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10 Best New Employee Welcome Package Ideas

Having new employees in your company can be a new opportunity for business progress. New employees have to prepare a lot to adapt to their new office, such as schedules, tasks, and getting to know their teammates. To give new employees more enthusiasm and comfort, you can give a welcome package to them. Welcome new employee serve as an introduction to your positive corporate culture while showing how you value your employees.

What is a welcome package?

The welcome package is a collection of several objects that the company gives to new employees on their first day of the job. The package often includes gifts to celebrate a new member's arrival and fundamental items for the employee's new job. You can add gifts with welcome letters, company policies, forms, benefits information, and company merchandise. This package is your opportunity to welcome new members while showing how proud you are when they join your team.

Four ways company welcome packages delight new employees

Welcome packages are not like ordinary gifts. They can play an essential part of the new hire's first day, seeing how your office behaves towards its employees and how they feel about the company. The following are four ways welcome packages can delight new employees.

  1. A good icebreaker

Let's think as a new employee with their perspective. Nervousness, confusion, excitement, apprehension, and all emotions appear when a new hire first steps into the office. Employee welcome packages can be an icebreaker for conversation starters, give new hires a sense of calm, and reduce their overthinking about how to behave in their new office.

You can give the present when the mentor gives a tour of the work space, or put it on the new hire's work desk as a surprise when they first sit down. Their first impression matters, because it can support new hires in their journey at the office.

  1. Show a compelling company culture

A welcome gift can be a reason for new hires to admire the culture code of your company. This simple act has the power to make new hires feel valued. Whatever you include in your new hire welcome gift is a reflection of your positive corporate culture.

  1. Add some fun

Gifts make people happy. Any gifts at your welcome gifts can add a little fun to your company and facilitate new hires for bonding between employees. You can choose to give practical items that employees can use for their work, plus some fun gifts to add excitement to new hires in filling their days at the office.

10 best welcome package ideas for your new employee

If you are confused about how to give a great first impression to new hires with welcome gifts, here are some welcome kit ideas that you can use.

  1. Tasty snacks

One of the mandatory gifts that is suitable for a welcome kit is delicious snacks. Give your new hire a tasty snacks to boost their energy during their orientation and the first few days of their new job. Don't forget to include a welcome letter from your manager to your CEO to help new hires feel pumped after joining the company.

  1. Tech accessories

While your company has provided several mandatory facilities such as laptops, PCs, monitors, you can provide smaller tech accessories or office supplies to your welcome kit. You can choose wireless headphones, mousepads, power banks, charge station pads, USB fans, etc. Providing accessories that new hires can use for work purposes will make them more enthusiastic about carrying out their duties.

  1. T-shirts, Hoodies, or Sweaters

To build a team culture, you can create your company identity by providing T-shirts, hoodies, or sweaters with a company logo as a way to greet and induct the new hires into your team. Items like hoodies and shirts are a fun way to introduce the company to new hires and they can use them whenever they want, at the office or traveling.

Welcome Package

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  1. Wellness items

Wellness items can be useful for physical to mental well-being. You can provide new hires in the form of yoga mats, tumblers, self-care products, books about mental health, gym memberships, etc. Thinking about employee wellness will bring up many benefits for individuals and teams. Healthy employees will have a high level of focus and high productivity.

  1. A coffee break

Welcoming a new member of the team can be done by inviting them to have a coffee break with the team. Invite new employees to a local coffee shop, and let new employees gather with team members while getting to know each other, bonding the team outside the office. This method will reduce tension in new hires, because they can have special time to chat with coworkers and get to know more about the team they will support.

  1. Office supplies

Office supplies are an essential part of the welcome kit for remote workers or desk workers. Provide your new employees with notebooks, pens, highlighters, post it notes, folders, staplers, scissors, envelopes, and office storage boxes. Focus on supplies that employees need in their field, to avoid unnecessary things on their desks.

  1. Books

Providing books to new hires will show how the company invests in employee's growth and development. You can create a mini library in the office as a means for new employees to learn according to what they need. Apart from providing guidance on work, giving employees space to develop is also necessary. Buy books that suit the new hire's job, which can help them excel in their role and increase their knowledge about their position.

  1. Scented candles

The first day of the job may be overwhelming for some people. You can give them scented candles to help them relax during their breaks or while they are working. You can choose several scents that are suitable for certain moods, such as stress relief, productivity, and focus.

  1. Indoor desk plant

Providing a small plant that can be placed on the work desk can provide a sense of home. Plants can brighten up the workstation as well as being a stress reliever. You can provide succulents or several types of plants that can grow easily even with little sunlight or water.

  1. Beverages and accessories

Many employees will find it helpful to have a mug, water bottle, or tumbler on their desk to stay hydrated throughout the workday. Dehydration is one of the causes of employees having difficulty focusing and getting tired easily. Ensure you have a special place for employees to make drinks or provide any water at work so employees stay hydrated.

You can give a mug warmer as an additional welcome gift to help new hires keep their drinks warm even though they have to focus on their new job.

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Having new members in the team is a new opportunity for the progress of your business. Give a welcome gift or welcome package as encouragement for new hires in their new jobs, and to show a positive company culture. Welcome kits can provide comfort and enthusiasm to the recipient, as a new spirit in a new place.