Transparent Sticker 	| 透明貼紙

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Transparent Sticker | 透明貼紙

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-Waterproof, unbreakable, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

-Suitable for colored or transparent materials.


Industrial applications: food labels, beverage and wine labels, medical labels, beauty labels, sealing stickers


(Material Selection)

Surface material: transparent Lilong, PVC

Release paper (bottom paper) PET glassine copper plate

Adhesive properties: general glue · R glue (tears no glue residue), strong glue · oil glue (frozen glue)


(Surface Treatment)

Upper film (surface waterproof): bright film, dew film, glazing Lilong Oiling (wear-resistant, anti-fouling): gold oil, dew oil



Bronzing, coating, degumming