Public Holidays in Hong Kong That You Should Know

Public Holidays in Hong Kong That You Should Know

Hong Kong is one of the best places to live because there are big public holidays that have a long duration like two or three days.

Disneyland is one of the famous places to visit for tourist in Hong Kong. It is the smallest playground of Disney, since the biggest one is in Florida, United States. It’s one of destination to visit during public holidays!

If you live in the Hong Kong. Therefore, public holidays are one of the most important info to know. Because you can plan to maximize your rest or quality time for yourself or with your family.

There are currently 17 public holidays in Hong Kong. In the lunar new year and dragon boat festival, we get three days off which is long compared to many countries.

We also make labour day, Christmas (2 days of holidays), new year eve, and easter as public holidays.

In this article we will dig through about many public holidays in Hong Kong. Especially the worthy one to know! One of them is Lunar New Year.

Lunar new year


Lunar new year is a public holiday for most of East Asian country like China and Hong Kong. In 2022, Lunar new year in Hong Kong will take place at 1 February, 2022 until 3 February, 2022. Actually, Lunar New Year has the longest duration if you compare it with any public holidays in Hong Kong.

2.How do people celebrate the day?

Due to pandemic, people can’t go to crowded place. Instead, we can visit the temples, decorate our home, hold a feast and go for a walk or hike.

3. Sign

Each lunar new year is represented by animal sign. In 2021 the lunar new year is represented by Ox and next year by Tiger.

Every sign has its traditional attributes and associated elements. For instances, dragon represent energetic, fearless, warm-hearted, and charismatic traditional attributes and yin metal element. While ox represent patient, kind, stubborn, and conservative and yin earth element.

4. Pattern

There is pattern of signs each year. If this year is Yin Water, then next year is Yang Water. To be precise, the pattern is rabbit-tiger-ox-rat-pig-dog-rooster-monkey-goat-horse-snake-dragon.

5. Special rule for company

Any company that needs the worker to work at lunar new year must have alternative holiday for their worker within 60 days from lunar new year.

6. Tradition

In lunar new year, every married couple give their kids, relatives, or unmarried family some money. Also, in that day people forgive each other for bad deeds that they did in the past.

A big feast is a tradition too in lunar new year. Therefore, traditional foods like fish, dumplings, rice cakes, and rice bowls will present.

Dragon boat festival


This public holiday take place on June 14, 2021 and falls differently each year depending on the lunar year. These public holidays in Hong Kong have the longest duration besides Lunar New Year.

2.What does the people do on the festival?

In this public holiday, people of Hong Kong are racing with a boat. Therefore, in another words Tuen Ng Festival is dragon boat festival if you call it.


The festival has a long history. In the past, fisherman used to compete here. But, everyone can participate these days. In a source, they say this tradition came from a legend that Hong Kong people was seeking a body of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet. They have searched it with boat.

National holiday


People of Hong Kong celebrate a national holiday on October 1st every year.


We begin this holiday to celebrate the founding of the China Republic back in 1949. Mao Zedong is a big figure back then. Despite it is from 1949, on the other hand, the celebration is starting in 1997.

3.How the people celebrate the holiday

People usually celebrate it with fireworks, musical programs, flag-raising ceremonies, and horse racing. In the flag-raising ceremonies, they play Hong Kong’s national anthem.

4.Victoria harbor

Victoria harbor is the best spot to watch the national day’s celebration. In the other hand, due to covid-19 the firework celebration last year got cancelled.


Public holidays in the Hong Kong are one of the things that you should know. Because we have two to three days straight holidays.

You should maximize the public holidays to visit your family, reduce stress by doing quality time and get some rest!

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