Polyester Sticker | 特多龍貼紙

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Polyester Sticker | 特多龍貼紙

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-Non-toxic PET material, in line with environmental protection regulations, is often used in safety regulations, packaging, trademarks and other stickers.

-High temperature resistance (-20℃~100℃), waterproof, unbreakable, and good adhesion.


Industrial applications: food labels, beverage labels, safety labels, cosmetic labels


(Material Selection)

Surface material: Silver Tetralong, Shiny Silver Tetralong, Gold Tetoron Bright Gold Tetoron, White Tetralon, Transparent Tetralon Thickness: 25# (about 0.03mm) (common thickness) release form Paper (backing paper) PET glassine, copper plate

Adhesive properties: general glue, R glue (tears no glue residue), strong glue · oil glue (frozen glue)


(Surface Treatment)

Upper film (surface waterproof): bright film, fog film


(Post-processing) embossing, glue removal