Is It Safe to Label Your Products with “Best-Seller”?

Is It Safe to Label Your Products with “Best-Seller”?

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How many times we heard the word best-seller today? If you are a business owner, is it safe to label your products with best-seller? Why you should label your product with best seller?

Let’s discuss about this label. Best seller once popular for media or book which had been the best in selling status. Some even had been classified by their specialities like novel, non-fiction, and etc.). Labelling a book by best seller will attract more potential customer as it is usually being displayed on a special row.

Nowadays, with an easy access of online shopping, business owner will meet new competitor each day. There is almost no chance a product could not be duplicated or modified. It means, you have to be very creative and innovative to be able to create a unique product which will attract your potential customer. This best-seller label is now being used not only for books but also any other products to be sold by business owner, whether the product is physical or in service area.

Here we are now. Should we label our product as best seller product? How can we label the product? What kind of criteria it should have?

1.     Do it!

Do it. Label your product with best seller if you are sure enough that particular product is on top of its selling status. Remember, only label your number one most loved product. Customer won’t lie. They will carefully judge your product by its quality. So you have to be very careful with it.

This is also a great marketing strategy. Your potential customer will likely be drawn to your product once they saw the title. Not only boosting your sales on the particular product, you are also raising the chance of other products as well.

Using story telling which convince your potential customer is part of soft selling strategy. As many people are now thinking ahead and more cautious when business owner are selling their goods with hard selling method, direct sales is not preferable.

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Put best selling items on the front page. In this online shopping era, people’s shopping behaviour also changed a lot. Customer will likely not only buying one kind of product they like, but also looking for another product displayed on your store, whether it is online or offline.

2.     Using other magic word

Best seller is actually not the only magical word which will attract your customer. You can also use other words like 100% guaranteed, discount, or B1G1 (buy one get one). Insert these words to caption your product instead if you feel it is more suitable than labelling your product with best seller.

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Instead of thinking about what is the best, you can put your best seller items together to be picked and bought in bulk. Another method is inserting the word guaranteed in your caption. “One year guarantee” is good enough to attract your potential customer. Why? Because you are not only giving your best offer but also giving them a good after-sales service. It also showed them that your product is made in a premium quality that it can last at least one year.

3.     It is safe, or rather, encouraged

Yes, you’re right. Using those magical words for promoting your products is safe. Or should we say it, you are encouraged to use this strategy to boost your sales. This strategy is not something new, and following the trend is not something wrong either.

This is a great advantage you have to consider for your business. By using the words such as best seller, 100% guaranteed, discount, etc. you are not only saving more on promoting your products, but you can also monitoring which of the words bring you more customers.

So, the answer of the question “is it safe to label your product with best seller?” the answer is yes. As long as you are labelling your product based on what it is actually sold and reviewed by your customer, there is safe and you are actually encouraged to do this as a marketing strategy to boost your sales.

Business owners are sometimes forget about using the soft-selling tactics, when it is actually bringing you more profit than just a hard selling tactics. People don’t like to be pushed to buy something when they are still not sure about its quality. So, caption your products with promotional words that draw them to be curious about what you are selling.

So, which words will you use?