Company Swag Ideas

5 Meaningful Company Swag Ideas for Employees

Companies will continue to look for creative ways to connect customers and employees to strengthen their brands. There are many strategies that can be done, one of which is relying on company swag. Especially for those of you who want to find ideas for branded client gifts, employee welcome packs, or employee apparel, you have come to the right place. We will discuss what you need to know about swag, and why swag can provide a connection between people and brands.

What company swag stands for?

For businesses, company swag means "Stuff We All Get", and some corporates refer to SWAG as "Souvenirs, Wearables, and Gifts". If your company has promotional items or branded merchandise, that product already includes swag because it has the company's logo or branding. Companies use corporate swag as a marketing strategy to create a positive company culture and increase brand awareness.

The words swag come from Scandinavia to the Jay-Z popularized term. Now, swag has become advertising and promotional products for companies that want to establish connections with employees, potential customers, and vendors. The influence of swag in the industrial world is not only brand identification, because it can drive more sales, expand market reach, and foster engagement and loyalty among stakeholders and clients.

Why is swag important for a company?

Corporate swag is important for companies because it is considered a good investment and good company culture. Company swag is a cool way to market your business. The many types of products you can choose from, the ease with which you can share them, and the many benefits you can get for the progress of your office, make corporate swag chosen as one of the main keys to marketing methods.

If you give branded merchandise to customers, you can boost brand loyalty. When you give physical products to customers that they can see and use, they will remember and use those products regularly in their daily lives. This will make customers more loyal to your brand and keep customers engaged in a different way.

Another big benefit is increasing exposure for your business. When there are customers or employees who use branded merchandise, your swag can be shared by them on social media, or used wherever they want. This is normal when you give someone free stuff, and they want to leave you positive reviews and thank-you's as their appreciation.

5 company swag ideas your team will love

Especially for companies that want to give swag to their team, we have prepared some of the best ideas for corporate swag to lead to good vibes and gratitude. No company wants a giant waste of money when preparing swag. Hopefully our guide can provide guidance on which products are suitable for giving a lasting impression to your team.

  1. Self-care products

Branded swag items like self-care products are great because they can give employees something they need at home or at their desk. There are many interesting product choices such as throw blankets, bar soap sets, bath bombs, scented candles, air humidifiers, USB fans, or lavender care kits. Self-care products will give employees the opportunity to release their stress, and help them to take care of their mental and physical health during busy moments at work.

  1. Eco-friendly products

More and more people want to care about the environment. Providing eco-friendly products as corporate swag is a win-win solution, because it helps you reduce waste of disposable products in the office, and makes employees happy because they can help be environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly products help employees' needs, as well as making them more comfortable choosing a green choice.

Some products to choose from are tote bags, reusable produce bags, water bottles, stainless steel straws, recycled activewear, and biodegradable items. Choose any product that can save the environment, and let the employees be part of it.

  1. Water bottles

Custom water bottles are the best choice to become a swag product these days. Many people use water bottles for their needs at the office, for exercise, or when traveling long distances. Everyone likes to have a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day. You can provide it with various styles and colors, and can match your company logo.

You can choose an insulated water bottle or RPET water bottle with a large capacity. The RPET water bottle is very suitable for taking to the office or exercise, while the insulated drink bottle keeps drinks warm or cold for up to 8 hours. Place the company logo in the middle of the water bottle with a matching color, to provide an elegant design as one of the must-have accessories.

  1. Portable chargers and power banks

The need for batteries for your gadgets is the main thing in your work or daily lifestyle. You can give your employees power banks or portable chargers to help stayed employees charged while traveling long distances or for office needs.

Company Swag Ideas

There are many choices of power banks that you can choose from, considering how much power they can hold. While portable chargers are needed to provide additional space for employees to charge their phones. You can provide wireless chargers with various material options such as straw, wood, mirror, or eco-friendly cork.

  1. Notebooks

This product is not a unique item, but is always needed by employees. You can ensure your employees always meet their writing needs, or track their to-dos. Even though there are gadgets, laptops or computers, people still love to keep notes. You can use notebooks as swag and choose a suitable color to put the company logo in the middle.

You can choose a hard cover, premium linen notebook, minimalism, or classical style. Provide matching pens or pencils, to give employees access to note down what they need.

15 Corporate Gifts Ideas For Employees They'll Love

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