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15 Best Corporate Events Ideas for Teams

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There are many reasons why corporate events are needed for employees or for clients. If you understand the many benefits of holding corporate events, then you will do it more often for the betterment of the company. One of them is company events for employees which is the best way to bring your team closer together. By holding special events for employees, there are many possibilities for employees to bond with each other and understand how important a team is. Today we will discuss the best corporate events that can boost your corporate team bonding.

What corporate event means?

An event sponsored by a company that focuses on clients or employees. If it focuses on employees, then its activities are to educate team members and social activity by having a professional or business focus. Some of the activities carried out have the opportunity to have fun, increase collaboration, team-building and networking activities.

Corporate events vary with each type accomplishing something different. Choosing the right one will be useful for business and understand what you will achieve and who is entitled to carry out these activities. As an event creator, you must ensure that the event is a success with all employees participating enthusiastically so that the benefits will be felt in the future.

How do you throw a successful event?

Choosing the best corporate events must be in accordance with the planning. Even if you have chosen the best idea, it will not run smoothly if you don't know the key to the success of a corporate event. After you do the planning properly, you should be able to execute it correctly. Don't rush into planning a corporate event, because it's typically a months-long process by considering several stages and various organizational steps.

All you have to do is choose the type of corporate event, think about the budget, event objectives, event marketing, how you will attract every employee to come to the event, and the corporate event planning checklist.

If you have thought of everything and have prepared well, then a successful event is in your hands. Now, let's take a look at some of the best corporate events ideas you can use.

15 best corporate events for teams

From office decorating, picnics, to brainstorming, here are the best event ideas to bring the team together and build a strong workforce with a lively company culture.

  1. Everything-new day

This corporate event has the concept of encouraging team members to participate in a new experience and try to step outside their comfort zones. First, brainstorm as a group, and name 3 to 5 things that no team member has ever done and try them out. Then, the team chose a day where everyone could do everything on the list together. Some examples are eating food you've never had before, watching a horror movie together, having dinner at a unique restaurant, or playing golf. The actions should be randomly chosen, accessible, and affordable.

Corporate Events Ideas

From this event, you can learn two important things. First, you can understand what the team members want to achieve and do, second, the group can learn together with new experiences.

  1. Escape rooms

This is the most popular corporate event ideas until recently. The game requires teamwork to complete. One team is locked in a room, they hunt for clues and solve riddles to get out of the space within a time limit. There are several types of time depending on how big the room they choose. The point of the escape room game is completing the tasks together while maintaining communication and teamwork. Leaders often take this event because these experiences force the group to do decision making, problem solving, discussion, and calmness under pressure.

  1. Spirit weeks

Spirit weeks are a chance to break away from the normal work routine and be more creative in the office with coworkers. The result of the event is that team members can do something fun at the office and show company pride. They can negotiate to determine a specific day with the theme they choose, such as a sports day, beach day, or learning day. Participants will dress up accordingly and plan special activities.

  1. Corporate-friendly stand up comedy

The best icebreaker is sitting relaxed while listening to jokes with coworkers. You can hire a stand-up comedian to entertain team members, or you can choose one of the team members who you think is the most capable of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Since this is a corporate event, the comedians usually avoid talking about religion, politics, or prejudices for everyone enjoying the show. Or you can order each team member to convey their jokes that they have prepared within a certain time limit for each member. Don't forget to give corporation gifts for the most funny comedians in the office.

  1. Employee appreciation awards

As far as we know, employees will fight hard for their company, and they need recognition. Sometimes recognition will make other employees more active in achieving the same achievements as their coworkers. You can plan an employee appreciation by giving awards and prizes to the best employees and conveying their achievements.

The fun part of this event, you can create many categories, such as the best dressed, the best idea maker, the most empathetic, or whatever is in mind. Don't forget to take a photo for each award winner and give a corporation gift as a token of appreciation for them.

  1. Karaoke club

The power of music can bring the team together and show some fun. You can choose a different genre for each team member who wants to sing, and assign judges to evaluate each participant. Let them choose someone to duet with, and choose which one is the best duet and solo singer. It is hoped that all team members can sing their favorite songs, and events are held to increase the confidence of each employee to perform in front of coworkers.

  1. Company family feud

This event is taken from a popular game show. Choose several different teams and let them compete against each other. Prepare some general knowledge questions, and tell each team there are attractive prizes for the winning team. Try to choose team members randomly, so colleagues can interact with each other even though they rarely meet in their day activities.

  1. Cheer on the hometown team

Choose one sport that is liked by each team member. For the most options, set a date to see live sports events in the city and support your hometown team together. After watching a sports event together, you can invite team members over for dinner and let them tell you how amazing the hometown team played that day.

  1. Meet the CEO

Sometimes not all employees know who are the business owners or top executives in the company. Meeting the CEO is a great event because it gives employees time to get to know their bosses and have a real chance to have a face-to-face conversation with them. Have a question and answer session between employees and the CEO, and let each employee provide criticism and suggestions about the progress of the office.

  1. Improv workshops

This event teaches team members to trust and quick thinking. The team members must act out for some scenes without scripts and react to the actions freely. You can plan any day at the office to make simple theater games. The leaders must choose each team to divide there are several shy members and require that they also take part in improv. This can hone their courage to speak spontaneously during other team events and meetings.

  1. Office decorating days

The event focuses on teammates spending time beautifying their workspace with fun decorations and artwork. You can choose active work days to hang decorations to ready for the upcoming parties like company's birthday or other important days. First, choose a theme, then employees will decorate the space. Make it a contest, and the judges will visit each entry and pick one to three winners for the best decorations. Don't forget to give souvenirs for those who have taken the time to make the best work for their workspace.

  1. Fishing tournaments

Fishing is a relaxing activity and teaches patience. Choose a team of several people, and provide the team with a guide and fishing equipment. Give them a time limit, and whoever can get the 10 fish the fastest can get a prize from the company. Let the team cook their fish and enjoy the dinner together.

  1. Ice cream bar

This is an appreciation event that is enjoyable for every employee. Ice cream is a food that many people like, and gives time for employees to get away from their desks and socialize with each other. Prepare some ice cream flavors and let each employee make their own ice cream with toppings. For employees with dairy intolerance, you can replace it with cupcakes.

  1. Movie nights

Watching movies together with team members is one of the easiest events to plan and implement. The easiest version is buy bulk tickets for upcoming movies with the most choices, or theater for groups. Or you can use a projector or AV hookup and laptop to watch your favorite movies together while eating pop corn and soft drinks.

  1. Fundraisers

This is the events where teammates raise money for a good cause. Each team can share goals and goals, and brainstorm the event. Common fundraiser activities are charity runs, auctions, and formal dinners. Let the team show their ideas in fundraising to get them used to team building and organizing any events.

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You have got some corporate event ideas. Now all you have to do is determine corporate gifts and souvenirs to complement the event. You can order it at BestgiftHK, as a provider of corporate gifts and provide custom gifts for printing company logos, and bulk orders. Immediately choose a suitable souvenir and make it a complement to every corporate event that you create for employees.