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15 Top Valentine's day gift ideas for everyone on your list

It doesn't feel like Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Now, it's time for us to plan your presents for everyone on your list, such as partners, lovers, best friends, coworkers, or anyone you are close to. There are certainly a lot of gift choices nowadays, and they can be overwhelming if you look for them from scratch. That's why we have summarized for you some of the best Valentine's gifts for you, starting from a selection of items that can be purchased directly, or you can customize it and make it personalized to give a more special impression.

How can I make Valentine's Day special?

Valentine's Day is the right time to show your love for the people closest to you. You can start choosing a Valentine's Day gift by adjusting your budget, inviting them to a romantic date, or expressing your love in a unique way. Whatever you do on Valentine's Day is more focused on bringing you closer to your partner, and giving them something memorable on this beautiful day.

Should I give a Valentine's Day gift?

Yes, make the day special by giving the best gift you can choose. Everyone on that day will express their love in their own way, and you can start by choosing the best gift according to the recipient's preferences, or you have done research first about what your partner needs or wants.

What is the most popular gift given for Valentine's Day?

The two most common gifts on Valentine's Day are flowers and chocolate. Many people choose one or both, as a characteristic of the minimum gift they can give. But gifts for Valentine's Day don't just stop at those two items, because you can look for other references according to your wishes.

15 top valentine's day gift ideas for everyone on your list

These are some of our best options for giving a surprise to your loved ones on Valentine's Day. Hope you can get it according to your budget, and still give a lasting impression to the recipient.

  1. Customized playing cards

Many people think that playing cards are not suitable as special gifts, because they are too simple and easy to get anywhere. But this could be a good idea if you can customize it by replacing the image in the middle of the playing cards with several photos of you and your partner. You can use 52 different photos to complete a pack of cards, so you can play cards with friends, while seeing memories on each card for every moment you have spent together.

  1. Acrylic song plaque

Every couple always has a special song that becomes an unforgettable memory. You can make it appear in the real world with a personalized acrylic song plaque with that memorable song and a photo of the two of you and your partner. The plaque can be mounted on a wooden stand to be placed in the living room or bedroom as a reminder of a song that you and your partner will never forget for the rest of your life.

  1. Knot ball pillow

The knotted pillow is a stylish, sustainable, and cute thing to have. The knot ball pillow comes in three sizes, you can adjust it to your partner's needs. The smallest size can be used as a stress ball, the medium and large size can be used as stress relief or for relaxing in the living room. There are many color choices that you can choose.

  1. Succulent heart mini pot

Flowers are a good gift for Valentine's Day, but they don't last more than a week. This is different from a succulent garden which can be cared for by your partner for a long time. What makes it more special is the heart-shaped pot to be a double surprise as a suitable gift to show your affection for your partner.

  1. Luxury make up case

Make up equipment is like life for ladies. Therefore, you can provide a luxury make up case to ensure their make up is in a safe place for storing their favorite cosmetics, a place for brushes, spacious space for powder and lipstick, and there is a mirror in the middle for making up whenever needed.

  1. Silk robes

Silk robes are a great Valentine's gift if you want something a little luxurious. The robes are smooth, can be used for sleeping, after bathing, or if your partner wants to wear something elegant but relaxed at home. Choose the recipient's favorite color and lightweight and breathable material. The silk robe can provide warmth in cooler temperatures, but is still perfect for warm weather.

  1. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are classic but timeless. The subtle and simplistic design is suitable for your partner to use when attending important events or for everyday use. Each recipient can pair the pearl earrings with high heels, a simple dress. The elegant looks will shine on your partners, making them more confident in their appearance.

  1. Customized water bottle

For couples who have a workout routine every morning and need a drinking bottle, a customized water bottle could be a suitable gift for Valentine's Day. You can make this gift even more special by choosing different patterns and colors, resistant to breakage, and can be designed according to your wishes. There are many types of water bottles for you to choose from, such as stainless steel, REPT, or silicone cups.

  1. Jewelry box

Every woman needs a special place for their jewelry. You can choose the right size for the jewelry box, depending on your partner's needs. Starting from portable jewelry boxes to large capacity, you can order them also made from good materials such as solid wood or acrylic. The added value of this gift is that it can be specially designed with a photo, name or logo that you like on the front or top of the jewelry box.

  1. Stationery set

For someone who likes reading and writing, you can gift a stationery set containing pens, notebooks, bookmarks, etc. Match the colors of all the items you give so that they are uniform and pleasing to the eye.

valentines day gift

There are various kinds of pens that you can give, such as special pens for writing diaries or pens for signing. For notebooks, you can choose a diary book, business writing book, article book, or meeting notebook. The many choices for stationery gifts give you the freedom to meet your partner's needs.

  1. Everywhere bag

This gift is called a everywhere bag because you can use it for travel or wherever you go. The elegant design and maximum function ensure that whatever items you carry are kept organized. Choose a travel bag with a large space, water-resistant, and designed with a trolley sleeve so that the recipient can carry it when traveling long distances and put it on top of their suitcase.

  1. Bamboo robe

Another comfortable to wear gift with stretch-knit bamboo-based fabric. This robe is breathable and will prevent the wearer from getting hot. The robe is also super soft and stretchy, making the wearer look elegant. There are other features such as pockets and attached belt for user comfort.

  1. Bathroom essentials

Bath accessories can be a great gift for Valentine's Day. You can elevate the recipient's bathroom experience by providing plush bath sheets with ultra-absorbent and soft touch. You can also provide bath bombs, bath foam, scented candles, and various soaps for relaxation which can turn your bathing experience into a dream spa.

  1. Essential oil diffuser

Let your partner get time to relax in peace by providing an essential oil diffuser. The diffuser will scent the recipient's house naturally with elegant design as a piece of decor. The oil diffuser can be used throughout the day to purify and moisturize the room. Now, your partner can get aromatherapy practice as long as they want.

  1. Wireless charging pad

Is your partner a tech lover? They will definitely like this gift. The wireless charging pad can be used to charge your phone, while keeping important items such as watches, keys, notes, or perfume in one place. This wireless charging pad is suitable for placing on entryway tables or bedside to easily organize accessories and charge devices.

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