Corporate Gift Ideas

12 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas in 2023

Did you know that corporate gifts are an excellent way to start, continue, or nurture your connections and relationships with clients and customers? Clients can benefit from corporate gifts, because they can tell them that their business is valued, have enough power to take your business forward, and their best service to become brand evangelists. Or for customers who feel they have chosen the right brand for their needs, and care about them. For these reasons, we have to think about corporate gift ideas before we give the best gift to our clients and customers.

What is a corporate gift?

Corporate gifts are attempts to create touchpoints with clients, customers or prospects by providing services or physical items such as an edible treat, personalized items, a practical swag piece, or a non-physical gift such as a trip experience or an eGift card.

Is corporate gifting important?

Yes, it is necessary if you want to build further relationships with customers or clients. You can see the various benefits of giving corporate gifts, such as making recipients feel called, improved trust, improved customer loyalty, and clients are most likely to do business with a company that cares for them as an appreciation of their service and receive a personalized gift.

Corporate Gift Ideas

If you want to make good first impressions on clients or customers, you can set the right tone by giving corporation gifts. Gifts can have a double meaning apart from showing gratitude, because they can become memorable experiences for the recipients.

Choosing the right corporate gift ideas will be a reminder to clients and customers that you pay close attention to their interests and likes first. Selecting the right gifts will generate good mood and feelings for all recipients.

12 unique corporate gift ideas for your clients and customers

Are you ready for some brilliant gift ideas suitable for your clients and customers? Let's take a look at our lists of the most unique corporate gifts.

  1. Custom fitness trackers

One of the best corporate gifts is giving fitness trackers that can display your company logo. By thinking about clients and customers for their staying fit, they will feel cared for. Fitness trackers monitoring health lifestyle by monitoring your calories burned, your steps, and more. The fitness trackers are made from the best quality materials to ensure they last longer.

  1. Sherpa blanket

Sherpa blankets are thick and warm blankets for all seasons with fuzzy and soft to put on the sofa or couch. The blanket is made from sherpa fabric with 100% synthetic material to give recipients moments of snuggling into the super cozy and comfortable blanket after a brisk day of work. The recipients will be discover how warm and soft the blanket is.

  1. Elemental Iconic Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Water bottle with adjustable handle for recipients to stay hydrated. You can print your brand in the middle of the bottle or choose from several bottle colors. The bottle is specifically designed for durability and versatility, ready to accompany the recipient to accommodate all of their adventures. The double-wall construction makes the elemental bottle keep the beverage cold or hot, cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.

  1. Incase travel backpack

The Incase travel backpack is a versatile, stramlined, and functional bag that has a more robust harness system. This backpack has pockets, panels, and enough space for you to fill whatever your needs are. The recipient will feel helped for their travel needs and transform their packing moment into a memorable experience.

  1. Moleskine hardcover notebook

If you want to choose one of the best corporate gift ideas suitable for 2023, you can give a Moleskine notebook with a vibrancy and elegant look, along with a pen color that matches the hardcover color. You can choose a journal with a stylish color, according to the recipient's favorite color. Notebook is one item that is always needed to record important things.

  1. Dual wine holder

The double wine holder is a special container for carrying two bottles of wine with a custom design which is suitable for promotional branding options and corporation gifts. you can bring your favorite wine to put in the dual wine holder, and take it to a dinner party or give it directly to the recipient. The wine holder is structured and durable, making it easier for the recipient to carry two bottles of wine wherever they want.

  1. Bean box standard coffee and chocolate tasting box

There's always a special with coffee and chocolate as a gift. 4 chocolate bars paired with 4 artisan coffees to up their energy with stunning freshness in every product they taste. You have the option to give a personal note, so the recipient knows that you are giving this gift especially for them. You can choose to give the whole bean or freshly ground coffee. This gift is perfect for coffee lovers and chocolate lovers.

  1. Seasonal fruit baskets

Everyone loves fruits that are put in baskets for gifts. You can choose a seasonal fruit basket as a gift with gorgeous colorful fruits to choose from. It's a healthy way to say thank you to your clients or customers for being loyal to you, or showing your gratitude to them. You can give fruit baskets at any moment and day, because there are some fruits that are always there in any season. You can add notes to put in the basket.

  1. Virtual fitness class

You can pay attention to the health of your clients by providing virtual fitness classes. You can provide premium workout videos from internationally certified instructors. This gift is suitable for anyone who wants their body to stay fit, but they are quite busy and don't have time to go to the gym or go to a yoga place. With a virtual fitness class, the recipient will feel in the room with their trainer and make the most of home workouts.

  1. Restaurant gift cards

You can give restaurant gift cards from several restaurants in town that let the clients or customers to dine freely. You can choose which restaurants are available with gift cards, and it's delivered instantly via email, print, or texts. Send it with your logo and personalized message. The recipient will redeem the gift when dine in, or redeem it at the restaurant's website.

  1. Custom golf gifts

If you know that clients or customers like golf, then this is one of the best corporate gifts that you can choose. Choose some golf equipment that is suitable for the recipient, you can add a logo, or a certain picture on the golf bag, golf balls, or golf sticks. THe high-quality products with personalized items can be the best gift for golfers out there.

  1. Self-heating mug

Everyone wants their tea or coffee to stay hot even if they are left on the desk for a long time. The self-heating mugs perform better than warming plates, allowing recipients to sip their hot coffee at any time. The self-heating mug lets you set what temperature is right for their drink, with consistent heat retention. The device is rechargeable and has a duration of 3-4 hours active to keep your drink at the temperature you want.

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Gift

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