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15 Best Bulk Corporate Gifts To Impress Employees

When employees work well and according to expectations, they are entitled to rewards commensurate with their hard work. It's important to choose gifts that match their contribution to the office, and how incredible they are to accomplish the work you give them. However, choosing a unique gift for each individual employee is not easy. Corporate gifting is a responsibility for the office, and bulk corporate gifts are the solution.

By choosing the right bulk gift service, you can carry out customization, get high-end quality items, and can send to multiple addresses with ease. Check out some bulk corporate gift ideas for fulfilling large orders in giving your employees the best you can.

What is a good gift for a corporate event?

Avoid giving your employees something generic that comes off as innocent. Gift cards, keychains, or thank you notes are some generic gifts that will disappoint the gift recipient, because they feel that their hard work cannot get a commensurate reward. Choose several gifts such as upgrading employees' work needs, gifts of experience, subscriptions, wellness gifts, self-care products, and useful things to use at the office or at home.

What are the corporate gifting trends right now?

Many companies choose eco-friendly gifts as a commitment to protecting the environment. Another trend is to provide employee satisfaction by taking them to places they have never been before. Whatever trend you choose, make sure bulk corporate gifts have one of the following 5 things: Sustainability, personalization, technology, wellness, remote gifting.

bulk corporate gifts

Corporate gifts can be meaningful if you can adapt them to employee needs and can lift their spirit to maintain their best performance. The better the bulk gift you choose, the greater chance you have of having employees with good work ethics and high achievers.

15 best bulk corporate gifts for employees

Bulk and large orders for gift-giving will give a positive impression to employees because they feel appreciated and recognized. Let's take a look at the best bulk corporate gifts below.

  1. Employee’s choice

There's nothing wrong with giving employees choices about what gifts they want. Determine a budget for bulk gifts, and give employees time to determine what they want to get. This method gives employees the opportunity to negotiate with coworkers and prioritize mutual desires. Make sure you can fulfill your employee's gift choices and still fit within your budget.

  1. Deluxe food gift set hamper

Exquisite food basket with customizable wine bottle engraving can be a special bulk gift on several special occasions. The food gift set hamper can contain cookies, chocolate, canned imported nuts, red wine, mooncake, oolong rock tea, etc. You can customize the hamper gift set according to the event you are celebrating, such as mid-autumn festival, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other big holidays.

  1. Mugs & water bottles

Every employee needs a mug and water bottle to stay hydrated at the office. Choose a ceramic mug, solid color mug, portable thermos cup, sports water bottle, or even a fashion mug to suit your employees' needs. You can add a company logo to water bottles and mugs for branding when employees use them at home or wherever they take them.

  1. Stationary

Office supplies will always be needed by employees. Pens, pencils, notebooks, document holders, mini white boards, and laser pointers are some of the stationaries that must be on every employee's desk. Your employees will be enthusiastic about completing tasks if you always provide stationary on a regular basis. You can make the gift more personal by giving a special pen for signing with ink, to give an elegant and special impression to whoever uses it.

  1. Technology

Every office today has a laptop or PC as the main tool for every job. Providing basic facilities alone is not enough, because employees also have a need for their gadgets to support their work so that it can be completed quickly. Provide some technology that supports your employees' performance, such as USB, power bank, charging pad, wireless headphones, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, or cable organizer. Employees will feel helped when you provide access to their gadget support. Every item you choose can be customized by adding a company logo.

  1. Stylish backpack

The backpack has many functions as an organizer for pens, phones, laptops, books and other items. Choose a backpack with a removable sternum strap, a side stretch pocket for a water bottle, and rear access to store your laptop and other equipment. A good quality backpack will look cool on the outside, and be very useful on the inside. Choose the option to embroider your company logo on the front of the backpack.

  1. Mug & tea set

If previously we focused on mugs and water bottles, now we are focusing on mugs and tea sets. Some employees need a warm drink before they complete their daily tasks. Your employees will love to brew up a hot cup of tea during the day or do extra work at night. This bulk company gift can be a good morning routine to increase focus and productivity for employees.

  1. Mindful meditation

The Mindfulness Box will provide employees with the opportunity to gain a meditative lifestyle. Difficult work and a tense office atmosphere will build up stress and tension. The meditation gift box contains a lavender planter, essential oil, scented candle, and aromatherapy spray. This gift box is very suitable for use at home while turning on instrumental music as stress relief and to regain mood after a full day at work.

  1. Coffee gift box

This gift box is specifically for coffee lovers. You can provide several types of coffee from around the world, including organic Sumatra coffee, fresh-roasted Guatemalan, organic Timor roasted, hand-roasted artisanal Mexican, espresso from Africa, etc. You can choose to provide fresh coffee beans or ground coffee. Taste various kinds of coffee from several different countries to elevate employee's morning with their favorite drink.

  1. Bath bomb gift set

The bathing experience will be more enjoyable with the bath bombs gift set. This gift box contains 20+ bath bombs with aromatherapy-infused with organic ingredients such as essential oil, coconut, almond, and flower petals to rejuvenate employees. Each employee will have their favorite bath bomb, and it can be an interesting discussion with coworkers about what scent they like best.

  1. A collection of cocktail syrups

Choose several unique cocktail syrups with recipes that employees can try at home. Each syrup has an alcohol-free cocktail recipe, or can be mixed according to your wishes. Some unique syrups include roasted pinneaple, tonic, fresh mint, blackberry-lavender, etc.

  1. DIY plant project

Plants are safe gifts that can be cared for at home. The DIY plant project contains a self-watering planter, mini pot, and several small tools to care for the mini plant. Add several items such as bath salts and body scrubber for self-care experiences after employees take care of their mini plants.

  1. Stylish wireless charger

Every employee needs their gadget ready when they need it. A small wireless device that can charge employees' phones will be a very useful gift for them. The wireless charger can charge the phone faster compared to standard power adapters and cables. Look for the charging pad in the employee's favorite color.

  1. Custom hoodie

Hoodies are a type of clothing that is suitable for any style. Hoodies are available in a wide range of inclusive sizes, available in many colors and can be added with a company logo. Choose a hoodie that is suitable for any season. The chunky design ensures your body stays warm on chilly days, and remains comfortable to wear in summer.

  1. Yoga mat & yoga class subscription

Thinking about employee fitness is also important to keep them focused and maintain their good performances. You can give each employee a colored yoga mat, then take each employee to a yoga class which can be done online or simultaneously in the office.

The Importance of Corporate Gifting

The bulk corporate gifts can be a sign that you recognize your employee's hard work and want to provide something worthy of their contribution. If you have found a suitable bulk gift, immediately order it from BestGiftHK to add the company logo to each item you want to send. BestgiftHK provides clients with thousands of products and provides several services such as pad printing, laser, silk screen printing, and embroidery. Get the best quality gifts from us who have focused on corporate gift customization and production services for more than a decade.