3 Tips to Host Public Events in Pandemic Era

3 Tips to Host Public Events in Pandemic Era

Hosting public events in pandemic era is challenging. Not only business owner should limit their target audiences, they also need to adjust more or less in whatever should be presented in the event. By now, people prefer hosting public events by internet as it can also reach many audiences, not only limited to their area.

Then, how about skill upgrading events, such as job training, conferences, and thus alike?

It is believed people from previous generation prefer hosting public events offline as they can deliver what they need to clearly, not relying to internet connection, which sometimes can be frustrating for the amateurs. Corporate works a bit different from start-up business, and this is why we provide you with this 3 tips to host public events in pandemic era.

1.     Vaccination record as part of the admission ticket

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With new government regulation on new normal, vaccination record is now mandatory for every public facilities. This is profitable for the host as you can guaranteed your employee, speakers, and all the audiences about their safety by putting vaccination record as part of the admission ticket.

Hosting public events might be complicated and challenging. You might also need to extend your event. If a job training might only take 3 days before pandemic, now you have to extend it for like a week to reduce the number of audiences who can come in one session. So, do not forget to enter the start and end time of the event.

Dividing your audiences by the vaccination record is also a good idea. For example, you only allow people with 2 doses of vaccines for day 1, 2 and 3. Then, if you allow people with 1 dose of vaccine, you can hold the events for day 4 and 5 only. Dividing the audience is not only aiming for the preventive measures, but you can also choose on different gifts for the seminar or job training kits, for both audiences’ category.

2.     Cooperate with Local Health Centre

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The second tips is your company could cooperate with local health centre while hosting public events in this pandemic era. If your target is hosting an event that attract other company’s employee, you can inspire them to cooperate with health centre as well.

Giving the health workers a short question and answer session in your event will also attract audiences. By doing this, it will not only raise the trust from your audience about the safety of your events, it can also be a good bonus for those who came to your events.

Another way to cooperate with health worker is to invite professionals such as psychologist on a short seminar session in your event. This pandemic is making many people anxious about how their life will be going on, even if business is opened again. The purpose of this short session is to help the audiences to relax and boost their confidence in doing business again with the new normal era.

Besides that, if you have any trouble when the event is ongoing, you can directly transfer the patient to the health centre that cooperates with your event. Without having to postpone the ongoing events, you will save any loss for your company, right?

3.     Provide audiences with goodie bag full of must-have items

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Pandemic doesn’t mean that we, as business owner, cannot hosting public events. It is just very limited and strict as it should follow the health protocol provided by WHO. Now think about this from different perspective. It has new and particular rules which we can turn into something beneficial for both the event organizer and the business partner.

Put disposable or reusable cloth mask and hand sanitizer as “must item” on audiences’ goodie bag. Do not forget to add more freebies like notebook, pens, and even pencil case, each sealed tight. By giving all the supplies on site, you are not only limiting the contamination came from the outside, but it can also be a new strategy to promote your corporate gifts towards people.

Other than that, people will also feel more at ease when they know the public event which they will attend is sterilized enough, so they can 100% focus on the job training seminar.

This souvenir gifts will be very critical, because sometimes audiences expect the host to provide extra protection to those who come. Aside from extra disposable or reusable masks and hand sanitizer, think about what the audiences need the most when they are attending the event.

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