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15 Best Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Closest Friends

After several years of being in and out of classes, completing any assignments and chasing professors for theses, your best friend or family member has finally finished their studies. It's time to celebrate their graduation day! As the closest person, you need to show pride in their efforts to get to this point, while wishing you best for their next step. But are congratulatory messages alone enough? Certainly not. In this article we will provide a list of the best graduation gift ideas you can get for the people closest to you when celebrating their best achievement.

Is it traditional to give a graduation gift?

The tradition of giving gifts after graduation seems to have originated in America, to congratulate high school students and as a signal for them to start a new chapter of their life. Starting from the family who always supports the steps of their family members to complete their education, to their closest friends as a feeling of pride that their best friend has moved on to the next step of their life.

Is it rude to not give a graduation gift?

You don't have to give a gift, but you can give one if you want. If you are invited to a graduation party by your friend, it's an etiquette myth that you need to send a gift or note of congratulations. Giving a gift or not also depends on how close you are to the graduate, the closer you are, the more you want to think about graduation gift ideas and choose the best one.

Is it rude to not get a graduation gift?

It's rude to request a gift for yourself, whether you're throwing a graduation party or not. Let the people closest to you choose for themselves whether to give a gift or not. You shouldn't expect any gift from anyone, but there's no harm in accepting what they give.

15 best graduation gift ideas for your best friend

Here are some graduation gift ideas for those closest to you by giving thoughtful and meaningful gifts that will always be remembered by the recipient.

  1. Personalized graduation trophy

A trophy is a symbol for certain achievements such as winning, or being the best at one thing. By giving personalized trophies to graduates, they will feel proud of what they have achieved and been able to get to this point. What makes this gift special is that you can engrave your design in the middle of the trophy with the graduate's name, best wishes, or their photo.

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  1. Customized illustration

Graduation is a once in a life time moment. Give the people closest to you an illustration of themselves in their graduation ceremony, holding their diploma. You can choose several styles for the illustration, whether you want cartoonish, realistic, or another style. Choose a suitable frame to give an elegant impression to the illustration.

  1. Tea lover package

For graduates who like drinking tea to accompany their study time or during their free time, give a tea package with several kinds of tea to brew, plus flower buds and rose petals to make the tea even more flavorful. You can send a package with a tea pot and cup, as a special gift for those who are tea lovers.

  1. Personalized Coffee Mugs

A custom coffee mugs can be used for morning coffee that helps them carry out activities in the morning. These coffee mugs are special because they can be designed with a photo, monogram, or favorite quote for a high school or college graduation gift. This will be memorable because it is dedicated to remembering when they graduated.

  1. Tote bag

Tote bags are the perfect gift for those who are always ready to travel and store all their most essential items. The tote bag can match all styles of clothes, and is more comfortable for carrying travel needs such as to a cafe, library or office. Personalize this tote bag to give them a memorable touch as they complete a step in their life.

  1. Photo book

The graduation photo book is a sentimental and heartwarming gift for your best friend. Customize a photo book when you come to their graduation event, some school groups, extracurriculars, and some special moments on campus. All the memories are collected into one album, and with the graduate's photo as the cover.

  1. A box full of sweet treats

Does your best friend have a sweet tooth? This box of sweet treats will be a great choice for them. Chocolates, candy bears, cookies, and several other treats in one box along with your congratulatory note for their success in completing the study. Chocolate and sweet treats are always appreciated, because they are favorite light foods for many people.

  1. Self-care package

After weeks or months of pushing through assessments and graduation assignments, it's time to give our best friend a self-pampering and caring package for their graduation gift. Give scented candles, relaxing bath salts, essential oils and tea for their best relaxation of the year.

  1. Good night sleep package

If your best friend has lost a lot of time for a good night's sleep, give them some relaxation equipment while sleeping for their comfort, such as a facial mask, eye mask, comfort pillow, blanket, or some organic candles. Let your best friend enjoy the beauty of a good night's sleep without having to think about assignments.

  1. Board games

Providing board games to graduates will give them the opportunity to get to know new friends by doing something fun. Board games can help ease the awkwardness and connect graduates with new friends at a new workplace or while in a college dorm.

  1. Good quality headphones

A good quality headphones are a must-have gadget for graduates. When studying in a noisy public or at a cafe, they need headphones that can eliminate noise and focus more on what they are studying. Choose headphones in the recipient's favorite color as a sign that you think about what they need and what they like.

  1. Suitcase

A suitcase is needed by graduates if they are going somewhere to apply for a job, go to a college dorm, or fly to a new country during their gap year. The suitcase will help them to keep tolets, clothes, and other personal items organized.

  1. Mini refrigerator

Sometimes graduates who live alone to continue their education or work only have limited space and lack kitchen appliances. A mini refrigerator will be really needed to store any soft drinks, leftover food, and perishable groceries. This gift will be very special because it allows graduates not to think about rental fees and have a mini refrigerator in their room.

  1. An instant camera upgrade

If your best friend likes taking instant photos, give him an instant film camera that can print out photos from their phone via Bluetooth. Choose a camera with a good lens, so your best friend will never miss their shot at a great scenery.

  1. A minimalist backpack

Backpacks will always be used by graduates for their future travels or commutes. Apart from being trendy, backpacks are super comfortable to carry, with optimal storage for carrying items for studying or working.

The Best Graduation Gift Ideas in 2023 - Best Gift Hong Kong

We must give someone who is celebrating graduation the highest appreciation with a graduation gift. We show our pride in their graduation, and hope that whatever their next steps will bring good things to their lives.