Graduation Party

The Best Graduation Party Checklist

We know that a graduation party is a celebration event as endings and beginnings for those celebrating. This will be a challenging if you are the one hosting that event. This is a bittersweet high school or college grads moment before everyone says goodbye to each other while looking forward to the next stage in their lives. Not only for graduates, but also for older guests, this event can be a reflection on the past, remembering youth, while sharing advice for youngsters. Will be a lot of emotions and encouragement for many people. With the importance of the event you are planning to hold, you need a graduation party checklist to ensure your party will provide a big sentimental sendoff that guests will remember forever.

What is the meaning of graduation party?

Graduation party is a celebration for graduates who successfully completed a course of study at university, college, or school and to mark the end of their academic journey. Typically a special person in the graduate's life such as a guardian or parent is going to host the party. Creating a party that is stunning and makes memories for its guests is a challenging thing, and you have to prepare a graduation party checklist well in advance.

How do graduation parties work?

A graduation party can be tailored to the wishes of the host, whether you want it to be formal or casual. Most graduation parties are held in an open house format. You can create a special theme or no theme, then to make the event more interesting, you have to prepare decorations, food, activities and entertainment that will make guests happy.

How formal is a graduation party?

Holding a graduation party doesn't have to involve formal things. You can make it according to your wishes or according to your honoree's wishes. Most graduation parties do not have a strict dress code, unlike graduation ceremonies. Every party needs to have a fun idea to celebrate, and if you want this party to have a formal feel, then you can make it semi-formal.

Best graduation party checklist

Graduation Party

Your graduates have fought hard for their degree. Now it's time to create a memorable party for them. As you know, the perfect party is challenging to create. But don't worry, because we have prepared a graduation party checklist for you to stay organized and throw the best graduation party so that the guests of honor feel the joy and proud of their accomplishments.

  • One month before the graduation party

[ ] Choose the best date, make sure every guest can attend, and it can be a different day from the graduation ceremony.

[ ] Invite friends and family members even if they live far away. Ask the graduate to invite their school or college friends, professors, or their teachers.

[ ] Choose the best photos of graduates to make party invitations.

[ ] Reserve catering company, party tents, customization gifts, and big activity pieces.

  • Three weeks before the graduation party

[ ] Prepare a grocery list for the food and drinks menu.

[ ] Prepare party stand outs such as napkins, coasters, plates, custom cups, etc.

[ ] Initial plan for the graduation party activity schedule if you want to make the party semi-formal.

  • Two weeks before the graduation party

[ ] Prepare a photo slideshow of the graduate and any activities while at school or university.

[ ] Prepare sound systems such as speakers, karaoke, and playlist.

[ ] Make a custom guest book for guests who come and sign it as a keepsake.

[ ] Give guests personalized gifts or custom gift tags.

[ ] Make sure whether you want to hire a master of ceremonies, or do it yourself.

  • One week before the graduation party

[ ] Prepare some ready-to-eat food such as frozen food or food that is easy to reheat.

[ ] Check the weather for a smooth event, and plan if you are holding the party outdoors.

[ ] Make a list of party equipment like tables, chairs, tent, etc.

[ ] Prepare the games you will play as well as attractive prizes for guests.

  • One – three days before the graduation party

[ ] Clean the entire house and yard which will be used as the main party venue.

[ ] Check again the weather report to ensure you are holding an outdoor or indoor party.

[ ] Start making decorations and setting up tables and tents.

[ ] Prepare plenty of space for your camera and phone, because you will be taking lots of photos and videos.

[ ] Notify the neighbors on the day of your party about possible loud noises from the house, or parking situation if needed.

[ ] Prepare large trash bins in front of the house just in case.

  • Graduation party time

[ ] Ensure the food is sufficient and there are additional preparations if needed.

[ ] Keep food hot and cold until guests arrive.

[ ] Establish table of card boxes, sign books, graduation gifts, and party favors.

[ ] Check your bathroom and prepare towels, toilet papers, toothpicks, and other toiletries.

[ ] Set out food, napkins, plates, cups, and utensils.

[ ] Turn on the music.

[ ] Start the event and warmly welcome every guest who comes.

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