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Event Gift Ideas: The Best Guest Gift For Corporate Event

 If you currently looking for event souvenirs for corporate events, check out these best even gift recommendation below:
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Leave a good impression for your event guests by giving them gifts or souvenirs. Mostly if you held big events such as a grand opening, company anniversary, brand promotion, employee awards, or other massive corporate events.

Those event gifts you give away to the guests could be the best walking advertising for your company branding, so let's find out some guest gift ideas for corporate events in this article. 

Best Events Gifts Recommendation

Corporate gifts are so significant to the guests. First, they love functional gifts. Who doesn't like to get gifts? Second, get the brand logos and taglines printed to the event gifts so they will always see and remember your brand.

Another good thing is, they will use or wear those corporate gifts so other people will see your company or brand logos too. Isn't it the best walking advertising that will benefit your brand? 

Thus, if you currently looking for event souvenirs for corporate events, check out these best even gift recommendation below:

1. Metal Signature Pen

event gifts

Metal signature pen is one of the best event gift recommendations, mostly for corporate events. This type of metal signature pen has a classy design and high quality ink that does not run out or leak fastly.

Almost all employees will need a pen to fulfill their tasks. So, getting a gift of one of the office supplies will definitely make them happy.

Although a pen sounds simple, it can be a very useful gift for their office life. Besides, you can get a custom metal signature pen here.

2. Porcelain Cup

custom made ceramic cups

Porcelain cup is a fancy event souvenir. Your attendees will love the gift and will tell their friends about how great your brand is after the party. 

Get a high-quality, sturdy, and glossy porcelain cup for them to drink coffee at the office. Don't forget to customize the color, style, design, and logo that represents your brand or company. 

The custom made ceramic cups could also be a nice walking advertisement for your company. Imagine when you get them a classic beautiful porcelain cup and one morning they upload a picture of them drinking a hot coffee using the cup with your company or brand logo, and it gets so many likes on social media. 

3. Thermos Cup

custom thermos cup

Nowadays people like to carry their own thermos cup to the office, to gym, or anywhere because it's easy, functional, environment safe, and somehow more hygenic. So, a thermos cup is also one of great event gift ideas your attendees will love. 

Again, print your company logo on the cup and customize the design that represents your company beautifully. They will get a high-quality custom thermos cup that they are gonna carry wherever and you will get a free walking advertisement. 

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4. Canvas Bags

custom canvas bag

Hey, let's save the environment today by getting rid of plastic bags and start using canvas bags, tote bags, or fancy cotton shopping bags. Yes! You can help the free plastic bag movement for the earth by giving them a custom canvas bag as the corporate gifts. 

Get a really cute design for the canvas bag with a soft advertising on it, so they will love to wear it wherever they need to carry a shopping bag. It's functional and fashionable at the same time. It's a win-win solution, right?

5. T-Shirts


custom t-shirt,

T-shirts are the most ultimate and the best guest gift ideas for corporate events, but don't give them a bad design or unwearable one. A classic polo shirt made of comfortable cotton, printed with a little logo of your brand or company, or a well-designed t-shirt merch will do. 

Again, the best corporate gifts are those stuff they can wear or use in daily life. They will love the custom t-shirt, they will wear it, and they will remember your company. 

6. Hat

custom hat

Hat is so popular among the public, it's one of the most iconic fashion items today. The employees or your conference attendees will also love to receive a cool, well-designed, or a classic good custom hat for the party favors. 

They will also wear the hat outside because it’s so comfortable and fashionable. Thus, it’s a nice and free branding strategy for your company. 

7. Business Notebook

custom business notebook

What's more best guest gift ideas for corporate events? What about a goodie bag of all office supplies, such as a metal signature pen, highlighter, pencil case, and a business notebook? Those supplies are so essential for the employees. They need it all the time. 

Most companies will choose a custom business notebook as an event souvenir because it's so functional, formal, and always has a great promotion effect for the company. You can also insert some information, branding, or product knowledge of your company between the pages of the notebook.

8. Advertising Fan

custom advertising fan

It's a classic event gift idea but people always love it. An advertising fan is one of the best options for publicity companies. It's a classical type, simple, elegant, and generous. 

Even if you live in an area where you don't need to use a hand-held fan in daily function, people will tend to keep it or display it as home decoration or even collection because the custom advertising fan looks somehow unique.

Thus, please customize a really elegant or unique hand-held fan design and represent your company profile at the same time. 

9. Umbrella

custom umbrella

Do you still want the best event gift recommendation? Get a custom umbrella for the party favors. 

Umbrellas are so useful for our daily life. It saves you from the rain but you can also use the umbrella to block the sun during suny seasons. 

Moreover, an umbrella as one of the corporate gifts can bring good publicity for your company. They will see and remember that little logo your company printed beautifully on the advertising umbrella. 

10. Lunch Bag 


custom lunch bag

A lunch bag is also a nice idea for event souvenirs. Mostly if you present the employees, the conference attendees, or the guests with a high-quality lunch bag that has more features such as waterproof bag, thermal bag, or insulation aluminum film lunch box bag.

Get a custom lunch bag that represents your company branding, from the color, the design, the logos, and everything. Like any other well-designed merchandise, it must give you good company publicity. 

11. Mask Storage Box

mask storage box

We use face masks or medical masks to maintain cleanliness and health from pollution or harmful germs that can enter our respiratory tract. However, all of that will not be useful if you store the mask or put the mask either before or after being used carelessly.

Therefore, you must use a mask storage box which can also be the best choice of event souvenirs. People don't realize they need a mask storage box, so they'll be grateful for that.

12. All Office Stationery 

office stationery recommendations

If you held a bigger agenda at office, then these essential office items can be the best guest gift ideas for corporate events: 

  • Fine-grained mercerized lanyard
  • Round post-it note
  • Smiley mini sticky notes
  • Removable notes
  • Hardcover business notebook
  • Small triangle cotton and linen washable pencil case
  • Small triangle cotton and linen washable pencil case
  • Colorful solid color press gel pen

Make all items customized in one tone color, matching design, or based on seasonal products that are being promoted in your office currently. Explore aour website to get the best office stationery recommendations

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What Makes The Best Event Gifts or Party Favors?

It's not like you can give away any gifts as you want for the party, conference, or corporate events. Here are five things you should know about what makes the best event souvenirs:

  • Functional

The gifts should be functional and practical, the things you know they need and will actually use daily. For instance, everyday office items or stationary will be the best gifts for employees.

For the regular guests, the best gifts such as t-shirt, hat, umbrella, notepad, power bank, or fan will do. You can customize it according to the event, the important thing is that the prize is something useful and good.

  • High Quality

Every item of the gifts should have at least good quality. If the gift is good and has a certain quality, that will give your company a good impression. Unless that, the attendees will doubt you have a good taste or your product is good enough.

  • Durable

Don't give a gift that is ugly or break easily, as it will give the event organizers a bad impression. Give gifts to visitors something quality and durable. As long as the gift item is around, they will remember your brand for that long.

  • Creative Items

People love creative things or items. Whether it's from the designs, the colors, or the function of the items, make it look interesting, catchy, and creative.

  • Memorable

This is the thing about branding. You should design the corporate gifts and events really catchy and fun that will help them to remember your brand. The gifts are your walking advertisement and free publicity, so make the merchandise really memorable. 

That's all about the best event gift recommendations. Which one do you think is the best idea? You can choose any type of party favors or souvenir but you should buy it or custom the gifts from a trusted and recommended store that guarantee you the best high quality products.