Coffee Shop Lighting Tips For Your Cafe

Coffee Shop Lighting Tips For Your Cafe

The coffee shop does not only focus on beverages but also on the environment and overall vibe as well. Now, people not only want to enjoy a delicious meal and great coffee, but they need a place to relax and socialize. If the coffee shop feels comfortable, customers can stay long and come back to visit your cafe for a great experience. What can provide a memorable experience? One of them is coffee shop lighting. Learning about coffee shop lighting tips will help you elevate your cafe and enhance its looks.

In addition to table layouts, decorations, or merchandise in the coffee shop, choosing the right lighting is imperative. There are many things to consider before you choose coffee shop lighting. Placement, styles, lighting types, and many other factors. Below are some of the coffee shop lighting you should know.

Types of Coffee Shop Lighting

There are three primary coffee shop lighting types, which are ambient, task, and accent lighting. Each type has its purpose and can be used as an option for different situations.


Ambient is the primary source of lighting with the greatest effect and enlightenment in the room you want to install. You can put natural sunlight or electric overhead fixtures to make it easier for people to see their surroundings while lighting up their surroundings with its bright light.


Task lighting is suitable to be placed near the staff's workplace to maximize them in doing their tasks. It's a concentrated light source that is suitable for helping staff when cooking or for customers who want to see the menu on the wall. Some examples of task lighting are overhead lamps and fluorescent lights. The hostess stand and customer tables are suitable to use this type of light.


Accent lighting gives the impression of drama and aesthetics in nature. Almost the same as task lighting as a concentrated light, but provides more focal points for things like merchandise, menu highlights, or fancy artwork.

Lighting That Describes the Mood

coffee shop lighting

Lighting can show the overall mood in the coffee shop. Low lighting and bright lighting are two approaches to mood lighting.

Low lighting

This lighting gives a relaxed and romantic impression to encourage customers to linger at the cafe. Low lighting is suitable for couples who want to be detached from others, providing enhanced privacy. You can put accent lighting and overhead dimmers and mix it up.

Bright Lighting

As the name implies, bright lighting will be more stimulating and make customers stay awake and alert. It will give customers high energy, a good mood, and positive vibes. You can use overhead light fixtures or large windows with wide sunlight access into the cafe.

Different Coffee Shop Lighting Based on the Meal Time

If you want a different type of coffee shop lighting throughout the day, you can adjust it according to the time you eat at that time. You can provide different lighting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For example, you allow customers to enjoy natural sunlight without having to add additional lights to the cafe. It will keep the customers to be awake and starts their day.

Next, for lunchtime, you will use moderate lighting while adjusting to the number of turnovers of customers during lunch rush hour.

For dinner time, you can use low intensity of lighting as relaxing vibes after customers pass their work time or go through the day with their activities.

Choosing the right coffee shop lighting can help you provide an excellent experience for your customers. A good coffee shop not only provides a delicious menu, but also a cozy place that makes them feel at home and becomes a destination when customers need it.

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