Coated Paper Sticker | 銅板貼紙

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Coated Paper Sticker | 銅板貼紙

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-Coated Paper is characterized by high surface strength, high smoothness and strong gloss, and has a large pulling force on printed ink, so it is widely used in high-grade printed matter.

-It is widely used in the market and is cheap. The surface is smooth and the color rendering is good. It can be written directly. It is not waterproof and can be torn.

-After the film is applied, it has the function of surface waterproofing. It is a general waterproof sticker, but it is not suitable for long-term exposure to humid environments.


Industrial applications: general labels, commercial color stickers, advertising stickers, barcode stickers, food labels


(Material Selection)

Surface material: coated paper, thick coated paper

Thickness: 80-230 lbs

Release paper (backing paper): glassine, yellow backing paper, white molding, white kraft, PET

Adhesive properties: general glue, R glue (tear off without leaving glue), strong glue, oil glue (frozen glue)


(Surface Treatment)

Upper film (surface waterproof): bright film, fog film

Oiling (wear-resistant, anti-fouling): gold oil, mist oil


(Post-processing)Bronzing, onion, embossing, embossing, degumming