Corporate Care Packages
Best care packages for employees

Best Corporate Care Packages for Every Employees

There are many events that you can use to give gifts to employees such as holidays, new hires, promotions, birthdays, or retirement. Whatever the occasion, corporate care packages are the perfect way to show your appreciation, commemorate an event, or provide a lasting impression to everyone who has worked hard for office progress. Are you looking for ideas for employee packages? Keep reading to discover any packages set options with the personal touch you've been waiting for. What are corporate care packages? Corporate care packages are gift boxes given to employees at any occasion to boost their morale while reaching out to the staff and showing them the office care about employees' health and wellbeing. Care packages can be handed over to employees while they are in the office or sent directly to their homes, with a little cheer spread and a thank you note to show that every employee deserves it and the office is always thinking about them. What is the function of employee care packages? Corporate or employee care packages contain clothing, food, stationery, or other items that are sent according to what the recipient needs. A well-crafted employee care package can make employees feel appreciated and increase retention. This will bring positive impact on employees' work, job satisfaction, motivation, bonding, and productivity. The package method defines exactly what someone needs and is one of our ways to show how we care for them, by providing equipment or services to live their life in a comfortable manner. Same goes to the welcome care package which can set the tone for new members of the team to make them feel connected to the new role and office. Best corporate care packages ideas for everyone on your team Gift giving can be something challenging for us, and that's normal. Sometimes we need a lot of advice before we choose which one is best for our employees. To help you, we have prepared the best list for you, so you can choose what you can include in care packages and you will be proud to send to each individual on your team. Happy choosing! Leather souvenir If you want to give classy and elegant gifts to your employees, choose items related to leather to meet different occasions and needs. There are many choices of items that can be made from leather, such as luggage tags, folders, business card boxes, notebooks, computer bags, mirrors, or passport holders. Leather gives an elegant impression and makes the items you own look expensive. The durability and calm colors will give a luxurious impression to items combined with any leather items. Every employee will appreciate this kind of gift and they will be proud to wear it with the company logo on the item you give. Homeware There are many choices of homeware that are suitable as gifts. Umbrella, comb, vase, acrylic, tableware, mirror, night light, aromatherapy, cup accessories, are some of the items that are often chosen from homeware to become custom gifts. You can fill your care package with several of these items in one box, considering matching colors and materials that are durable for a long time. For example, if you want to provide lunch boxes for employees, you can provide glass lunch boxes for fresh-keeping bento, or bamboo wooden covers for an elegant look. Good material will give satisfaction to the recipient of the gift and they will use it in their daily life with a company logo in the middle. Drinkware Drinkware is one of the best choices to include in a care package. There are many choices for drinkware such as mugs, thermos cups, water bottles, enamel mugs, titanium cups, environmental cups, or stainless steel water cups. You can customize each drinkware with your company logo and colors that match your logo. The quality of the drinkware will influence how often that item will be used. Ensure that you provide the best quality and with an attractive design, so that employees can take it with them when they go to the office or when they exercise outside the home. Electronic For employees and tech lovers, you can provide items related to electronics. Technological advances mean that everyone will follow trends and want to get the newest technology in their lives. One technology that is currently in demand by many people and not many people use it is wireless chargers. You can give this to employees to provide facilities for them to always have their phones with full batteries ready, which they can use at work or at home. Or for some electronics that have been needed from some time ago until now, such as Power Banks and data cables. Some of these items are very useful for anyone who has a gadget because sometimes we can't find a place with a charger. Clothing Clothing such as T-shirts, jackets, caps, hoodies, socks and sweaters are the best choices to include in the care package. Choose material that is suitable for all seasons, especially for the cold season which requires a rather thick fabric and soft texture so that it provides warmth for the user. For jackets, hoodies or sweaters, you can choose a plain color or design of your choice, with pockets on the sides or not. Each clothing item will attract the interest of the gift recipient to wear it wherever they are, especially if the item you give has their favorite color or an attractive design. 10 Best New Employee Welcome Package Ideas Every item you choose for your care package must be of good quality so that the recipient can use it for a long time. To customize a gift to be more memorable, submit it to BestGiftHK as the best corporate gift production. We have more than 20 years of professional service experience for craft printing services with minimum order quantity as a one-stop solution for any gift customization needs. BestGiftHK will work hand in hand with customers who value time and quality with dedicated customer service and great quality products.
Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees
Branded Gift Ideas

Best Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees

Holidays are starting to arrive, and every employee will prepare to go on holiday wherever they want, or stay at home while relaxing after a long period of work. Holiday gifts for employees will provide a lasting impression while giving them another joy after work. Every company has its own way of preparing vacation days for its employees, and gift giving is one of the best ways to show appreciation and improve employee satisfaction. This article will discuss several gift ideas to give employees before or during the holidays. Why give holiday gifts for employees? Giving gifts can be a motivation for employees because their hard work is appreciated. Some employees can work harder after receiving a gift, and boost their morale because they are noticed. If you can provide what they need for their office or home needs, employees will feel that their company is trying its best to meet the needs of its employees, so it's no surprise that they will do the same in the future. Every employee will certainly prepare the best holiday together with family, friends, or for themselves. This will increase their joy when they receive special gifts from the office, making them more enthusiastic when it's time to go to work. Why is corporate gifting so important? Corporate gifts are an important reminder for higher-ups that your team are real people who need to be appreciated and deserve the best from their office. Employees will remain loyal and feel engaged when they are given gifts. Any gift you give can strengthen your relationship and become a difference-maker when there are challenges or disagreements with employees in the future. Remember that holiday gifts for employees will increase employee retention and boost their morale to achieve shared company goals. Best corporate holiday gifts for everyone on your team There are many options for giving holiday gifts for employees ranging from food gifts, tech items, branded jackets, etc. We have summarized it for you, so you just need to adjust your existing budget and choose what is best for your employees. Branded jackets If your holiday season happens to be in cold weather, you can give a company jacket by customizing the jacket with a team member's name, quote, or nickname. This personalized gift could be the best choice, because every employee will find it helpful when they face cold weather and want to wear it wherever they go. There are many style options that you can choose from, such as casual, minimalism, zipper, and fleece jacket. Choose the best material for jackets, colors and designs that are suitable for your employees. You can choose the right size from S to 4XL. Customized bags Bags are gifts that can always be used by employees to carry work equipment and travel. There are many material options to choose from that suit the employee's style, such as nonwoven fabric, nylon, oxford cloth, linen, PVC, TYVEK, wool felt, and flannelette. The procedure for ordering your bag is to choose your bag type, such as textile bags, canvas bags, shopping bags, etc. Choose your preferred colors and design your unique bag with printing, logos, patterns, or more. Several types of bags that are popular as gifts are tote bags, makeup bags, laptop bags and carry bags. Leather souvenir Leather gifts are special items to be given as gifts because they have high-quality, creative gifts, and are a solution for any occasions and needs. There are many types of leather gifts that you can choose from, such as folders, luggage tags, notebooks, business card boxes, passport holders, computer bags, etc. There are two types of leather that can be used to make gifts, PU and PVC. PU or Polyurethane is often used in manufacturing for elastic materials and is used for synthetic leather and other high-performance materials. PVC is also used for artificial leather with good durability and versatility. After choosing the material and product for your chosen leather gift, don't forget to add a suitable design and color. Personalized items will give an irreplaceable impression and strengthen your relationship with your employees. Customized tech items Tech items can be the perfect holiday gift whether they work remotely or in the office. Your employees will appreciate gifts that can support their performance, or for personal needs while at home. Some of the best choices for tech items are data cables, wireless chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and fans. Choose a type of material that is suitable for a wireless charger, such as mirror, bamboo, square wheat straw, or eco-friendly cork. For a power bank, choose one with a large battery like Mah so that it lasts longer and can be used to charge several gadgets. Drinkware Drinkware is a very useful gift for employees because they can take it with them when exercising, working or at home. Make your employees stay hydrated with high-quality drinkware with company logo in it. Mugs, water bottles, stainless steel water cups, and thermos cups are some drinkware that are suitable as gifts. If you can provide the best quality drinkware, then you will be lucky because your employees can use it wherever they go, and indirectly your employees spread the brand proudly. High-quality drinkware will ensure that every user can use it for a long time, and you can display a logo, quote, or team member's name in the middle of the bottle. 10 Best New Employee Welcome Package Ideas Every holiday gift choice will be more meaningful when you can customize it with a company logo. BestGiftHK is the best place for craft printing services and gift customization for promotional needs, business, advertising, employee benefits, event celebrations, etc. You can choose from thousands of products, starting from hoodies, canvas bags, ceramic mugs, notebooks, trophies, pillows, jewelry boxes, etc. BestGift has more than 20 years of professional services, focusing on corporate gift production and has won a good reputation among small, medium, and large customers around the world. Entrust gift customization to us, and give the best holiday gift to your employees.
Branded Gift Ideas
Branded Gift Ideas

5 Branded Gift Ideas to Impress Your New Clients

Every businessman will think about steps to increase their sales reach, by forging strong and lasting relationships with their clients or their prospects. To attract new market share, first impression is key. But how do you get a positive welcome and memorable mark from prospects? One way is with branded gift ideas. These gifts not only act as promotions, but also show dedication for those of you who want to expand your market reach and show your company's values. What is a branded gift? A branded gift is any item that has a business logo or name anywhere on it. Branded gifts are usually given to potential clients, clients, employees, or donors to show appreciation, marketing steps, or to introduce new products or services from a business. This is a key marketing tool used by many businesses, with the aim of promoting customer loyalty, increasing sales, improving employee retention, and any other positive impacts. Thinking about branded gift ideas is one step to progress your business. Many people voluntarily use branded gifts for their daily needs, because the items are useful, of good quality, and in accordance with what they need during this time. It's about providing comfort and a great impression to potential clients, and as a sign that you are serious about establishing communication with your clients. Is it appropriate to give gifts to clients? Yes, it's okay to give your clients gifts. It's more about the message you send, this is also something to introduce your products and services, or maintain connections so that communication is always open. It is hoped that the branded gift ideas will provide positive relationships and bring good things to your business in the future. People will more easily remember your business after the gift you give. Don't worry about what gift is suitable for prospects or clients, because it doesn't have to be luxurious. All items are acceptable, but still pay attention to the quality. Even if you give some ordinary items, make them interesting items so that the recipient is proud and always remembers you every time they use them. Choosing items for gifts seems easy, but making a lasting impression is a challenging thing. But don't worry, because we provide your solution for this. Top branded gift ideas with good impression for your clients We have prepared for you several best-branded gifts for new clients, employees, or loyal customers, designed to give the best impression and as a strong foundation for your successful business relationship. Customized tech accessories We know that now is the digital era, and anything related to technology or accessories will be a gift that anyone is waiting for. Consider providing branded items like Power Banks, wireless chargers, laptop sleeves, cable organizers, USB fans, phone cases, etc. You can display your logo and company name on each tech accessory so that your brand remains top of mind. Tech accessories don't have to be expensive, but you have to make sure that the items you choose function well and are durable. Everyone will be happy if they have new tech accessories, because these items will always be needed whenever and wherever. Customized notebook and journals Every notebook or journal will be used by anyone, because everyone needs to record something for their daily needs. Choose high-quality notebooks and journals with premium covers and pages, give your company's logo on the front. You can choose various types of covers, such as leather, thick paper, plastic, etc. You can choose the cover color according to the recipient's preferences, so that they are happy every time they use the notebooks for jotting down ideas, important thoughts, or notes during meetings. Branded drinkware Drinkware is a useful gift that can be used for work, sports, traveling or relaxing at home. Everyone appreciates a useful and stylish drinkware item. You can provide branded tumblers, mugs, stainless steel water bottles, RPET bottles, featuring your company's name and logo. These gifts will become daily use, and create limitless opportunities for brand exposure for every recipient using the drinkware. Don't forget to provide the best quality, because durable drinkware will provide many benefits to users. Clothing T-shirts, jackets, hoodies and sweaters are good choices of items for branded gifts, because there is ample space for you to put the company's name or logo with embroidery. Choose clothing with good quality fabric, which can be used for various events, and with colors that match your company logo. Good clothes will attract the recipient's interest in wearing them outside the office, especially if they are willing to wear the clothes you gave them to some important event. Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts Nowadays more people care about the environment, and prefer to wear eco-friendly items. There are many items you can choose from, such as tote bags, pencils, reusable water bottles, notebooks, with an eco-friendly concept to show your commitment to sustainability. These gifts will have a positive impact on your company because you show your environmental consciousness and dedication to taking part in protecting the environment. Benefits of Using Custom T-shirts for Brand Promotional Choosing the best-branded gifts is your chance to make a lasting impression. Choose the item you like, and customize it at BestGiftHK. We have more than a decade of experience making branded gifts for promotional purposes, openings, charity and all kinds of occasions. You can add the company's name or logo to any item you choose, and we are willing to make it specifically for you in any order, from small orders to large quantities. BestGift is experienced in making corporate gifts and branded gifts, we will consistently help our clients to make the best gifts, design according to their needs, and ship globally with our local dropshipping & warehousing capabilities. Why choose us? Because we provide more than 6,000 rich products ranging from drinkware, tech accessories, clothing, stationery, hampers, daily necessities, etc. The goal is to meet your needs, and the selection is huge with different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. This is one-stop customized production requirements for you!
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Best Employee Appreciation Gifts as Token of Appreciation

Recognizing employees is a step that is often taken by many companies nowadays because it is starting to be considered as an essential part of a company's success. When companies can implement employee appreciation, the office atmosphere becomes more positive, opening up many opportunities for employees to show their best potential. One way to recognize employees is with employee appreciation gifts as a token of appreciation, to celebrate your team's wins or individuals. What is a token of appreciation for employees? A token of appreciation can be in any form that can touch the employee's heart. It can be as simple as giving a thank you note, sending nice employee appreciation gifts, giving bonus, or giving a little trip. Don't forget to show praise and gratitude periodically in boosting your workforce. All of these things are done to show your gratitude for having a solid team, an excellent individual for completing work tasks, and to show how grateful you are to have them as part of your family. What are some memorable gifts? Memorable gifts are something that the recipient can remember whenever they use or see whatever you give them. You can give a unique gift, useful gift, or classic gift, as long as you can make it more memorable compared to the usual gift. You can make a gift more special by giving it a personal touch to show how much you care about the recipient. You need to find references for what type of gift the recipient likes, what they need in the near future, and what they might want and so far they haven't been able to get it. Giving employee appreciation gifts to teams or individuals must give a great impression, because it is a sign that you appreciate their hard work, and want them to maintain their good performances. Best employee appreciation gifts for teams and individuals If you are confused about choosing any appreciation gifts, we have prepared a list of the best gifts that will help your company to reach new heights and boost your workforce and staff morale. Plants for their workplace The workplace is a daily place for employees, and there is nothing wrong if you upgrade their workplace by providing plants for each employee. You can choose several plants that can grow rapidly or slowly, depending on your preferences. A desk plant for their workspace is a gift, because they can enjoy some greenery in their office and everyone has the opportunity to care for it. Plants in the workspace are also a special symbol for them that they will grow bigger together with the plants they care for. The large selection of plants means you can give each employee a plant that reflects their personality. Some favorite plant choices are money tree, succulent, and peace lily. What makes this gift memorable is that you think about the personality of each employee by giving plants that are suitable for them, and making the office atmosphere more lively with plants. Custom corporate gift shop Create your own custom corporate gift for your team and employees and show how much you care. BestGiftHK is your place to choose any corporate gift that is suitable for your employee with a wide selection of products such as stationery, tech accessories, T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters, drinkware, and many other memorable gifts. Personalize your gift with the company logo, and also the recipient's name to express gratitude in creative ways. BestGiftHK provides many printing methods for your custom corporate gift, such as pad printing, laser, silk screen printing, and embroidery. Since the establishment of the company, we have focused on creating corporate gift customization and production services, making your gift more memorable and giving a great impression to the recipient. Bags and totes Other items that employees will always use are bags or totes. Tote bags and company gift bags are very suitable for employee gifts because you can show that you meet your employees' needs, including space for their belongings. Apart from that, if you put your company logo on tote bags or company bags, you can show your brand every time your employees wear them when traveling. Choose eco-friendly materials for tote bags, or company bags with materials that are durable for a long time. Stress relievers and games Every worker certainly has their own level of stress at work. You can buy board games or stress relievers such as small dolls, mini figures, that will allow them to destress and always have fun at work. You can personalize this gift by adding their name in the middle of the toy or doll, to make it more impressive. Mini trip Every employee wants to unwind with their colleagues on their weekends or even weekdays. Prepare a mini trip for your employees as a form of gratitude when your team reaches a certain milestone. Apart from thanking them, you can convey your hopes for the team to remain solid and always show their best in every task. The trip doesn't have to be expensive, but the most important thing is the time to have fun with the team, as well as boost the team bonding. With this, you can show employees that their hard work will be rewarded appropriately, and this can be felt by each individual. 12 Unique Coworker Gift Ideas To Show Your Gratitude Now, after you have several options for employee appreciation gifts, you need to think about when to give the gift. You can create a special meeting to discuss the achievements of the team or each individual, or you can give it directly to each employee when they are going on holiday. Don't forget to personalize the gift so that every time the recipient uses that gift, they will always remember what they did for the progress of the office, and continue to try their best to move forward together. Or to add to each employee's sense of pride with their achievements, you can host a special event such as an employee award or dinner with the company to keep employees motivated and strengthen team bonding.
stationary gift ideas
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10 Amazing Stationery Gift Ideas for Employees

Everyone definitely has employees or work friends who like to collect stationery for their needs. Stationery is like their half life, because what they do is not far from note-taking, writing, drawing, or anything related to that. It will be a big surprise if you can provide new stationery for them on any occasion. Apart from stationery, it can be used for any budget, there are limitless possibilities for the gift you will give. This time, let's look at some of the best stationery gift ideas to prepare you when you want to give the best to stationery lovers. What stationery does a company need? Every company definitely needs stationery for every field. Whether you are a startup or a big company, stationery is something that must be in the office, and you must always have it ready to meet your office needs. Some stationery products that every business needs are pens, markers, notebooks, notepads, mailing, filing, staplers, hole punches, stamps, and tape. Especially for the administration section, stationeries will be needed here, because every day they will deal with writing, recapping and collecting data for the company's needs. To ensure their activities run smoothly, the office must always prepare a stationery, so that there is no stock when the administrative department needs it. Sometimes there are also companies that have special stationeries that include the company logo on each item, as identification or as a promotional tool if they are given to clients. How to make custom stationery? Making special stationery by displaying the company's logo, name or attributes is fun and suitable for use as a reward for employees or as a promotional tool. For corporate gift needs or for office stock, you can make custom stationery at BestGiftHK. BestGiftHK has more than 20 years of experience in corporate gift customization and production services. You can choose the stationery you need, and it can be customized with corporate logos or service promotions using pad printing, laser and embroidery. Years of professional gift customization from us is your best choice to provide the best stationery gift ideas for customers all over the world. 10 stationery gift ideas for employees Are you ready to choose stationery gift ideas for employees or coworkers? We have prepared some of the best stationery lists for you, so that recipients can be more enthusiastic about their work. Magnetic gel pen set The magnetic gel pen set is both a pen and an amazing desk toy. You can have a pen with strong magnets that can be arranged neatly to become anything you want. The pens are refillable and fun to have, available in a variety of colors to match your pen set. Eco Friendly Stationery set Now there are many eco-friendly stationery sets that can be used, and once they are finished they can be used to grow plants. The eco-friendly set contains a plantable notepad, eco pens, and paper pencils. You can prepare seeds if you want to plant plants from used stationery that will run out. The gift set is made from sustainable materials, with the notepad, pen and pencil body made from recycled and bio-degradable paper. You can give this to stationery lovers who care about the environment. Planners For someone who needs to plan everything to run activities smoothly, you can give planners. Normally planners will contain 14 months, to write anything for a year with more than 2 months. A minimalist design with a clean format will be suitable for efficient planning. Many places are suitable for placing appointments, events, or to do items. Stapleless stapler What does that mean? This is a stapler without refills, because it does not use staple needles so it is safe to use for other than office needs, such as for wrapping food. The stapleless stapler can be used for 10 sheets at once. How does this tool perform? The top of the stapler is designed to be transparent, so you can see the hole you choose. The remaining pieces of paper can be cleaned from the stapler by opening the transparent cover. Minimalism stationery pen For gift recipients who like minimalism, we have prepared a minimalist stationery pen that can have the company logo printed on the back of the pen with a length of up to 3.5 cm and a width of 0.8 cm. The pen looks elegant because of its minimalist appearance, but is capable of writing all office needs. You can order lots directly to use as souvenirs or stock for employees when writing, with each pen bearing the company logo. Solid color stationery pencil Having a stationery with a uniform color can satisfy the owner. We provide solid color stationery pencils made from wood, and you can print company logos using a pad printing system. You can order a minimum of 10 pencil sticks, with a solid color that you choose according to the employee's wishes. The pencil size is 19 in height and 0.7 in width, and the many color options can be a relief for recipients who have specific references for each stationery item. Business stationery notebook For secretaries who have to note down every important thing in meetings, you can give them a business stationery notebook. The notebook measures 23.5cm long and 17.5cm wide. With this size, your secretary can record all important things at any meeting. You can put the company logo on the notebook cover. There are various colors available for the cover, and it has a cover that is safe to open and close whenever needed. Office desk organizer A desk organizer is a necessity for everyone who loves their stationery. The storage box is made of non-toxic ABS material and environmentally friendly, burr-free edges that will not cause damage. There are divided compartments to organize all office supplies such as markers, rulers, pens, clips, scissors, sticky notes, and other small things. This gift is great for any desk, because it can be used for organizing home offices or dormitories. It's perfect for whoever you want to give it to. Fountain pen You can never go wrong when giving a fountain pen as a gift. If the recipient likes lettering and making elegant notes, this kind of pen is perfect for them. Ink that is thick enough will have an internal binding force for whatever the recipient writes. Everyone chooses fountain pens for important signatures, because the colors are more vibrant and the ink lines are more pronounced. Washi tape Washi tape is often also known as decorative tape, which can be used to wrap gift packages, or to tape something that is torn in a cute shape. The brighter and more attractive colors make washi tape a choice for women who like cute things. Recipients can also use washi tape for bookmarks, and also as a unique decoration material.   Custom Stationery Recommendations for a More Personal   Every employee has the right to get the best facilities related to their work. If you can give gifts to stationery lovers, they will be more enthusiastic about doing their work. You can customize stationery gifts by ordering them at BestGift HK, by choosing the best stationery and including the company logo on each item you choose.
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14 Unique Gifts for Employees That Show Your Appreciation

There's a lot of employees in your office who need recognition for their hard work and dedication. There are many benefits you can get if employees feel valued and get rewarded for something they did good. Some of the benefits are high retention, good performances, and willingness to learn more to provide the best. That's why this article will focus on unique gifts for employees, to show you what you can give to employees as a form of appreciation or to celebrate any moment in the office. Why give unique gifts to employees? Giving gifts for employees will motivate them to do better and work harder for the company. Some employees might get a boost in their morale, and become more productive after receiving a gift. There's a lot of good reactions when companies give gifts to employees, because employees feel like they want to give good things back to the company in their own way. Even though giving gifts to employees is not an obligation, you need to reconsider after seeing the many benefits you can get for your company's progress. Why is appreciation gift important? Giving gifts as appreciation might be important in the workplace because it can improve self-confidence, strengthen relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals. You can show your gratitude for employee's acts, and they will feel proud of the achievements they have achieved. Appreciation gifts make every employee who excels maintain their performance, and other employees are motivated to achieve the same achievements. 12 Best Ways How To Motivate Employees By giving simple gifts, you can create a positive culture at the office for employees who want to compete with each other positively, and the company accommodates them by giving rewards to anyone who has good performances. 14 unique gifts for employees to boost their morale and show your appreciation Now, we know a lot why giving gifts to employees is important. The two main benefits of giving gifts are boosting employee's morale and as a form of appreciation. We will provide the best list of gifts for employees to show your gratitude. Heal box Let's gift each employee a box that can be used to heal them by recharge and refuel in between their stressful days. You can fill this set with Pure Sol collagen hydrogel eye mask, small bath tea, face towel, facial soap, body lotion, and other self-care gifts to help employees relax and heal their bodies. Thinking about the freshness of employees' bodies will increase their morale. Online yoga and meditation classes Wellness gifts are one of the best gifts to show your appreciation. Let your employees get meditation or yoga classes that can be done in the office or at home, with a monthly or annual subscription. Every employee will have the ability to stay at peak performance after receiving yoga and meditation classes. They will be healthier with more focus at work. Portable thermos cup set The portable thermos cup set is a suitable gift for employees who like their drinks always warm. The thermos set comes with a cup to immediately enjoy the drinks they bring. There are many color choices for the thermos that you choose, and you can put the company logo in the middle of the thermos. BestGiftHK is the best place to make custom gifts like thermos up set with printed logos, embroidery, and other printing options. BestGiftHK has long focused on making the best appreciation gifts for companies around the world. Tech bundle For tech lovers, you can provide several accessories and branded teaching gear to boost employees' performances. The box includes power bank, charging cable, wireless headset, wireless mouse, Bluetooth tracker, and any new technology that can help your employees' performance. Employees who have their work needs met using gadgets or work equipment will have higher productivity. Travel tech kit As a complement for tech lovers, the travel tech kit is pockets and straps to hold employees' entire arsenal of tech accessories like chargers, power banks, cords, and more. This gift is an ideal option for employees who are always ready to go anywhere with their gadget needs. This is a practical gift that can provide convenience for each of your employees, by collecting tech accessories in one place, without having to put them in their bags in a mess. Insulated lunch cooler bag Lunch bags are one of the items that employees often carry. By providing top-tier lunch bags, your employees will be enthusiastic to bring lunch and enjoy it together with their co-workers. The bag has a shoulder strap, insulated flap compartment, and is made of heavy-duty materials. The insulated lunch cooler bag has an elegant design, and can be used when commuting or traveling. Compact versatile backpack A compact versatile backpack will be the perfect gift for employees because it is suitable for all occasions. The backpack has a slim style with many features such as organization pockets, a dedicated laptop compartment to help employees keep their technology and gear in order. The sleek backpack can make your employees have a professional look and organize all their belongings neatly in one place. Activity tracker Choose a wristband that can be used to track distance moved, calories burned, and more. When employees use an activity tracker, they will be enthusiastic about training, exercising, and doing their best for their wellness. A simple wristband can make your employees more enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle, and they will feel happy because the office is thinking about the health of its employees. Smart indoor garden The smart indoor garden is suitable for people who love to cook, because it allows them to easily grow herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers in their home. The smart reservoir waters plants every three hours, and drains the excess to keep the roots stay moist. Some plants that can be used in this smart indoor garden are tomatoes, chili peppers, fresh herbs, etc. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser Enrich the employees' home with essential oils for relaxation. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser makes the room fresher with a natural scent, available with three mist settings, low-light indicator, timer setting, and auto shut-off. The relaxing mist can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, brings out the good in pure essential oil to make the room an aromatic environment. Any humidifier scents oil can be used. It's easy to use, just add water and aroma oil, within minutes the whole room will be filled with a mist of fragrance. A stylish hoodie Bring your employees a hoodie to keep them stylish when leaving the office. You can choose to give the company logo on the part of the hoodie, or leave it as a plain hoodie with a bright color. Choose a hoodie with good quality fabric, to give employees a fashion choice so they can be used for any occasion. BBQ appron and set Approns and gift sets are the best gifts to approach the holidays. Every employee certainly has a special moment to hold a BBQ party with friends or their family. The set includes approm, spatula, gloves, and other grill equipment. Give them a BBQ apron and set to make grilling fun and easy, very suitable for making their summer more delightful. Garden gift basket For employees who like gardening, you can give a gardener's super-basket filled with gloves, seeds, shears, books, shovel, and whatever is needed to start a little garden. Employees will love this gift for those who are always curious about gardening. Now, you give them the opportunity to give it a try. Virtual cooking class Give your employees time to study apart from office needs. Let them put on their aprons, enter their kitchen, and have cooking experience with a professionally-trained chef who will lead the group from preparation to making delicious dishes at their table. Employees will love to learn new things from professional chefs, it's fun and engaging activity in their kitchen, and doing something fun outside of work.   You can show your appreciation to employees by giving unique gifts in the form of experience or goods. Whatever unique gift for employees, make sure they can enjoy it and get the best quality or quantity. You can receive many benefits after you show your appreciation to them, because employees will have high morale and maintain their peak performances after being recognized and feel valued. Start giving unique gifts to employees to show your gratitude and foster a positive culture at the office.  
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11 Best Gift for Boss for Any Occassion

In a few days your boss will celebrate their day, whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or holding a party for their family. But the question is what is the right gift for your boss? Does it need to be luxurious? Should you get something personal or practical? You might be asking about gift for boss starting from how to choose them to the best way to give them. We have summarized several gift ideas and several things you need to know about gifts for your boss. Is it ethical to give your boss a gift? We should know that giving gifts to bosses must be on special occasions, does not violate company rules, and is not considered bribery. The rule of thumb about workplace gift giving is that gifts should not flow upward but flow down the supervisory reporting line. Giving gifts to your superior can lead to a lot of speculation, and if you do it wrong, you can encounter awkward workplace dynamics like favoritism and harassment. Is giving your boss a gift a great idea? Yes, it's a great idea to show your boss how much you value them, and understand their special occasion. Some of the reasons you have to choose the right gift for your boss are spark memories and conversations, make the boss feel valued, and strengthen relationships with your boss. A Gift for boss cannot be chosen carelessly. Let's see what gifts are suitable for your boss. 11 best gift for boss for any occassion Choose the best gift for boss ideas below, starting from personalized gifts, useful, memorable, to gifts that your boss won't forget. Desktop vacuum A boss or manager is someone who likes to keep his work space clean so that it always looks professional. A handy desktop vacuum will be useful for the boss' desk when you want to clean everything from their keyboard, to the corner of their desk. Your boss will not hesitate to organize their desk even after eating their snack, because it will be easy to clean the desk area with a desktop vacuum. Premium leather cable organizer One more thing that can organize the boss' deck more neatly, by arranging the cables in a special place. A little satchel will hold all your cords and fold them into a ready-to-pack bunch. For someone who likes to organize their things neatly on their desk, then this premium leather cable organizer will be suitable for them. There are many cords that can be on your boss's desk, such as chargers, headsets, USB for power banks, or other cables. With this wrap, carrying the cable anywhere will not be a big problem and it looks stylish because of the shades of premium leather. High quality duffel bag A duffel bag is suitable for carrying lots of items during a weekend gateway trip for their special occasion. There are duffel bag options that you can choose from, made from cotton or leather. Your boss will love it because of the good quality of the duffel bag, starting from durability to resisting wind, rain and other elements. This bag has two handles or adjustable shoulder traps to suit the way your boss wants to carry his bag. Gift set hamper The gift set hamper is a suitable gift for your boss when you attend their invitation. There are many choices of hamper gift sets that can be chosen according to special events such as mid-autumn gift sets, Chinese New Year gift sets, Christmas gift sets, etc. The hamper can contain everything from wine, champagne, fruits, cakes, chocolates, and other sweets. BestgiftHK is the best place to look for gift set hampers for any occasion, with guaranteed 100% satisfaction and excellent product quality. You can put a company logo if you want to give a gift as a team, and as a symbol that your team also wants to give the best to their boss. Magnetic wireless charging station Almost every boss chooses more than one gadget. Giving a magnetic wireless charging station is a useful gift to make it easier for your boss to charge their devices at the same time. The multi-device charging station can be used for your AirPods, phone, or Apple Watch. The charging station eliminates extra cords and plugs, and allows charging in a hotel room, car, or in a plane. Dart Board Cabinet Set Dart boards can be a new hobby for your boss, you can put them in the office or at home. It's a great way to practice targets while filling their free time. Darts can be a new hobby because it requires practice to be able to throw to the red dot, and can be played with friends. The dart board cabinet is complete with instructions, steel tip darts, metal ring, and has a complete set with brackets, bumbers, and bolts. Professional cocktail maker The professional cocktail maker is the best gift for your boss that can turn any space into a bar. Your boss can make premium cocktails with no training needed. The simple cocktail creation feature will make it easier for users to insert a capsule, place a glass, and choose how strong the mocktail flavor is. The process of making the perfect cocktail only takes seconds. Let your boss craft and serve multiple cocktails with their own creations. No need for formal training and the drink tates like a professional made it. Wireless noise-cancelling earbuds For bosses who want to focus on what they are doing, such as consecutive zoom meetings or while working out at the gym, the noise-cancelling earbuds can be a perfect gift to give. The wireless earbuds are more comfortable to use with clearer sound results, and you can hear music or any sound clearly. The elegant design of the earbuds makes your boss want to wear earbuds wherever they go. Automatic stainless steel watch A boss will look more classy and elegant when war a good watch to work. The automatic stainless steel watch is functional, stylish, and premium enough for their style. It's a good choice for those of you who want to give high-end gifts to your boss. Insulated stainless steel mug The travel mug or vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug can keep drinks warm during long meetings or on their morning commute. Your boss will feel comfortable with their coffee or tea which can be kept warm until they reach the office, no need to feel sorry because they often forget the drink they made, but it is no longer warm because it is exposed to room temperature. The stainless steel material makes this mug last for a long time. Mini fridge The mini fridge can be placed in the boss's room, give your boss a surprise with a mini fridge that can store fruit, snacks and their favorite drinks. Your boss will feel helped by having a mini fridge in their room. Let your boss have their energy drink or soda and it's always cold. The mini fridge is a suitable gift for summer, because cold drinks will be more delicious during hot weather during working hours. 12 Best Promotion Gifts to Congratulate Colleague's Success That's all about a gift for boss with several reasons why you need to give the best gift. Choosing a gift cannot be haphazard, especially when you want to give a gift to your boss. Don't forget to know the rules for giving gifts while at the office, or you can find another time to give them directly to your boss outside the office.  
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11 Best Luxury Corporate Gifts for VIP Clients and Customers

Every company has relationships with clients, vendors, customers and industry contacts. Business will progress further if the relationship between the company and clients, customers and vendors are good. But how to maintain relationships with them so that the business continues to progress? One of them is by giving luxury corporate gifts. Luxury gifts are necessary to build relationships between your organization and individuals or groups, as a sign that you are grateful for working with them and want to give the best to maintain good relations with them. We have compiled a list of luxury corporate gift ideas, so you don't need to bother looking for them on the internet, and wrap it up in here. Let's check it out. Do corporate gifts need to be luxury? Corporate gifts don't have to be luxury, but they are necessary for special occasions or certain people. For example, if you want to give gifts to high-end clients, big vendors, or loyal customers, you cannot give regular gifts. Luxury corporate gifts will demonstrate your company's value and your genuine appreciation to the recipient. Organizations or individuals who have worked with you for a long time certainly need to give the best gifts. That's why corporate gifts don't have to be luxurious, but necessary for the conditions, time, and to whom we want to give them. What are the corporate gifting trends? If you want to give the best corporate gifts, you need to learn about exciting trends for corporate gifting. There are 3 trends that you can use as a reference to impress clients, vendors and loyal customers. Personalization Personalized gifts are designed specifically for the recipient by providing their name, date, special event, quotes, or special message. The gift is usually something chosen according to the recipient's interests. You can't just choose personalized gifts because you have to understand the characteristics and preferences of the recipient. Sustainability A sustainable corporate gifting trend means choosing products with biodegradable ingredients, compostable, plant-based materials, or recycled packaging. Products are reusable to echo business sustainability, avoiding single-use items and items that are difficult to decompose. Wellness Wellness has a wider selection, starting from products, classes, or membership. You can choose items such as aromatherapy, exercise products, self-care gifts, meditation courses, gifts for good mental health, and physical practices. 11 best luxury corporate gifts for VIP clients and customers You might be wondering if luxury gifts will cost you a lot. But it's worth giving to VIP clients, loyal customers, and high vendors to show your loyalty and make a great impression on them. Bose Pro Speakers Bose is a famous sound product with the best sound quality of its products. The Bose pro speakers present a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a PA system. You can play music, amplify instruments, plug in a microphone, or other sound needs. Recipients can use Bose pro speakers for office functions, personal needs, or both. The speaker is highly portable because it has a lightweight model and includes a handle. You can use it for more than 11 hours before it needs charging. Custom jackets and outerwear If you are thinking about high end corporate apparel, you can choose custom jackets and outerwear to be the luxury corporate gift. Add your company logo on branded jackets as a perfect way for brand awareness and bringing the best thing to recipients as the end of the year approaches when temperatures are low because of winter season. Hoodies or sweaters are also outerwear with breathable quality, excellent for active workouts, still providing great warmth in cold weather. Choose a special place that accepts custom jackets and hoodie printing orders with the best quality for company logo and products' durability. Personalized luggage and travel bags VIP clients and vendors require a lot of traveling for business or personal activities. Personalized luggage and travel bags will be a perfect gift for them, because they can provide a lot of space for their belongings and can be useful for years of travel. You can customize the selection by embroidering your company logo on the front, or adding a luggage tag with the logo for a more obvious look. Luxury fountain pen There's a lot of fountain pen brands that you can choose from, such as Montblanc, LAMY, TWSBI, Pilot, etc. Fountain pens are one of the luxury corporation gifts because they can be used for business purposes such as signing contracts, personal signatures, or writing important things during business matters. The sleek black design and the beautiful shape make this fountain pen the choice of many people to give to VIP clients. If you can choose the engraving option, personalize the pen with your logo so that the client thinks of your company every time they sign important documents. Espresso machine sets Espresso lovers will love this gift set. Illy X1 iperEspresso machine including 2 cans of espresso and cappuccino cups is an outstanding gift for coffee lovers. The machine prepares barista quality espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and latte in an easy way. Choose several colors between black, red, steel, and almond as the perfect synthesis of technology and beauty. Personalized fan gear from their favorite team Some people love sports and support their favorite teams and have various kinds of merchandise. We can provide fully-personalized jerseys by adding their name to the authentic jersey. The recipient can wear it during sports events or for any occasion. Choose a custom jersey with the best quality so that it lasts for a long time. Necktie gift set If the person you want to give it to often wears a suit and tie, give them a necktie gift set as a perfect appreciation gift. A suit with a tie is the best combination for VIP clients who like a neat and elegant look. Add to their collection with matching neckties and pocket squares in various color choices, add tie clips and cufflinks to add elegant looks and make the recipient extra stylish. Self-heating mug A mug with a temperature warming feature to keep the drink warm for whenever the recipient drinks it. We all know coffee and tea are daily base drinks in the corporate world. Self-heating mugs are popular corporate gifts nowadays because they can be used at home or in the office, keeping drinks warm even though many people will forget their drinks because of work. Keep your drink at best coffee temperature and it can last for the next few hours. Formula racing car driving experience Choose the car driving experience formula as the best experience gift you'll ever give. Leaen how to drive a professional Formula racing car can be everyone's dream, especially for thrill-seekers and car enthusiasts. Driving on a race track will provide excitement and adrenaline pumping, making it a memorable experience that will never be forgotten. Under the guidance of professional race instructors, recipients will get a full day of speed and action. Tickets to a show or a concert Tickets to attend a concert with the recipient's favorite band will be a priceless gift to have. There are always many choices for coming to a show or concert with important clients, loyal customers, or business partners. Choose the best seat for you and the gift recipient, you can choose the front seat or the middle seat for the better view. Festival gift set Do you want to give festival gift sets to VIP clients or business partners? Choose according to the festival you will celebrate, such as Mid-autumn festival or Christmas. Choose the gift set starting from Champagne with fruits, wine with sweet goodies like honey, chocolate, high quality imported nuts, and clocks. Add a beautiful gift box with your logo, custom handwritten card with a heart to show that you appreciate a good business with them. Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Gift BestGiftHK is the best place to get custom gift sets for VIP clients and business partners, giving you the best gift with the best quality products. Bestgift HK has been focusing on corporate gift customization and production services for more than 20 years. Get your best place to give unforgettable and meaningful corporate gifts.
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11 Best Corporate Gifts Ideas For Employees

Corporate gifting is one way to advance your company when you want to give it to clients, employees, or potential clients to foster business relationships. But did you know that corporate gifting is rapidly changing? Because every company needs to become more relatable, approachable and reachable by providing corporation gifts and getting a good impact on future business. In order not to choose the wrong gift that you will give, you need to know about corporate gifts ideas. Putting a company logo on cheap promotional items will not be enough to attract the attention of potential clients or employees. It's all about personal, strategic, and being intentional. If you choose correctly, corporate gifts leave great impressions with employees, prospects or clients that can drive to positive response. It will lead to business growth and company success. What Makes a Good Corporate Gift? A good corporate gift will cause a positive response from the recipient. No matter who the recipient is, a gift can produce positive results to take the next step in a business relationship. Give a meaningful gift that can be personal and intentional. Choosing a corporate gift is not just choosing random items, but choosing a highly functional, customized, and valuable item. Corporate gifts ideas are a collection of items that illustrate how much you care about employees, prospects and clients and show your gratitude for the business that is already running. Tips to get the best corporate gift Choosing a gift cannot be done carelessly. You have to look at who you give it to. Think about the best way to give a gift, and choose as you feel that you are happy when you receive the item you are going to give. First, presentation matters. Don't underestimate the impact of gift presentation. Even though the item you are giving is ordinary, if you wrap it uniquely and neatly, while giving a thank you note, then this ordinary gift will have a luxurious impression. Second, be considerate. You have to understand what the recipient wants, and whether they are able to accept a particular gift. For example, if you want to give food treats, ask whether they have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Food no matter how expensive or fancy will be wasted if the recipient cannot enjoy it. Third, think quality over quantity. One useful, high-quality item will provide a much higher value than many low-quality items. In addition, your gift is a picture of your company. Of course, you don't want to be considered a cheap company because the goods you provide are fake or don't last long. 11 best corporate gifts ideas for employees After considering giving the best to prospects and clients, it's time for us to provide a list of the best corporate gifts ideas for employees. Customized tech items For recipients who like new technology, give some tech items of the best quality to make it easier for them in their work or activities at home. Give wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, power banks, earbuds, or wireless mouse for their convenience in working. If the employees has a lot of gadgets, you can provide a wireless charging pad. You can charge multiple devices that can hit the right marks. Whatever the technology, try to understand the recipient's needs and provide the best quality items that you can choose. Branded tech items can be a thoughtful corporate gift for clients who do remote work or in the office. Right now, many branded items can offer tech items that can be customized by placing your company logo. Company jackets Company jackets are a fun way to be a gift while activating your brand. Choose jackets with hoodies or casual jackets that employees can use when they go anywhere. Choose a standard color like black or white, so you can easily put the company logo on the front or back of the jacket. Branded jackets can form a connection with employees and foster appreciation. Consider custom the jackets with employee's nickname as identification or for a personalized gift. Food gifts Food gifts are an effective way to get employee's attention and a lasting impression for you. You can give regular free food every few days, or give hampers with food and treats to be sent to employees' homes. You can give it on special occasions, for example when an employee reaches certain milestones or he becomes employee of the month. Every employee loves foods, and you can ask them what their favorite food is before you give it as a gift. Drinkware Drinkware is an item that is often used by wheter employees in the office or when traveling. You can customize the drinkware to include a company logo. Today, there are many drinkware that can keep drinks cold or hot with a set temperature. You can also provide the best quality tumblers to ensure your employees stay hydrated and stay focused on their work. Insulated coolers and food containers Food containers and insulated coolers are popular trends that we often see in workplaces today. Food containers make it easier for workers to prioritize bringing their supplies so they can eat the food they make themselves, and keep their food ready to eat when they go on picnics or meetings outside the office. Clothing There are many choices of clothing that you can give as gifts such as T-shirts, caps, masks, or sweaters. If winter has entered, you can choose to give a sweater to provide great warmth. Make sure you choose special materials for proper warmth and size options that are suitable for the recipient. Choose clothing with chunky and stylish designs for many different occasions and seasons. Backpacks Bags or backpacks are useful and versatile corporation gift ideas for employees, and you can pair them with some other gift ideas to create a gift package. You can put the company logo in the middle of the backpack for your brand awareness. Choose a backpack that is durable enough for activities like hiking and camping, but with special space for work items such as laptops and stationery. Custom blankets Choose a gift that can give you comfort at home, such as custom blankets. This is a versatile and thoughtful gift because you can choose it with bold designs, made from premium materials to provide warmth and comfort when the recipient is in their TV room and enjoying the show. Homewares Small gifts for the house can provide comfort for your employees. You can provide air humidifiers, scent candles, pegboards, toasters, and any useful gifts for your employees. By providing several items that can be used at home, your employees will feel they are cared for. Mini desktop vacuum cleaner A mini desktop vacuum cleaner is a hot product for corporation gifts, because your employees will often use it to clean various parts of their desks, especially for laptops or table edges. The mini vacuum cleaner is suitable for flat surfaces and can be used to clean keyboards . You can charge the vacuum cleaner using USB, easy to use, and keep the work or home desks dust-free and clean. Gift set A custom gift set is a combination of any number of great items, customize it with your company logo, and package the items in a box to be sent directly to the employees' house. Gift sets are often given for special occasions such as birthdays, festivals, work anniversaries, promotions, or retirement. You can choose to give a hamper, office gift set, or adapt it to the event you are celebrating. The Importance Of Corporate Gifting Now you have corporate gifts ideas, but how can you put your logo on the items you are going to give? BestGiftHK is the best place for you to make customized gifts or personalized gifts. You can get quality items from BestGift HK, because we have been making the best for more than 20 years for any occasions and any customers around the world. There are more than 80% of customers who return orders for our professional services in customized production services for corporate gifts. Be our beloved customers and get the best quality products and rich categories for corporate gifts.