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11 Best Luxury Corporate Gifts for VIP Clients and Customers

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Every company has relationships with clients, vendors, customers and industry contacts. Business will progress further if the relationship between the company and clients, customers and vendors are good. But how to maintain relationships with them so that the business continues to progress? One of them is by giving luxury corporate gifts. Luxury gifts are necessary to build relationships between your organization and individuals or groups, as a sign that you are grateful for working with them and want to give the best to maintain good relations with them.

We have compiled a list of luxury corporate gift ideas, so you don't need to bother looking for them on the internet, and wrap it up in here. Let's check it out.

Do corporate gifts need to be luxury?

Corporate gifts don't have to be luxury, but they are necessary for special occasions or certain people. For example, if you want to give gifts to high-end clients, big vendors, or loyal customers, you cannot give regular gifts. Luxury corporate gifts will demonstrate your company's value and your genuine appreciation to the recipient. Organizations or individuals who have worked with you for a long time certainly need to give the best gifts. That's why corporate gifts don't have to be luxurious, but necessary for the conditions, time, and to whom we want to give them.

What are the corporate gifting trends?

If you want to give the best corporate gifts, you need to learn about exciting trends for corporate gifting. There are 3 trends that you can use as a reference to impress clients, vendors and loyal customers.

  1. Personalization

Personalized gifts are designed specifically for the recipient by providing their name, date, special event, quotes, or special message. The gift is usually something chosen according to the recipient's interests. You can't just choose personalized gifts because you have to understand the characteristics and preferences of the recipient.

  1. Sustainability

A sustainable corporate gifting trend means choosing products with biodegradable ingredients, compostable, plant-based materials, or recycled packaging. Products are reusable to echo business sustainability, avoiding single-use items and items that are difficult to decompose.

  1. Wellness

Wellness has a wider selection, starting from products, classes, or membership. You can choose items such as aromatherapy, exercise products, self-care gifts, meditation courses, gifts for good mental health, and physical practices.

11 best luxury corporate gifts for VIP clients and customers

Corporate Gifts for VIP

You might be wondering if luxury gifts will cost you a lot. But it's worth giving to VIP clients, loyal customers, and high vendors to show your loyalty and make a great impression on them.

  1. Bose Pro Speakers

Bose is a famous sound product with the best sound quality of its products. The Bose pro speakers present a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a PA system. You can play music, amplify instruments, plug in a microphone, or other sound needs. Recipients can use Bose pro speakers for office functions, personal needs, or both. The speaker is highly portable because it has a lightweight model and includes a handle. You can use it for more than 11 hours before it needs charging.

  1. Custom jackets and outerwear

If you are thinking about high end corporate apparel, you can choose custom jackets and outerwear to be the luxury corporate gift. Add your company logo on branded jackets as a perfect way for brand awareness and bringing the best thing to recipients as the end of the year approaches when temperatures are low because of winter season.

Hoodies or sweaters are also outerwear with breathable quality, excellent for active workouts, still providing great warmth in cold weather. Choose a special place that accepts custom jackets and hoodie printing orders with the best quality for company logo and products' durability.

  1. Personalized luggage and travel bags

VIP clients and vendors require a lot of traveling for business or personal activities. Personalized luggage and travel bags will be a perfect gift for them, because they can provide a lot of space for their belongings and can be useful for years of travel. You can customize the selection by embroidering your company logo on the front, or adding a luggage tag with the logo for a more obvious look.

  1. Luxury fountain pen

There's a lot of fountain pen brands that you can choose from, such as Montblanc, LAMY, TWSBI, Pilot, etc. Fountain pens are one of the luxury corporation gifts because they can be used for business purposes such as signing contracts, personal signatures, or writing important things during business matters. The sleek black design and the beautiful shape make this fountain pen the choice of many people to give to VIP clients. If you can choose the engraving option, personalize the pen with your logo so that the client thinks of your company every time they sign important documents.

  1. Espresso machine sets

Espresso lovers will love this gift set. Illy X1 iperEspresso machine including 2 cans of espresso and cappuccino cups is an outstanding gift for coffee lovers. The machine prepares barista quality espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and latte in an easy way. Choose several colors between black, red, steel, and almond as the perfect synthesis of technology and beauty.

  1. Personalized fan gear from their favorite team

Some people love sports and support their favorite teams and have various kinds of merchandise. We can provide fully-personalized jerseys by adding their name to the authentic jersey. The recipient can wear it during sports events or for any occasion. Choose a custom jersey with the best quality so that it lasts for a long time.

  1. Necktie gift set

If the person you want to give it to often wears a suit and tie, give them a necktie gift set as a perfect appreciation gift. A suit with a tie is the best combination for VIP clients who like a neat and elegant look. Add to their collection with matching neckties and pocket squares in various color choices, add tie clips and cufflinks to add elegant looks and make the recipient extra stylish.

  1. Self-heating mug

A mug with a temperature warming feature to keep the drink warm for whenever the recipient drinks it. We all know coffee and tea are daily base drinks in the corporate world. Self-heating mugs are popular corporate gifts nowadays because they can be used at home or in the office, keeping drinks warm even though many people will forget their drinks because of work. Keep your drink at best coffee temperature and it can last for the next few hours.

  1. Formula racing car driving experience

Choose the car driving experience formula as the best experience gift you'll ever give. Leaen how to drive a professional Formula racing car can be everyone's dream, especially for thrill-seekers and car enthusiasts. Driving on a race track will provide excitement and adrenaline pumping, making it a memorable experience that will never be forgotten. Under the guidance of professional race instructors, recipients will get a full day of speed and action.

  1. Tickets to a show or a concert

Tickets to attend a concert with the recipient's favorite band will be a priceless gift to have. There are always many choices for coming to a show or concert with important clients, loyal customers, or business partners. Choose the best seat for you and the gift recipient, you can choose the front seat or the middle seat for the better view.

  1. Festival gift set

Do you want to give festival gift sets to VIP clients or business partners? Choose according to the festival you will celebrate, such as Mid-autumn festival or Christmas. Choose the gift set starting from Champagne with fruits, wine with sweet goodies like honey, chocolate, high quality imported nuts, and clocks. Add a beautiful gift box with your logo, custom handwritten card with a heart to show that you appreciate a good business with them.

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