Best care packages for employees

Best Care Packages for Employees and Business

Your employees have worked hard for the progress of the office, and it is time for you to appreciate them and show your gratitude when the company has developed rapidly. Of course you don't want to just give a lame thank you note via email or a piece of paper, right? Their hard work must be rewarded with a special gift from the office, where they have been through a rough year with you after all. Thinking about care packages for employees is one of the best ways to show you care, and make your team members feel irreplaceable and special.

What is a gift care package?

It's a gift containing many useful items, tailored to the recipient's needs, or something that can help the recipient while experiencing a difficult time, or for their health. Care packages for employees are specifically designed to show how you care for employees, know what they need, and show your gratitude after they show good performance at their work. There are many ranges of items that you can choose from, and try to ensure that the package you choose will be meaningful and useful to the recipient.

What is usually in a care package?

A thoughtful care package for employees can be divided into several categories, such as: specific requests, drinkware, clothing, hygiene items, stationery, tech accessories, personalized items, or homeware. The package contains more than one item, and is equipped with a thank you note to indicate what you want to convey to each individual, along with their achievements.

care packages for employees

Before you choose a care package, you can adjust it to employee needs, starting from what they need in the office or at home. The more specifically you can meet employee needs, the more confident they will be that every work they do is noticed and will get the results they deserve.

5 best care packages for employees and business

We have prepared several ideas for care packages for employees, according to their categories. You can combine several items into one package, or personalized items in one package.

  1. Work from home box

The corporate gift box for working from home can contain whatever your employees need to make it easier to do things at home. You can give notebooks, pens, mouse pads, wireless mice, file organizers, noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, etc. Adjust it to your employees' work at home, because whatever they do can be more effective and have good results after you provide a care package. Adjust it to your employee's job desk, and don't forget to personalize each item with the company logo in the middle, so that your employees recognize that you are the gift giver.

Why this package is good? Because the needs of every employee at home will be met, and employees feel proud because they still get facilities from the office even though they work remotely.

  1. Self-care package

You can give a box containing anything related to relaxation, let your employees unwind and pamper themselves. You can give skincare, fuzzy throw blanks, bath bombs, scented candles, night and day cream, lip balm, fuzzy socks for warmth while in the room or anything to nourish their skin. In addition, you can provide books about self-development and tea selection as a complement to every relaxation that employees take.

This package is good for employees who have worked hard all day, and want me-time at home with relaxing aromas and make their body comfortable. Giving your employees the opportunity to relax doesn't need to be expensive, because you can include home spa equipment in the package.

  1. Tech lovers box

Especially for employees who like technology, you can provide tech accessories with new gadgets, or anything that can support employee performance. There are many tech options that you can choose from, such as Power Bank, wireless mouse, Bluetooth headphones, Air tags, USB fan, instant camera, wireless charger, etc. Every new technology is acceptable, and let your employees have something new in trend, and can improve their work performance.

Personalize the tech accessories, so you can introduce your brand when your employees use their gadgets outside the home.

  1. Winter celebration

Before the holidays or time for remote work, pamper your employees with winter celebration boxes. This gift idea is to give something that can suit the recipient's needs during winter. You can provide jackets, sweaters, scarves, socks, throw blankets, and anything to keep employees warm and comfortable throughout the chilly season. They can use this fun care package whenever they want, and your employees will feel proud of their office which takes care of its employees' needs even in cold weather.

Add the box with several items such as a stainless steel mug for their warm drinks, and a scented candle to set the mug. Don't forget to include several choices of chocolate to indulge in along with their hot beverage in a personalized mug.

  1. Eco-friendly care package

More and more people care about the environment, and you can give some eco-friendly items to show that you also care about this. Reusable water bottles, pencils, notebooks, tote bags, bamboo tooth brushes, are some of the items that can be chosen to be included in the eco-friendly care package. This way of life is very important, because we and our employees must protect our planet by making sustainable changes to the goods we use.

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For each package you choose, you need to put the company name or logo in the middle or front, so that it becomes brand awareness and also a symbol that you are the gift giver. You can order a care package or corporate gift at BestGiftHK, which has a decade of experience in making the best corporate gifts for promotion, promotion, advertising or gift needs. BestGiftHK has a large selection of products ranging from clothing, tech products, drinkware, homeware, stationery, and other items that you can see on our site. We are your direct factory partner for your gift and premium needs. Send us your logo and we will do the rest!