The Importance of Choosing the Right Coffee Shop Music Playlist

The Importance of Choosing the Right Coffee Shop Music Playlist

Maybe not many coffee shops don't care about the coffee shop music playlist being played and focus more on coffee shop services and delicious menus. But for some customers, music has a lot of influence so they can spend their time in the cafe relaxing enjoying coffee, and listening to songs.

For example, the fast tempo on the coffee shop music playlist has a corresponding effect on customers to enjoy their dishes, while wishing they want to add other dishes and try other menus. Slow tempo coffee shop music will provide relaxation and tranquility for customers. This can be interpreted as the longer the customer stays, the more money is spent in your coffee shop.

The point is, you have to start thinking that a music coffee shop is part of your business. It's not just about adding to your coffee shop, but it can be the potential to increase customers' purchasing power for your beverages. How to choose the right coffee shop music playlist? Let's read to find out.

Why Does Coffee Shop Music Matter?

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Let's say you're at the store or somewhere, and you hear your favorite song there. Indirectly you want to be in that place at least until the song is finished while singing it. But that reason alone is not the main thing why you should have a coffee shop music. Some of these are the different benefits of having a music cafe.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Music has nothing to do with servings but has to do with the environment you present in the coffee shop. The pitch of the music that is playing can affect the mood of customers and be in harmony with the menu you serve.

The volume also plays an important role in coffee shop music. Do not let you play music with maximum volume until the sound is deafening, because it can disturb customers to enjoy their moment.

To provide customer satisfaction, you can play it safe by playing top playlists that are often listened to by customers in recent years, or music that has never been forgotten every time.

  1. Increase Customer Patience

Customers have their patience to wait in the queue. Music will give customers another focus to be more patient in waiting for their orders. If they enjoy the song, the customer will not get angry even if something happens so that their order will take a long time.

  1. Creates Mood

You can create the desired mood according to the brand of your coffee shop. For example, if you are displaying a retro environment, you can set up a music playlist with retro music. Don't play songs that contradict your theme, because it will set the brand mood for your cafe.

Music Choices For Your Coffee Shop

If you still don't have the right song choice, you can play it safe by going with the current trends. But you can't keep going this way because you have to contribute what you want to achieve. Remember, you not only have to play a song but at the same time boost your business.

You have to adjust what mood you want to establish in the coffee shop. Look for songs that can provide a relaxed or chill atmosphere. Remember, your place is a coffee shop, not a nightclub where people can let their wild side loose.

Your customer needs a quiet place to chat while enjoying drinks. There are several suitable genres such as Deep house, Lounge, Bossa nova, or Nu jazz.

Mix up and research the song so you can have a lot of songs that can be poured into a playlist.

That's all about music as an essential component in your coffee shop. You will feel how important coffee shop music is after seeing how customers react to the song you play and there is no bad impression for every customer waiting for the menu queue.

Thinking of music as a way to increase revenue is a good thing, but don't forget to think about coffee shop merchandise that can boost your revenue. BestGift is the best place to start.