard covers are a thoughtful gift because they can write down things that are worth remembering. This gratitude journal can be a perfect travel companion, because apart from being durable, there are many color choices that can be adjusted to the preferences of customers. It's not just an ordinary notebook, but the moleskine hard cover can write many pages with a secure cover and a stylish look.

  1. Eco-friendly organic candles

Fresh candles with natural fragrances are one of the best relaxation gifts you can give customers. Eco-friendly makes these candles are pollutant-free and meant to cleanse the room air. The scent varies depending on the box you choose, such as lemongrass, poneapple sage, coffee, jasmine, honeysuckle, or another pleasing scent to add a sense of calm relaxation.

  1. Personalized T-shirt or sweaters

Personalized gifts are something that is easy to remember and can increase customer trust in our brand. You can choose between giving a T-shirt or sweater with the company logo on a few parts of the shirt. Choose plain bright colors so that the T-shirts or sweaters can be used by customers whenever they want, and are suitable for all the styles they will wear. By choosing a T-shirt or sweater as a personalized gift, you can order bulk orders at BestGiftHK and get the best prices with outstanding quality clothes.

  1. Wine tumbler glass

Especially for high-end clients or customers such as real estate agents, lawyers, or some high-ranking officials in the company, you can give the wine tumbler glass as an outstanding appreciation gift. The double-walled thermal insulation and vacuum-sealer make the wine stay cool for hours. You can provide a special design for writing quotes, company logos, with elegant color choices for high-end clients.

  1. Mindfulness box

This is the lifestyle customer gift box that helps customers to reach their goals and relax at the same time. The mindfulness bpx contains a mindfulness activity team, a tumbler, a good self-development book, a pen, a journal, and healthy snacks. You can put it in a box and give a thank you note as a sign of how grateful you are to loyal customers.

  1. A gift of experience

Besides you can give useful gifts, you can have one more option to give the gift of experience. You can choose to give spa days, relaxing massages, fitness, yoga classes, or tickets to concerts or local sports events. Some of these gift ideas will provide a memorable experience because they can enjoy enjoying your gift while thinking that you care about loyal customers. Choose this gift for certain customers who have been loyal to use your product for a long time, and you show your gratitude by providing them with a memorable experience.


A customer and client will feel proud and feel appreciated when you think about what gift is suitable for them. A good gift is anything that can make your customers feel appreciated and have the pleasure of doing business with you. Doing a nice thing like giving a gift is never bad, because it can be thought of as an investment that can increase customers' trust and can show benefits for the mid to long-term future. Don't forget to choose the best quality appreciation gift, and have a double function to show gratitude and promote your business.