Bulk Christmas Gifts

15 Best Bulk Christmas Gifts for Employees

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year as a celebration not only for family, but also for friends, coworkers or employees. Before entering the long Christmas holiday, it's time for you to think about bulk Christmas gifts to give personally or collectively. Gifts always have the power to bring happiness and joy to both recipient and giver. It feels good to give the right gift to employees while seeing their reactions.

This article will prepare for you what Christmas gifts are suitable for employees before entering the long year-end holiday.

Should bosses buy Christmas gifts for employees?

Gifts from bosses to employees will always be appreciated. But employees should not expect any gifts as something to look forward to, or expect to give gifts back to bosses or those above them. No one is required to give or get a gift, but there's nothing wrong if bosses want to give bulk Christmas gifts to their employees as a form of appreciation or the boss's joy in celebrating Christmas at the company.

What is the appropriate gift amount for employees?

It depends on the event and the recipient, also pay attention to the company's budget if you want to think about bulk Christmas gifts. The average about you can give to employees is between $20-$100 per person. Giving gifts in the form of money is too common. You can be more creative by thinking about gift boxes, meaningful gifts, or useful gifts that can be something that employees need.

15 bulk christmas gifts for employees they'll love

It's still challenging to choose holiday gifts or Christmas gifts because there are so many online and offline options. But don't worry, because we have prepared a list of the best bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers and employees that they'll love.

  1. Choose gifts on BestGiftHK

Let the employees choose their Christmas gift at BestGiftHK. People who want to look for corporate gifts or bulk gifts know that BestGift HK is the place to choose cool gift collections, with high-quality products, and can be customized with embroidery, printing or engraving to give the impression of personalized items.

Bulk Christmas Gifts

After employees choose the gift they want, you can set a price for bulk orders and wait until it arrives at the company's doorstep. This gift is special because it gives employees the opportunity to explore the catalog and gives them the freedom to choose useful gifts or their favorite items.

  1. Branded snack box

Snack boxes are a good gift box for coworkers and they can enjoy them during the holiday season. Whatever the conditions in the office, of course employees will have stressful moments, and this bulk gift box is specially designed to balance things out.

Employees will like this gift box because it is a premium corporate gift, with nutritious and delicious snacks, employees will not hesitate to enjoy it and will be busy enjoying themselves with their favorite snacks.

  1. Winter celebration

Cold weather can be difficult for many people, because they have to always prepare warm clothes, make themselves comfortable at home, to enjoy their holiday. You can pack the bulk gift option with warm clothes such as sweaters, socks, gloves, scarf, scented candles, and mugs for enjoying a hot cup of coffee or cocoa by the fireplace.

  1. Tech lover box

For tech-loving employees, give them what they need. If you have a remote working team, you can provide a box containing a cable organizer, portable charger, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, Bluetooth speaker, and other tech. IT professionals will love this gift box, because it can elevate their work and increase productivity.

  1. Personalized desk accessories

Help your employees to upgrade their workspace with personalized desk accessories. You can choose between mouse pads, pen holders, folder organizers, or cable organizers. These gifts can make employees more enthusiastic because there is a personal touch in their gifts and can be used in their daily work routine after the holiday period is over.

  1. Wellness kits

You can provide support to employees by thinking about their well-being. Choose a gift box to relieve their stress, such as giving self-care products, essential oils, bath bombs, stress balls, yoga mats, or anything that can promote a work-life balance.

  1. Coffee or tea sets

Every employee who enjoys holidays needs their favorite drink in the morning. Coffee or tea sets are perfect bulk gift options, because you can choose a variety of flavors and options, plus cups and pots for serving drinks with the family. The many types of coffee and tea can provide new enthusiasm for employees while working or on holiday at home.

  1. Experience-based gift

If you want something different, give an experience-based gift to create memorable moments with coworkers. Invite employees to watch movies together, go to the parks, concerts, stand up comedy, or any soothing getaways. These gifts will show how you care about personal interests and give each employee time to interact with each other outside of work matters.

  1. Customized water bottle

Every employee must stay hydrated to stay focused and productive. Encourage your employees for their drinking needs by providing customized water bottles with a company logo or add their names to be more personalized. Promoting a healthy lifestyle can increase employee job satisfaction and improve their performance results.

  1. Board games and puzzles

Add something fun for employees during the holiday period by providing board games or puzzle games. There are many board games that you can choose for employees to play with the family, such as Monopoly, Chess, Jenga, to provide fun during the holidays, or can be played together with coworkers for a positive work culture.

  1. Charitable donations

Even though this method does not provide gifts directly to employees, this experience gift will highlight corporate social responsibility. Employees can feel relieved and proud of themselves because they donate what they have, or take part in volunteering for social events. A culture of giving can be a positive thing for employees, and provide a great community impact for your company.

  1. Wooden kitchenware and dinnerware

A daily kitchenware or dinnerware will always be an appreciated gift because the recipient can be excited about the new tableware and with an elegant and classy design. You can give a set containing wooden spatulas, chopping boards, serving plates, rolling pins, cake stands, and serving plates to make a great family Christmas gift.

  1. USB wall and port charging station

Many guests will come on Christmas Day, and of course every family member has smartphones that need charging because they don't want to have a dead phone. This USB wall and port charging station can be a relief for many people who want to charge their phone simultaneously, up to six powerful ports.

There is nothing more stressful than having a gadget with a low battery in this digital era. With this charging station, you won't be confused about where to charge gadgets for family members, and can spend time with your family without having to worry about full ports.

  1. Re-usable shopping tote/grocery bag

The eco-friendly movement is something that is popular nowadays, because it reduces the use of plastic to contribute to the health of the planet. By providing re-usable tote/grocery bags, you give every employee the opportunity to use the bag when shopping at the market or mall. As Christmas approaches, everyone will go shopping and need a lot of space. By providing groceries or tote bags, you can take part in eco-friendly movements together with coworkers.

  1. Throw blankets

Cold weather makes us want something to keep us warm even if we are in the car, living room or bedroom. A throw blanket can be a relaxation accessory, providing comfort and warmth in the winter season. A throw blanket not only provides warmth, but can also be decorative beauty for any room. Choose a throw blanket in the recipient's favorite color with the right size for user comfort.

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Christmas gifts can give joy to employees, while enjoying their holiday with family. Choose the best bulk gifts according to your budget, and choose the best to get a lasting impression on the recipient. Don't forget to personalize some of the gifts you choose, because it can make whatever you give more meaningful and make the recipient feel appreciated.