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14 Best Curated Gift Boxes As Appreciation For Your Employees

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Appreciating employees by giving gift boxes is one of the things that needs to be planned and considered. Looking for curated gift boxes that have a professional and personal touch, it's not an easy task. Sometimes, gift cards, keychains, and other swag can get a little boring and a bit old. The goal is to give employees something they want, need, and make them love the gift. The ideal custom gift box needs to fit your budget and be unique. Corporate gifting prioritizes meaningful gifts that speak to your employees as your gratitude and you appreciate their hard work.

What are curated gift boxes?

A curated gift box is a collection of selected items that are placed in a box together to create a beautiful and unique present. This is perfect for all employees with various needs, and you can customize the box to suit their hobbies, interests, or favorite things.

The box can follow a theme. For example, if you want to give a custom gift box with a coffee theme, the contents could be a coffee mug, mug warmer, and specialty coffee beans. The gift box can contain items that you curate with whatever you think are best, and pre-selected items that the merchant puts together.

What is the purpose of a gift box?

The purpose of the gift box is to surprise the recipient with various items that we choose, by providing a complete protection in a box for the item inside but in a beautiful box appearance. Gift boxes bring joy to whoever the recipient is. They are the bond of communication, strengthen relationships, and make a good impact on employees and the company. Gift boxes will show you care for employees as a form of appreciation and showing your gratitude.

14 curated gift boxes for your employees

Let's take a look at some of the best gift boxes ideas that match employees' particular qualities and passions. Hope you can find a gift that matches our selection, and make it easier to send large orders to all employees.

  1. Take a break gift box

This gift box contains anything to take a break and relax. It is very suitable for employees who have given their dedication to the company, because it contains a fragrant tin candle, a stress ball for taking a break from work, a tumbler to keep any drinks, and a tea bag for pause and relax moments. You can include other items that are suitable for giving employees time to relax between work hours, such as airpods, notebooks for scheduling and planning ahead, and wireless chargers.

  1. Ready to go gift box

This box is better for remote workers and employees who like to work in a cafe, on an airplane, or at home. The ready to go box contains a source to keep drinks hot or cold, bluetooth headphones to stay focused in crowded places, a notebook for journaling and writing, a power bank, and ground coffee if you want to drink your favorite coffee wherever you are. This collection makes work more fun and brings excitement to the day.

  1. Office essentials

Office essentials is a thoughtful box for keeping employees focused, enthusiastic, and ready to complete their tasks. This package contains a pen, notebook, calendar, a mug, tea, with healthy snacks. Why employees will love this box? Because it gives employees greater satisfaction with work equipment that they can take anywhere and ensures their performance is better.

  1. Coffee gift box

For employees who can't live without coffee all day, a coffee gift box is the perfect gift for them. Fill varieties of coffee bags to show coffee lovers that there's a lot of types of coffee that they may have never tried. From Sumatra, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Africa, or other countries that have a unique coffee taste that your employees can enjoy every morning.

  1. Professional tech box

The tech box is one of the best choices for providing facilities to employees to boost their productivity. The professional tech box contains a charging cable, Bluetooth tracker, power bank, power buds, charging station pad, and any tech that can help employee performance be more optimal. Even if you don't give a super high tech curated gift, these are the kind of equipment that anyone can use every day.

  1. Self-care products

Employees also need something to cleanse their mind and body. Employees will also be happy with this box because they won't know they need it. The self-care box will help them relax and take care of themselves to be more confident when they go to the office or wherever they go. You can give this box every month containing soaps, melts, candles, bath bombs and other products to recharge the day.

  1. Deluxe spa box

The deluxe spa box is a self-care package for employees who have never experienced a spa before as perfect relaxation at home. This spa box comes with a soy candle, fragrant lavender lotion, silk eye mask, infused bath salts, lavender essential oil, and other spa products that can support the wearer for maximum relaxation. Add books and towels that are suitable as a complement to the after spa.

  1. Engraved memory box

Employees need something memorable to keep at home. Choose a customizable engraved storage box that can hold jewelry, trinkets, keepsakes, relics, and other treasures. You can customize the design with the recipient's silhouette, name, date, or quote to suit any occasion. The wooden memory box can be ordered with markings, coloring, knots, or other characteristics to make it look aesthetic, rustic, and antique.

  1. Hoodie & sweater

As winter approaches, you can provide hoodies & sweaters to keep your employees comfortable and warm wherever they go. Choose a sweater or hoodie with great warmth and material that is durable for a long time.

curated gift boxes

A chunky design is suitable for any style and many sizes to choose from for a perfect wearing experience. You can order the hoodie and sweater in plain color or add the company logo on the front or back.

  1. Branded snack box

Some of the wholesome's favorite snacks can uplift employees' spirit and maximize their productivity. The delicious goodies can be packaged together with healthy food for your employees who want to enjoy them during holiday seasons. Don't forget to put a thank you message as a form of gratitude for their hard work.

  1. Pottery kit

To support employees' creativity and give them space for new hobbies while relaxing, pottery kits are the best choice. A box comes with high-quality art supplies, such as art tools, pottery clay, pottery paint, paint brushes, etc. It's fun for a holiday gift when employees want to try new things, they can sit down and exercise their creative side. They can use some tools at any time, and order more clay when they run out.

  1. Baking fun box

Suitable for employees who are celebrating a birthday, by providing pre-measured ingredients to make their own gourmet sweet treats. The baking fun box has complete contents and instructions for making their own cakes easily. It's an exciting gift for employees who like baking, or anyone who has no cooking experience can still make it.

  1. Stylish box

For gentlemen who care about their appearance, a stylish box will be the best gift for them. You can provide watches, ties, pins, shirts, trousers, socks and other work clothing so that employees look more elegant and stylish. Choose several items that match the color from top to bottom.

  1. Culinary Kit

A box full of gourmet ingredients that helps employees to pursue their culinary adventures. This box is indulgent and experiential, for those who like to explore cooking experiences in their free time. Each kit features ingredients made by food artisans around the world, to give recipients the opportunity to taste new ingredients and try new recipes.

Culture of Appreciation at Work

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