All the Equipment Needed For Coffee Shop - Cafe Equipment Checklist

All the Equipment Needed For Coffee Shop - Cafe Equipment Checklist

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Planning is an essential thing before we open a new business. Any type of business must have a clear plan so that we have a clear track in running the business. If you have an idea to open a cafe or coffee shop, then the equipment needed for a coffee shop must be prepared.

Knowing coffee beans, coffee machines, and how to operate them is what helps you to master the business you run. Many people are starting a coffee shop equipment needs, but do not know how to use it. If you still don't have a reference on what to prepare, we're here to help.

We have compiled a coffee shop equipment list for your starters. So, before you buy a giant-sized machine and it costs a lot, take some time to read this information to match your equipment needs with your budget and business plan.

Scale and Coffee Grinder

A digital scale is needed to measure each coffee that will be served. Each cafe has its standards for serving its beverages. Your staff will find it easy to follow the existing recipe without having to calculate the right portion of coffee in each serving.

A coffee grinder is a coffee bean process that can keep up the workload and fulfill production capacity. Try buying an automatic burr grinder. The bigger the cone, the faster the grinding process. Choose a sturdy grinder with features that can meet your needs.

If you're still not happy with an automatic grinder, start with a manual grinder. Sometimes there are coffee shops that require coarser grinding for special occasions.

French Press

French presses are coffeemakers with an easy way to maintain consistent quality and speed up coffee brewing times. If your coffee shop has started a lot of visitors and is queuing for your signature menu, you need to economize as much as possible. Even though the french press is not a favorite of coffee enthusiasts, you can use it when it's critical, such as orders keep coming incessantly.

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Baristas who make coffee using a french press will speed up time and give customers a good impression. Sometimes some customers want to order coffee quickly because they are in a hurry with their activities.

Espresso Machine

Starting the need for coffee shop equipment can be from an espresso machine. The commercial espresso machine is one of the tools to make coffee with maximum proficiency. If you are looking for many references for espresso machines, you can search from small to large scale. For example, you can look for semi or fully-automatic espresso machines.

If you feel that espresso orders are always available every hour, then you need to use an automatic espresso machine. Customers expect to get their espresso in less than 10 minutes. Normally, people queuing for espresso don't have to wait up to 10 minutes because within 2-5 minutes the espresso is ready to serve.

Many names of espresso machines have been tested for quality, such as Breville, Gaggia Brera, or Bialetti Venus.


All places to eat and drink need a refrigerator to store foodstuffs and drinks. You don't need to take a large refrigerator, but you can adjust it to your barista's needs. A glass door refrigerator with a medium size can meet their needs and make work easier because they can see firsthand what items they will take.


The freezer is one of the things that must be in a cafe because it requires a special place to store ice cubes, ice cream, or to store coffee beans and roasted coffee beans. Freezers should be stored inside the cafe and out of sight of customers.


Microwaves are the equipment needed for coffee shops because every coffee shop also has a food menu. Microwaves can be placed near the working area, as a lifesaver if some picky customers need their coffee warmed up. If you have cake or beverages in the display case, you can warm them in the microwave before serving them to customers.


An electric griller is needed to make baked goods or sandwiches before serving them quickly. Although the grill is not the main tool needed when you open a coffee shop, if you have sandwiches on the menu, this tool needs to be considered.

Glass containers

Every ingredient needs to keep them away from sunlight. Tea, coffee beans, dried tea leaves, and other ingredients can last several weeks in a glass container without worrying about the taste.

Milk Pitchers

If you already have an espresso machine, you can determine how many milk pitchers you need. For a safe step, you need to provide two pitchers with food-grade stainless steel. The perfect size is 20 oz milk pitchers. Sometimes some pitchers have features, such as thermometers and measurements.

Water Kettle

Pour-over coffee requires a water kettle. You can choose between an electric or a kettle with a thermometer. Although you can use a regular kettle, choosing a gooseneck kettle or other kettle shape will add aesthetics to your barista's working space.

Tools and Accessories

Barista equipment must be prepared down to the slightest thing. Etching pens, barista spoons or special tools to make latte art are inexpensive but they are a must-have in every coffee shop. A knock-out box, wooden or metal tampers, and a tamper mat are also necessary for a barista job.

Don't forget to provide cleaning supplies in the working area, because the cleanliness of the working space will also attract customers' interest in enjoying their dishes. If the barista's workplace is always clean, then customers will be safe and calm knowing the menu they get is carefully crafted from a clean workplace.


Now you've got everything about starting a coffee shop equipment needs. Remember, every tool and accessory is related to each other. You can choose a tool according to your business needs, with features that can facilitate your barista's work to serve the best beverages.

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