Culture of Appreciation at Work in 2023

Culture of Appreciation at Work in 2023

Did you know that the high number of resignations is caused by a bad and not conducive office environment? As an employer, you must have the capacity to build a better workplace so that every employee loves their day, trusts their team, and maintains a good environment. Some employees want a promotion, pay increase, adjustable hours, or a certain location, while others just want to be in a comfortable place to work and get appreciation at work. Considering employee comfort from a good environment and appreciation can be things to advance your business and become a major game changer. Now, we will explain about the culture of appreciation at work in 2023.

What is a Culture of Appreciation?

Culture of appreciation is a positive culture where employees feel valued for all their hard work and efforts. This is an effective way to get emotional connections between employees and company. Recognizing any employee's contribution becomes more meaningful, and employees can see a bigger picture of what the company wants to achieve.

When the culture goes well, employees will know their impact on the business and lead to other positive contributions.

Is building culture of appreciation at work necessary?

Yes, it's necessary. Culture of appreciation ensures that your employees are more enthusiastic, happier, and become a reference for others to work harder to get appreciation. No matter how big or small the appreciation is, employees will always feel valued and motivated. Employees have their own drive to do better work and align their goals with what the company wants to achieve.

Everyone expects any appreciation for their work. Someone will feel uncomfortable if their performance is not considered and always demanded without gifts, compliments, or conversations that lead to their hard work. That's one of the reasons why employees want to resign and find a workplace that values them.

Best way to create culture of appreciation in 2023

Culture of appreciation at work

Now we know how useful a culture of appreciation is for business progress. Employers can boost morale, get employee satisfaction, and improve recruiting efforts. There is much more that can be obtained from good appreciation at work, such as decreasing stress, increasing productivity, increasing employee retention, and decreasing absenteeism. But how do we create this culture? We will discuss below.

  1. Acknowleding employee’s milestone

When you explain the jobdesk to employees, of course you also explain their milestones for their progress or motivation for them. If you can consistently discuss employee milestones personally, you may sincerely care about the development of employees. You can appreciate it with one-on-one conversations, or explicitly celebrate the milestone moments.

Milestone acknowledgments can be a good chance for coworkers to compete to rally with each other. As an employer, you need to think about certification, promotion, or giving bonuses to each employee reaching a certain performance according to the indicators you have created.

  1. Celebrate big company achievements

Each company has its own goals. If employees can understand where their company is at in terms of its goals, then that can be an invaluable appreciation, because employees can feel they are contributing and feel they are helping to build the company's success. That's why every company achieves a big achievement, it must be celebrated by giving souvenirs, corporation gifts, a day off, or whatever can make employees feel happy and help them return to work with more passion, focus and intensity for the next goal.

  1. Celebrate small wins

Celebrating big goals can only be done occasionally, because big goals can take a long time, a lot of effort, and also a lot of energy. But there are other options for celebrating small wins. Every big goal is always composed of several steps that must be passed. Before those big wins stack up, you can celebrate more often to enjoy the process so it's more enjoyable for the team.

What is meant by small wins? The employer gives appreciation in the daily effort, or discusses what was achieved in one week. Employers can use a point system or give small prizes for infusing the process with more enthusiasm and joy.

  1. Getting employee feedback

Companies need constant feedback and iteration from employees. Companies that have good feedback with their employees will build ideal experiences and relationships. But in getting employee feedback it must be done regularly and uninterruptedly. Sometimes companies just want to give employees information, without wanting to receive information back from employees.

You can utilize tools or review sites to get employee feedback such as new employee surveys, pulse surveys, employee engagement surveys, exit interviews, and stay interviews.

  1. Give corporation gifts

Giving gifts is perfect culture-building, because you can do it every special moment at the office. Whether you give corporation gifts at work anniversaries, promotions, appreciation days, or holidays, there's no bad timing for giving any gifts to employees. You can make personalized gifts to increase brand awareness, as well as trust in employees, but where is the right place to order them?

How To Build Trust In The Workplace

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  1. Time reset for employees

Employees strive for their jobs by giving their energy, time, and talents to help the company achieve goals. Giving employees time to reset is critical to ensuring their wellness and enthusiasm so they continue to perform at their best. Every employee must have a work-life balance to reset their mental, emotional, and physical.

  1. Encourage employees to learn more

You can choose between facilitating each employee to attend a seminar or course, or encouraging them to learn something new. Giving employees time to study will break their monotony of their work routine and prevent boredom. There are several types of people who need change or mental stimulation of change, because doing repetitive work will make you bored.

  1. Send out thank you notes

Saying thank you is something magical, and goes well with employees. A thank you note is perfect for showing you care for employees. By celebrating moments or expressing your gratitude, you are letting employees know that you are always watching over them and acknowledging their hard work.


By showing how much you care for employees, showing gratitude, celebrating any wins, getting employee feedback, and some of the things above, you can raise the enthusiasm of employees to always show their best performance. With a good culture in the company, it can bring other good things in the future.