Gifts For Team Members

15 Fresh Gifts For Team Members Ideas to Impress Them

Being a team leader is something fun because you can collaborate with team members, share knowledge and experience, and achieve goals together. Sometimes when our team shows good performance, we want to congratulate our team and think about gifts for team members. Giving gifts is one step to celebrate the team's hard work and show your appreciation. We have summarized many gifts that are suitable for team members. Whether you want to choose it for a special occasion or when your team is celebrating something, our gift selection can help you.

What is a unique contribution to the team?

The concept of unique contribution is how you as a team leader identify a person's value. You can identify team members' knowledge, unique experience, passion, relationships, talents, skills and interpersonal abilities. After identifying what your team has, you can align it with your team so that they can achieve the same goal. Don't forget your contribution as a leader by recognizing your team members' hard work and giving them what they deserve.

How do you support a team member?

As a leader, providing support to team members is the main obligation. You can provide support in terms of communication, providing time or knowledge for them to learn more, encouraging coworkers to bring out their best potential, offering praise and feedback, recognizing whatever they do. Every team member wants their voice to be heard, their ideas discussed at meetings, and they want to feel valued. A team leader who successfully provides support to his team will significantly foster a sense of solidity and successful team performance.

Is giving gifts good for the team?

Yes, it's good for the team. Meaningful gifts can make employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated. You can improve the performance of team members and their collaboration skills after receiving a gift, because they feel proud and take part in the progress of the team. Gifts for team members is a mutually beneficial scenario, because you give to team members according to their performance, and team members who are satisfied with gifts from you will improve their performance and try to work the best for the team.

15 best gifts for team members to impress them

Are you ready to see some fun and unique gifts for team members? Let's start to choose the best gift for your best team performances.

  1. Mini arcade game machine

A mini arcade game machine is a vintage and retro item, making team members reminisce about their childhood. Surprise your team with this fun gift idea, because the mini arcade game machine can be played in your free time, during work breaks, or in pass time between meetings. Sometimes you can make challenges such as who is the winner of an arcade game to get additional prizes.

  1. Personalized drinkware

Drinkware such as mugs, bottles, or tumblers are a daily rehydration requirement for employees. There's a lot of options if you choose drinkware as a gift set, because you can choose between tea cup, ceramic mug, coffee or tea mug, thermos cup set, water cup glass, etc. What's interesting about this gift is that you can customize it with the recipient's name or company logo. Choose the best quality drinkware, then customize it on the BestGiftHK website.

Gifts For Team Members

You can choose drinkware that is suitable for team members, between bulk orders or you can choose different drinkware for each employee. The results of the printing will adapt to the material so that the logo will last for a long time. BestGiftHK is a specialist in making corporate gifts for any occasion, and accepts orders for customers all over the world.

  1. Throw blanket

If cold weather has entered, it's time to provide team members with something cozy while they work, such as a throw blanket. Get a throw blanket that is the right size for back support, comfort when sitting, or when resting. Choose a blanket design that is fun and bold, or choose material that you can custom print with your brand for another way to introduce your brand every time the blanket is used by team members.

  1. Indoor gardening kit

Sometimes every worker wants to have special time for gardening. By giving indoor gardening kits to team members, you can give them the opportunity to grow their own plants and flowers and place them near their work desks. Send your teammates a gardening kit if they want to grow a mini garden at home or near their work desk.

  1. Online class

A good team leader will give teammates the opportunity to learn new things or give them the opportunity to continue their studies. To ensure team members can always deliver benefits, provide online classes or courses according to their field, or of their own choice. Give special time for each individual to explain what new knowledge they have gained after some time, so that a team can benefit from what they learn, put it into practice directly at work, and share the knowledge with their teammates.

  1. Yoga mat

Invite your team to care about their wellness by providing yoga mats. Create a special day to do yoga together with team members, so that yoga accessories and mats can be used regularly. You can do it virtually or directly in the office if there is enough space. Yoga is an activity that can be used for relaxation, as well as for body fitness.

  1. Essential oil diffuser

The essential oil diffuser is a relaxation tool for team members who want to relax at home while enjoying the aesthetic mist around them. Choose several different essential oils for team members, and let them try according to their own tastes.

  1. Team photo jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are fun and interactive gifts. But what is more interesting is the customized jigsaw puzzle with team photos. When team members complete the puzzle, they can save it to decorate their home or work desk. This is a fun and quirky item that you can give to team members and as a memento that they were on a solid team.

  1. Fitness tracker

Another wellness gift for team members for someone who wants to prioritize their health. Fitness tracker is suitable for employees who want to lose weight, have a fitter body, and increase stamina by keeping track on their fitness goals. Give each team member a challenge to do fitness simultaneously, or for a specific goal such as jogging once a week, cardio for 1 hour, or cycling for 20 minutes.

  1. Scented candles

Like an oil diffuser, scented candles can be a tool to relax and unwind any tension after working hard in the office. Send several scented candles to team members of your choice, according to the characteristics of each individual. Each scented candle can be a mainstay for employees to spend their free time more relaxed while reading books or watching movies.

  1. Noise-canceling headphones

Sometimes team members can lose focus when there is noise around their work space. Give a useful gift in the form of headphones with clear sound quality that can eliminate any noise around them. While good quality headphones have a fairly high price, they are worth it to provide a better experience to employees to increase their productivity.

  1. Candy hamper

Sweet tooths will love this gift. Candy has always been a mainstay for those who like something sweet. You can provide several choices such as sweet snacks, marshmallows, cupcakes, candy, dark chocolate, and more treats for them to eat at home or at the office. A simple gift like a candy hamper can be delightful for the recipient, because they get something they like and can enjoy while they work.

  1. Board games

Sometimes we don't realize that our team has been in front of the computer too much or meeting in front of clients. Give team members relaxing time, and prepare board games for them while they relax and enjoy some downtime. Choose some board games that many people enjoy playing, such as Werewolf, Chinatown, Monopoly, etc.

  1. Mini desk fan

Sometimes there are days that are hotter than usual. Especially if your office is not provided with AC, and only one or two fans in the work area. A mini desk fan can be useful for team members to enjoy the cool breeze on a hot day, to stay focused on work while enjoying the coolness of the work space. Overheated employees can reduce productivity, so you need a mini desk fan to help your team every hot summer.

  1. Single serve coffee maker

The mainstay of coffee lovers is being able to make coffee in the morning before starting their work. The single serve coffee maker can allow your employees to brew up their favorite coffee, instead of having to spend money daily for their coffee. Team members' productivity will increase when you provide special facilities such as a coffee maker.

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The success of the team depends on how the leader recognizes and appreciates the performance of the team members. Celebrate the team's success and give a suitable gift according to their hard work. Giving gifts will be a good turning point for you, because team members will feel satisfied with the team's achievements and try to remain solid to achieve the next goal.