Top 12 Corporate Luxury Gifts for VIPs

Top 12 Corporate Luxury Gifts for VIPs

Impress VIPs with these top 12 luxury corporate gifts, curated to elevate your business relationships. From personalized writing instruments to elegant umbrellas, each gift exudes professionalism and appreciation. Strengthen bonds with high-end clients through carefully chosen presents that signify thoughtfulness and lasting collaboration. Explore a wide array of luxurious options at BestGiftHK, where over 20 years of expertise ensure exceptional corporate gifting for your esteemed partners.
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Corporate gifts are something that can describe the value of the company about how they can appreciate their clients, customers or employees. Especially for high-end clients with a supreme level of service, you must be able to impress them with your best product or service, and also provide luxury corporate gifts. Why corporate luxury gifts matters? Because you need to build and improve relationships individually or in organizations.

People with high status such as CEOs, VIP clients, executives, bosses, board members, and other high level people need to receive gifts that match their status. You can't be careless in choosing a gift for someone with a high position. Don't worry, because we will discuss it in this article.

Why is corporate gifting important?

Corporate gifting is a gesture to show you value your relationship with employees, clients or partners and are committed to maintaining it. By giving a personalized gift, you show how proud you are of the collaboration that has been established, and show appreciation to them. Corporate gifting is important because you have to think about and choose the best to strengthen your business relationships. Building long-term loyalty will never disappoint, especially with high-end clients.

How ethical is corporate gift-giving?

There are many who feel a dilemma about corporation gifts, because they think about whether it is giving or bribery. If a gift is something that is given without the expectation of return, while a bribe is given with the hope of benefit or influence.

First, mind your point where you think about corporate luxury gifts to strengthen your relationship with VIPs, without thinking they will give you a gift in return. You give gifts as a form of appreciation and a sign that you want to do long-term collaboration with them, making the relationship between you and them stronger.

The Importance Of Corporate Gifting

The etiquette for giving company gifts is when they are given and you also need to explain your intention in giving the gift. Do not give corporate gifts when you have not cooperated with the client, because there is a possibility that the client may think that it is not a gift, but a bribe. Only give corporate gifting to clients and VIPs if you have collaborated for a long time, with the hope that you can maintain good relations while still providing your best service for your product or service to them.

Top 12 corporate luxury gifts for high-end clients

corporate luxury gifts

Luxury gifts must be seen in terms of quality, how to pack, and pay attention to someone we will love based on their preferences. We will summarize some of the best corporate luxury gifts as your options to foster your relationships with high-end-clients.

  1. Recipient choice

Sometimes we are too confused about how to give the best gifts for VIPs. Choose a platform that has options to enable the clients, employees, or VIPs to choose their ideal gift from a wide catalog of corporate gifts, wine sets, technology, care packages, and more.

Ensure the gifting service tracks all the data needed starting from customize order size, price range, item categories, recipient type, and many other factors. Every premium corporate gift chosen by the recipient will feel more personal because they are the ones who have the right to choose for their needs.

  1. Self-heating mug

We know that VIPs have a lot of time for their work, and even less time to enjoy the drinks they make themselves while in the office. The self-heating mug is a swaggy, yet useful thing for VIPs to enjoy their drink, whether it's cold or hot. This smart mug can follow people's wishes to choose the precise temperature for their drinks.

Why can self-heating mugs be categorized as premium corporate gifts? because it has a safe temperature range, can be controlled with a smartphone, easy to clean, and ensures the drink will never be too hot or too cold, turns out just right. And remember, the mugs can be personalized.

  1. Luxury bath box

Every higher-up or someone who has an important role in a company needs relaxation time and body care. The luxury bath box is a useful reward for relaxing hardworking VIPs, or coworkers who deserve a relaxing gift. Fill the bath box with all-natural bath products with several scents of your choice, add some other relaxation products such as scent candles, towels that match the bath box, or other toiletries.

  1. Necktie gift set

High-performing business people understand that outfit matters. However, they are flooded with choices, and confused about what is suitable to look professional and stylish. To help ease the mind of VIPs to style in business attire, a luxury necktie gift set will be an outstanding gift for them. Choose a necktie set collection that matches your men's neckties and place them in pocket squares with a variety of motifs to be an option when sharp-dressing VIPs want to change their style.

  1. Tech lovers box

As the name implies, the Tech Lovers Box contains premium tech gadgets, such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging boards, smart watches, power banks or tile trackers. This box is one of the best selling luxury gifts, because every VIP who updates with newest technology will like your gift. Don't forget to give the tech lovers box a bag with a color that matches the items you provide.

  1. Engraved antique clock

Sometimes VIPs are someone who likes antiques because they seem classy and elegant. You can look for a haging clock, or a clock with a good design such as handcraft, or a designed table clock that is perfect for a boss or manager's setup. Make it more personal by engraving quotes or best wishes according to the special occasion that the recipient has.

  1. A gift of experience

Treat the VIPs with a luxurious weekend getaway or a trip to famous places in town by giving them a five-star experience that they will never forget. Ensure you ask the beneficiary for approval in advance, because VIPs are someone who has a busy schedule at work, and has little free time. Ensure you choose weekend trips with bucketlist-worthy activities, international destinations, and provide the best experience of a lifetime.

  1. Engraved wine bottle and glasses

Wine is a luxury gift that is great for VIPs. You can choose one of the famous wines such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and many others. The gift will be more perfect if you order it in a gift box containing a wine bottle, wine glasses, and engraving photos, date or name on it. You can choose a wooden box for the place so that it looks more elegant and can be stored by the recipient for a long time.

  1. GoPro waterproof camera

For VIPs who like to travel and capture moments with their cameras, you can provide GoPro waterproof cameras with high resolution video captures and can become professional-quality camcorders. The device enables 360 degree footage, four lenses, and straight-on views. This is the best gift for VIPs who like high-resolution photos and can take them wherever they go.

  1. Elegant umbrellas

A high-quality umbrella is a practical and stylish gift for VIPs and demonstrates your consideration for the recipient's comfort and well-being. Luxury brands provide umbrellas with durable materials and sophisticated designs to become lasting corporate gifts for any professionals.

  1. Personalized writing instruments

Choose writing instruments such as luxury pens to signify professionalism. You can order it at BestGiftHK to get a personalized pen with your company logo or recipient's name. Luxury pens offer elegant designs and modern styles, making the pens a practical and cherished gift for every business professional.

  1. Premium notebooks and journals

After luxury pens, a gift wouldn't be complete without luxurious notebooks or journals. Every business professional needs to record their thoughts and ideas in style. By giving a premium notebook or journal, you can give a practical and timeless gift across various industries, and demonstrate how you pay attention to detail.


Corporation gifts are one way to strengthen the relationship between clients, employees, or partners with your business. Giving the best gift to business professionals must be carefully considered, because it is your image and as an appreciation for your cooperation with high-clients. You can get corporate luxury gifts at BestGift HK with many choices, from T-shirt, stationary, tech, drinkware, etc. With more than 20 years of professional services and strict commitment, BestGiftHK is ready to provide the best corporation gift for your high-clients.