12 Best Employee Recognition Ideas at Work in 2023

12 Best Employee Recognition Ideas at Work in 2023

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A company can get rapid development if it has a solid strategy in business and has strong engagement with employees. One way to increase engagement with employees is by employee recognition. Companies by recognizing the team members will enjoy better productivity, lower turnover, increased employee morale and loyalty. But it's not easy to find the right employee recognition. You must get a better understanding about how to recognize employees and some employee recognition ideas to maintain a successful corporate recognition.

What Is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition is acknowledging the employee's accomplishments and hard work in each individual or team within the organization. It's all about creating an emotional connection with every employee while supporting the employee's work which can have a positive impact on the company's values.

Looking for a way for employee recognition is like art, because it's not as easy as giving someone a gift card. You have to understand how to make employees feel respected, valued and loved. The creative employee recognition ideas will help you to make employees feel cherished.

What are the 4 types of recognition?

There are 4 types of recognition techniques, which are public, private, milestones, and team. Public recognition is praising an employee's hard work in front of coworkers and everyone pays attention. This can include recognition during events like conferences, meetings, social media posts, or company updates.

Private recognition acknowledging employee's performance and personal complementing. You can do this with a conversation, hadwritten note, or email. Think of personalized sentences so that every employee feels appreciated for their hard work. Milestone recognition is seeing employee performance based on their respective fields, such as marketing which can be closed over 100 sales to remind employees who are dedicated in their fields.

Lastly, team recognition will honor an entire team who has completed a project or positive work. Team recognition will see success in terms of collaboration, and show how valuable they are as a team.

12 best employee recognition ideas in 2023

employee recognition ideas at work

Employee recognition is not only as simple as saying "thank you" to employees, but something more meaningful. A good company culture is recognizing employee's hard work delivered with thoughtful employee engagement ideas to boost employee morale.

  1. Spot a bonus and give a reward

Teams or individuals who meet a goal are entitled to receive rewards from the company in accordance with the work they have completed. Starting from words of praise, then the company spots a bonus and gives the appropriate prizes. Spot bonuses can be a way to encourage teamwork or individual improvement to complete work flawlessly. The spot bonus can be in the form of points or small prizes prepared by the office, ranging from gifts of small value to large-value useful items.

  1. Employee requests

Employees feel cared for when they can say what they want when employees reach a milestone. Let the staff decide the reward, and deliberation on what milestones are commensurate with the employee's request. Once employees establish a standard for reward, they have more passion for achieving what they want, and feel valued whatever they do.

  1. Wellness programs

Employee wellbeing is important to ensure employees stay healthy and focused. Investing in employee's health can be an effective part of the recognition strategy. Choose trusted corporate wellness tools and services in locations around your office, and do a workout with employees once a week or once a month depending on the package provided.

  1. Fun office activities

Simple things can raise the mood and morale of employees. You can think about pre-meeting icebreakers, office parties, or a special time to take a break together ahead of the weekend and let the team socialize while drinking tea or coffee together. Doing something fun with coworkers will bond the team and give them time to get to know each other outside of work.

  1. Outdoor adventure

Choose a special date by looking at the project schedule or any deadlines, try not to interfere with employee performance. Bring employees for outdoor adventures and let them experience the day with the cobor for permanent memories such as paragliders, learning to surf, or rafting down a wild river.

By providing adventurous programs, employees can have time to take a break from work, do something that employees have never done before, and make memorable memories with the team enjoying nature together.

  1. Thank you lunches

Thank you lunches is a new way to say thank you besides thank you cards. Get the team together to share a meal, say a few words to appreciate the teamwork, and enjoy the art of communal eating. If there are employees working from home, coordinate the time to do virtual lunch time by sending the same menu that employees are currently enjoying at the office to get everyone on the same page.

  1. Employee appreciation speech

A company wide shout out is one way to recognize employees in front of everyone with heartfelt words and allow time for employees to deliver their speech. Don't forget to encourage other team members to applaud what the employees say. Praising employees in front of coworkers is a special passion for other team members to achieve the same achievements, and respect for their friends who work hard to get the results of their hard work.

  1. Recognition gifts

Workspace gifts are one of the tokens of appreciation. You can choose to provide stationary, eating or drinking utensils, or devices to make employees' work easier. Every time employees use the recognition gift, they will remember how much you appreciate them. Look for personalized recognition gifts at BestGiftHK with the best quality and a wide selection of products.

BestGift HK since 2014 has been making personalized corporation gifts, souvenirs and gifts for office needs with the best quality for promotion or recognition programs.

  1. Celebrate milestones

Pay close attention when the team did something amazing. Celebrate a victory with the team as a reminder that they have worked hard together to complete big or small milestones. Every work has the right to be acknowledged and every progress must be appreciated. Celebrating with the team can be by doing team building activities, creating small parties, or letting employees decide what they want to do after reaching big or small milestones.

  1. Positive feedback

Leaders have the opportunity to provide thoughtful positive feedback as employee recognition. Provide clear feedback that is connected to employee's performance. Positive feedback will foster more enthusiasm for employees who are underperforming, and teach consistency for employees who have worked well and achieved certain achievements.

Give good advice so that employees can fix what is lacking in their work, without having to use hurtful words so that they still perform well.

  1. Employee survey

Employee surveys are powerful because every employee has the opportunity to find out how employees like to be recognized. Every employee has a different desire how they want to get praise or be seen for their hard work. The goal is to get multiple options and ideas on how to recognize coworkers and provide new insights about what the office can do for the hard work of its employees.

Sometimes there are employees who like it when they are shouted out their accomplishments in front of coworkers, there are also those who prefer to be appreciated personally.

  1. An encouraging word

A good leader is a leader who gives words of encouragement at the right time. Sometimes every employee has its own problems at work, or things outside of work. The leader's job is to listen to their problems, and provide support in the form of good solutions or suggestions for their problems.

Every leader doesn't have to be able to solve employee problems, but by being a good listener and being a positive figure for employees, this can be a powerful employee recognition program. Try to be a leader who can insert encouraging words in everything that is conveyed at any time.

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Appreciated and recognized employees have higher opportunities to work at their best performance, and are focused on achieving the company's goals without hesitation. It has become the main task for the company to recognize employee's hard work and provide gifts for them according to what they do. The employee recognition program is an investment to have loyal, passionate and productive employees.