Boost Your Productivity Meetings With Icebreaker Games

Boost Your Productivity Meetings With Icebreaker Games

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Meetings are routine agendas that need to be held in every company to discuss many things for the betterment of the company. Sometimes meetings can be tough and use up a lot of energy. If many employees are not focused because the meeting hours are too long or the discussion unfamiliar, then there must be something that can ease the minds of all team members. That's why icebreaker games are needed to restore focus and energy for team members before returning to focus back at the meeting.

We've summarized some fun icebreaker ideas for your meetings, and we guarantee they won't be boring.

Why is it called ice breaker?

The "Ice" is the metaphor of tension caused by unfamiliar discussion, something new and in a new environment, or a discussion that starts to get stuck. As the name implies, "Icebreaker" is a process to break the ice or lighten the atmosphere of the meeting to make it more fun and interactive.

What is the purpose of icebreaker games?

icebreaker games

The purpose is to make fun activities to warm up the meeting or re-focus during the meeting experience. Icebreakers can become energizers if the participants do it to the end and enjoy every icebreaker game that has been prepared. It's a good method for training sessions or team-building so that team members can focus and be collaborative.

Icebreaker can be determined by where you hold the meeting, and who the participants are. You can choose several suitable games by adjusting the meeting time. You don't need to take too long of a break, but try to make the icebreaker work effectively. If you are confused about what you can do during the icebreaker section, we will show you.

Top fun icebreaker games for work meetings

Work meetings might be overwhelming for new team members or in discussions that all team members are still not familiar with. With the icebreaker activity, team members can start to get the energy and re-gain their focus for the next meeting section. Here are the top icebreaker activities you can choose:

  1. The speed conversation

Have every team member seat near people they rarely work with. Tell them to look to their left and instruct them that the next 5 minutes they have to have a conversation discussing whatever they want. Every time the time runs out, let them switch places to find a new conversational partner. Repeat this until everyone has had a chance to chat with each other. It will be fun if they can share things about work, hobbies or knowledge sharing.

  1. The treasure icebreaker

Make clues that you put around the meeting room, let the team members collaborate to find the treasure that you have stored somewhere. Let them work together to solve some of the riddles or puzzles that you have made, but still give them time so they can strategize within the allotted time. Try to prepare treasures, such as corporation gifts or souvenirs for all members, and they will be happy when they get the treasure.

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  1. Build a story together

Can your team come up with a good story? It's time to prove it with this icebreaker idea. The team must build a storyline by letting each member compose a sentence. The host begins with the opening story, and let the team members do the rest. Stories can be funny, tense, or interesting, depending on how many team members can collaborate according to their imagination. It might be the most hilarious story you've ever heard while you laugh together.

This icebreaker activity is fun, simple, and quick. It's a good mix of creativity and engagement for your team.

  1. Leader Q&A

Bring the manager or head of project to receive questions for each team member, and give 5-10 minutes to ask anything without any restrictions. This will give each employee time to think about what topics to ask, and a chance for them to share any ideas or concerns they may have at work. The benefit of this activity can clarify some issues in meetings, and the head of project or manager can solve them.

  1. The friendly debate

Prepare some harmless questions to become topics of debate, and divide into two teams. Some examples of topics are: which is better, pizza or spaghetti? Do you prefer fishing or playing golf? which is more important, creativity or logic?

Let all team members voice their opinions, and give time for each team to speak in short sessions alternately. Everyone will give their opinion, and it becomes an exciting debate because they have their own point of view.

  1. Snack time

One of the best ways to break the ice is eating snacks. Prepare snacks and drinks for everyone, and let them relax while eating the snacks you have prepared. While enjoying the delicious drink and food, start chatting about whatever you want other than meeting discussions. It could be discussing movies, theories, hobbies, or office vacation plans.

  1. Connect words

A simple but fun game. Choose a word, and let the next person continue the word, by rule they must follow the last letter of the word you say. Give each person 10 seconds, and let the game continue until no one can find the right word. You can repeat the game until you get a winner. Don't forget to give small gifts as tokens of appreciation to people who can stay focused and creative to think of every next word.

  1. Let the jokes out

The challenge is for everyone to look at each other, and it starts with one person telling the joke. If one of the team members laughs, they are out of the game. Keep going until there is someone who can last till the end.

It will be more exciting if you record the moment, and let everyone be in one frame. You can play it back to see how the funny expressions of each team member are laughing or holding back their laughter to stay where they are.


Icebreaker is an activity needed to make the meeting atmosphere more conducive and effective. If you can choose the right games and all team members play enthusiastically and re-gain their focus for meetings.