Best Tips How to be A Good Manager

Best Tips How to be A Good Manager

Being a manager has a lot to prepare and have to do. One of the important things to think about is how to become a good manager. Being good in a position will keep the whole management running smoothly. If you are appointed as a manager, you must be able to change the small things to produce a great effect, and be able to blend into the team. But these tasks are never easy. In this article, we will provide tips and strategies How to be A Good Manager.

Why being a manager should be good?

Managers have an important role in the office because they have to understand how to create a healthy environment by checking what the needs of team members are, and listening to their opinions and thinking about their well-being. If managers are able to act good enough, they will provide stability to the team and may boost productivity and increase job satisfaction.

Being a manager must be able to give confidence to team members and motivates them to feel stable in their jobs. Managers can help to explain the job desk per team member and take part in making decisions and listen to the results of joint decisions.

Is it possible to be a good manager?

Everyone is possible to be a good manager as long as they always have the desire to learn. Being a manager requires exercise to lead a team and learn about professional growth. There is much to be learned apart from leadership, because managers must learn how to shape team members to show their best potential and also themselves.

Some people are born to be leaders, but others are chosen from other team members. It's okay if you feel overwhelmed by the position you just got, but don't hesitate to learn more and keep others motivated. The following are some of the best tips to become a great manager.

Best tips to be a good manager

This section will provide some tips and key strategies to focus on your ability to become an effective manager. You can pinpoint several item lists and implement them with your team. Each strategy will contribute to a better work environment.

  1. Build trust

Every relationshop needs trust. In work, managers must develop trust in team members to establish a conducive environment by being open and honest with one another. If the manager is not trusted by team members, the work environment will be toxic because there is mutual distrust and team members cannot collaborate well. The worst case, managers will not be listened to and team members prefer to work on their own accord without direction.

  1. Motivating team members

Every employee has days of bad performance, or bad mood. If you are aware of this, as a manager you must know how to encourage them to stay focused without forcing them. Try to talk directly to them, let the team members express their feelings, and take action according to what they say.

How to be A Good Manager

You can motivate team members by asking them what they like about their job on a regular basis, and what needs to be improved so they are more enthusiastic about working. Motivation can be by providing support to the needs of team members, or listening to what they want and you try to fulfill it.

  1. Communicate well

Another key to being a successful manager is communication. First, know how you communicate with team members, and how each member communicates. Besides having open channels for teams, also provide a special room for each team member so they can talk directly to you. Look for ways to best reach team members, and what your expectations are by communicating with each team member.

  1. Appreciation

Don't forget to appreciate team members if they did something good and achieved certain targets. Be transparent about it, not only talking about their duties, but also the accomplishments and achievements of the employees. You can talk privately with team members who contribute more, or talk about it together during meetings so that other team members are enthusiastic about achieving the same thing.

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  1. Treat team members equally

Being a manager must be neutral and impartial to anyone. Sometimes we don't realize that favoritism is inside us. We show this by focusing more on a team member who actually likes us, rather than an employee who makes a real contribution to the team. If this continues to happen, then your group will realize that there is a gap between team members and only certain people are considered. Monitor your behavior, don't let yourself be more in favor of some members, and be fair to all.

  1. Regular check-ins

Employees like it when they are noticed and heard. Schedule one-on-one meetings to give employees time to voice their opinions in private, because sometimes there are people who prefer to speak privately compared to a meeting. You can check whether each member has done their job description correctly or not. Tracking on project progress and how team members run it will maintain communication between you and team members to stay aligned and goal oriented.

  1. Balance of praise and criticism

After you give a compliment to an employee who is doing a good job or having an achievement, you should also give criticism if there are some people who make mistakes or don't carry out their duties properly. Showing the employees too much praise is not good, because they will expect you to always receive the results of their work. Sometimes you need to give criticism that builds enthusiasm and also gives them the opportunity to fix what is lacking in their work.

  1. Management training

For new managers, you need management training courses for your professional growth journey. The training courses will focus on personal skills and strategies to become a great leader. The more training and knowledge you know, the better prepared you will be to face various kinds of problems within the team, and try to be the best manager possible.