Finding the Best Commercial Coffee Roaster For Your Cafe

Finding the Best Commercial Coffee Roaster For Your Cafe

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A coffee roaster machine is one of the essential equipment in a coffee shop that roasts the coffee beans. The roasting process using a coffee roaster will bring out a distinctive aroma and can attract the interest of many potential customers. It's a huge investment for you by choosing the best commercial coffee roaster as one of the must-have inventory in a cafe.

How to choose a coffee roaster cafe? Determining the best is not easy because it requires consideration of several things. Coffee roasters are available in the market with many designs, forms, sizes, and functionalities. You must know the purpose of why you need a roaster in your cafe. Below is a list of things to consider regarding which coffee roaster machine is suitable to buy.


All businesses must think about the costs to determine upfront investment with the right steps. Is a coffee roaster machine needed when you first open a coffee shop, or can you use other options until there is sufficient cost.

The cost of a coffee roaster will be determined by how many coffee beans per batch per run. A private cafe will be different from a large coffee shop with many customers. The need to process coffee beans will be aligned with how big the roaster machine is needed.

There is an additional cost for installation, licenses, and maintenance for each roaster that will be selected. The cost per batch must be measured by how effective the roasting process is while saving a lot of time in producing coffee beverages. The most important thing to choose a coffee roaster café is cost-effectiveness.

Functions and Features

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Roasters have many variations in size, function, and shape. The many coffee beans require you to study each of their characteristics because each bean has a different aromatic flavor of dense, intense coffee and oil. The right roaster can determine the blend you want, whether you want a classic blend or something else.

Roasters have gas and electronic types. Place the roaster in a drum bed or fluid bed, stainless steel or cast iron, direct flame or infrared, automatic or manual.

Raw coffee beans require a roasting process because they are solid, stale, and hard. Nothing can be done with green beans and go through a roasting process. If you have been buying coffee beans from retail, you have to measure the exact cost between doubling your cost to buy a commercial coffee roaster, or still getting coffee from retail.


Small cafes require coffee roasters between 3-10 kg and cost between $15,000-$25,000. Try to find a smaller capacity and prioritize roasting rather than focusing on other things.

Investing in a coffee roaster machine must adjust to the size because you understand how many coffee beans you need every day. For example, a store or restaurant will use 24 kg of beans processing 30 pounds per hour. Coffee roasters can roast at 70-80% capacity per hour.


Each coffee shop has its characteristics with the coffee beans they use and what roaster they choose. Maintaining the flavors will be determined by how much you can process coffee beans for stock in your cafe. That's why your cafe needs a coffee roaster machine to process every coffee bean you choose. 

Have You Determined What Coffee Roaster You Will Choose?

That's a summary of what you should consider before choosing commercial coffee roasters. Determine the size, function, and price that fits your current business. There is no need to rush to buy a roaster, but try to choose the right machine that suits your business needs. After making a front investment in the form of a coffee machine, you can think about selling coffee shop merchandise like the one at BestGift. Elevate your business even faster.