Top 10 Team Building Games in 2023

Top 10 Team Building Games in 2023

Having a team in the office is a big responsibility. Aligning goals, building trust, and solving problems together are some of the steps that must be successful in a team. While we know about the importance of team building, we must have separate steps to build an effective team. One of them is doing team building games.

Games are fun and creative ways to bring your team to be collaborative and connect with each member. Whether you make games virtually or at the office, each game will energize your team and boost their productivity. Let's take a look about everything you can know about team building games.

What are team building games?

It's a game that requires a team to carry out joint activities that boost their communication, productivity, and strengthen their bond at the office. The purpose of team building activities is to motivate each team member to work together, address any weaknesses, and develop their strengths together. Every team building exercise prioritizes collaboration over competition.

Before we jump into game ideas, we should know about types of team building.

What are the 5 types of team building?

Every team building activity has a variety of formers, and it depends on the goals. Some events are made to develop specific skills, while other events are designed to foster relationship building. Let's take a look about each type of team building.

  1. Communication

Teams need to communicate with each other. Excellent communication can launch any project and align any goals. Communication develops trust and helps employees to stay engaged with each other.

  1. Meeting kickoff

Meetings and sharing ideas are needed by every employee as motivation and also finding new ideas together. Team meetings provide additional space when team members experience difficulties, need additional information, or plan for the future.

  1. Problem solving

Every team always has problems that must be solved together. Every challenge will be easy if every team member can contribute to solving the problem. Not only need fast, but must be accurate to find the right solution.

  1. Bonding

The team is a collection of members with various backgrounds and abilities. If each member already trusts one another, the next step is bonding to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. If they already have a strong professional relationship, employees are more likely to ask for help and support each other.

  1. Creative thinking

Every employee has the right to express their ideas. By creating team building activities that focus on how employees think, it will make employees accustomed to thinking of new ideas, and not just sitting around waiting for other people's opinions.

Now is the thing you've been waiting for, the best team building games ideas.

Best team building games that your team will love

team building games
  1. Truth and lie

Each team member will get four slips of paper, or use a laptop while remote. Each team member needs to write down three truths and one lie. The lie must be believable, and the truth must not be offensive or rude. Return to the group, and the team will read the truths and lies for each member, but in random order. After finishing, the team will discuss which ones are the truths and which ones are lies.

This is an exercise to get to know each other. Each team member is given the opportunity to reveal facts, and be able to find out each other's facts, and also learn about the liest that they thought was true.

  1. Pub-like trivia

Divide employees into two to three teams. Pub-like trivia will test the team's knowledge with a list of trivia questions. The questions can be from little-known facts or from a variety of subjects. Teams are given the opportunity to discuss the answers, and which team can answer the most questions correctly wins.

  1. Secret gifter

It's a gift exchange that can be done any time of the year. Team members submit names and are tasked with buying gifts. To maintain the same quality and fairness in gifts, set a price limit and the company acts as a sponsor to purchase the gifts. On the appointed day, team members will exchange gifts. If a team member can correctly guess who the gifter is, they will win.

The secret gift game encourages team members to learn more about who is giving gifts and understand how to choose the perfect gift.

  1. Guess the film

Team members submit photos or a few minutes clips about movie collections or trailers. Then, display the film clups or pictures in a central location, and let the team members submit guesses as to who the owners are. The person who can guess the title of the film and the owner wins the game.

This game is great for teams because your team can learn each team member's favorite genre, and can become suggestions for what film to watch next.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Divide the team into several groups, and tell them to find a list of items to locate and bring back. The host can hide or arrange some items in advance, or let the team members leave the building. The goal is to get the group that can return first with the most items. You can set a time limit for searching for items, and have everyone return when the time runs out.

Or you can do a digital scavenger hunt, by searching for something or specific information from online web pages. You can create a rule by only using one selected search engine from the host.

  1. Blind drawing

Divide the team into groups with each group containing 2 people. One person sits with their back to the other, and one person holding a picture. A person not holding the picture must draw on the paper with their pen, according to the people with the picture instructions. Set the time limit, or let them change places every few minutes to speed up the race time.

  1. What’s my name

Find a photo of a famous person and put it on the back of the team members, and write down people types such as athletes, doctors, wealthy, actors, etc as name tags. Each team member has to guess who their famous person is by asking the other members. Everyone who can figure out who the famous person is can exit the game, and let the rest continue.

  1. Alphabet chain

The team first settles on a topic, then each member must name words that fit the topic. Each word must begin with the last letter of previous word. If there is a team member who cannot think of a suitable word, then that person must step aside. This game can increase vocabulary and be able to think creatively.

  1. The barter puzzle

Break the team into groups with the same number. Each team has a different jigsaw puzzle with the same level of difficulty. Set amount of time to complete the puzzle as a group, and explain that several pieces of puzzle belong to the other team puzzles in the room.

The goal is to complete their puzzle before the other groups, while each group must think of a way to complete their puzzle by taking the remaining pieces in the other group.

  1. New product presentation

Each team member takes one item from their desk, and tells them that the item will be a new product. Give them time to think about a name, slogan, logo and marketing plan for that object. This game can be done individually or in small groups.

After the time is up, each person or team must present their product in two minutes as if they were selling it. Discuss in a group, which products have been sold successfully and why.


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