10 Coffee Shop Menu Items That Every Cafe Must Have

10 Coffee Shop Menu Items That Every Cafe Must Have

The main thought of every cafe owner is how to make customers happy. Hiring the best staff, designing the cafe space, coffee shop menu items, and a comfortable environment need to adapt to business needs and show the best for customers. If your coffee shop can't satisfy customers, or there are no customers who want to come back to enjoy your dishes, then your business should be re-examined what went wrong.

Simply, you need to get customer satisfaction to grow loyalty and successfully increase revenue because many new customers come.

The more new customers, the more diverse the possible orders they want. Although some loyal customers are loyal to a shot of espresso, other customers may want a specific type of latte or iced coffee with other beverages. That's why coffee shop menu ideas must align with what your customers want.

If you currently still have a limited coffee shop menu, there's no need to rush to take steps to add a menu without any research. Ensure your customers request new menus as suggestions, and you can prepare them according to expectations. Adding a menu must include inventory management, how your staff can prepare beverages, and customer satisfaction with the new menu.

Determining a balanced coffee menu can be challenging for a new coffee shop. To deal with this problem, we prepared 10 coffee shop menu items that every cafe must have.

  1. Espresso

Every coffee shop will have espresso as the main coffee café menu. It's a basic yet crucial beverage in every cafe, why? Because espresso shots are the most popular drinks and essential for coffee connoisseurs who want to feel a kick up with the right acidity. Espresso is the heart of the coffee shop.

Try looking for commercial-grade equipment to produce espresso quickly in minutes, and it will be worth it to cut the queue time. Remember to buy some great quality coffee beans for the widest range of espresso you offer.

  1. Iced Coffee

Customers also want cold brew despite hot brew these days. Besides being simple, iced coffee has its freshness yet is delicious. How to make iced coffee is not difficult, because it only requires simple equipment and basic skills from your staff. Iced coffee is a must-have one of the coffee shop menu ideas.

You can add variations to make your iced coffee have a distinctive taste. Don't forget to give your signature name as a sign that you can create a unique taste of iced coffee which is common in many cafes.

  1. Latte

Next is the menu that appears because of the espresso. You can't mention espresso without talking about the latte. Latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks and the best-selling choice that are always on the coffee shop menu suggestions.

Same with espresso, you can use commercial-grade equipment by creating unique recipes to make the latte you offer its uniqueness to your customers.

  1. Donuts
coffee shop menu

Coffee alone is not enough to start a sunny morning. With a coffee taste and a fairly high acidity, the right snack is a little bit sugary snack. It's the right time for donuts on one of the coffee café menus. You don't have to provide donuts with many flavors, because a simple donut with powdered sugar is enough to accompany every cup of coffee.

The fewer flavors of donuts you offer, the less it will cost to make them, and you ensure to balance the production costs if you want to make them in large quantities.

  1. Croissant

NExt popular snacks are croissants that become pleasant when served with coffee. Buttery pastry offers a signature flavor and texture that you can't find in other snacks. That's why croissants can be the main choice besides coffee for breakfast for customers.

But making croissants requires baking skills from your staff. You also have to have the appropriate equipment for that. The investment will be worth it because croissants are a popular snack in many circles.

  1. Bagels

While waiting for the coffee queue, which is like a train, customers can choose what snacks match their coffee of choice. What will emerge from the coffee cafe menu suggestions? Bagels are an interesting one.

Bagels are a portion of popular street food in the U.S. and become a perfect match when combined with espresso or latte. If you don't have the skills to produce bagels, you can take them from third-party vendors to get fresh bagels every morning.

  1. Cupcakes

Sometimes customers don't want breakfast with too many carbohydrates or calories. They just want a little snack that can fill their stomach without being full. Cupcakes are one of the coffee shop menu ideas that can be served with various toppings.

You can put some cupcakes on display to see how enthusiastic the customers are, and how many cupcakes are sold each day. Don't produce too much, produce it as if it's enough to save costs and see demand.

  1. Macarons

The sweet snack that is the target of the coffee shop menu is macarons. It's a colorful little snack that can attract customers from all walks of life as a companion to their coffee of choice. Macarons are light yet sugary snack that is very popular as much as a cupcake to satisfy the tongue after drinking acidic coffee.

Make macarons with three main flavors to see the interest of customers. If the three main flavors can attract a lot of customers, then you can ask customers what flavors they want on the menu.

  1. Breakfast pizza

Pizza can be a breakfast choice with toppings, such as sausages, bacon, eggs, and cheese as the main menu in addition to morning coffee. You don't need to serve a lot of slices, just serve a mini pizza and cut it into 4 according to the bite size.

  1. Breakfast Sandwich

Customers also want a breakfast menu that has a little vegetables in it. Sandwiches are a great choice because you can combine them with bacon, eggs, and vegetarian-friendly options. One sandwich can be the right choice while drinking coffee and ready to go through the day.

Overall, some of these coffee shop menu items can add to your options about what menu is best to give to your customers. Whatever menu you display, ensure each menu has a taste that gets customer satisfaction and gets positive feedback.

Put sugary snacks and breakfast menus near the coffee shop merchandise, so your customers can choose the right menu while they wait for the coffee queue to come to their table.