Custom Stationery Recommendations for a More Personal Workspace

Custom Stationery Recommendations for a More Personal Workspace

Printing your own LOGO in the stationery gifts not only improves the recognition, but also becomes a unique gift.
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We all know that the more personalized a product or service, the easier it is to get everyone's attention and recognition. In recent years, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to this part of customized gifts. It does not mean that companies are rich in wealth, but that the importance of corporate gift customization.

On the one hand, even if the same product is engraved with the company's logo or other things, it will appear unique. On the other hand, it is also a manifestation of people's demand for personalized products.

 In recent years, practical, atmospheric, commercial, and versatile high-quality stationery gifts have been favored by many companies, and have become the first choice for gifts to employees or customers during the Chinese New Year. The choice of high-quality gifts not only shows the corporate taste, attitude and strength, but also represents the corporate image and leaves a good impression on people.

Printing your own LOGO in the stationery gifts not only improves the recognition, but also becomes a unique gift. This is the charm of customized stationery. Logo printing, QR code printing, molding injection customization...These seemingly detailed creations will actually play a big role, and can really help companies shape their image and carry out brand promotion and promotion.

What is customized stationery?

In order to promote the brand, the company will choose a variety of channels to advertise. Then customized gifts are also a good way of publicity and promotion. Office stationery includes a variety of stationery products, such as notebooks, pencil cases, pens, memo pads, and so on.

The stationery products on the market are innovated, giving people more and more choices. Then if you want to have a stationery with your own characteristics, of course, choose custom stationery.

Customized stationery is to use different printing methods to print the logo, brand name, and slogan with brand characteristics in the selected office stationery, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

How do I make my own stationery?

In the era of diversified products, many companies will create customized products of their own brands. Here is a suggestion to recommend everyone to choose a professional customized gift website platform to customize.

The gift customization platform can give you a design plan based on your product needs, and then brand slogans to be promoted, and then rest assured to wait for the sample version, and after you are satisfied, you can create your own customized stationery in batches.

15 Best Stationery Gift Ideas for People Who Love Stationeries is a professional platform for gift customization. With 30 years of customization experience, it can definitely help you. There are more than 100 types of stationery gifts that can be customized on the platform, as well as free designs, and you have everything you want.

1. Custom Notebook

Custom Notebook

There are many types of notebooks on the market today, but the most popular one should be the classic notebooks. If you want to have your own personalized notebook, a customized notebook will surely satisfy you.

The notebook can be customized in a wide range, and the company's logo name and slogan can be printed well. There are also various printing methods. So notebooks are a popular choice for custom stationery.

 2. Pen Custom

custom pen

The pen is a very everyday item, which is often used by both campus students and white-collar workers at work. If you want personalized stationery, a custom pen is of course indispensable.

It is very common to print your own brand's logo on the pen. If you want to be more distinctive, you can choose a designer on the customization platform to give you professional customization, and professionally customize your exclusive pen.

3. Custom work card

custom work card

The work card and the work lanyard will be customized by the company. A work badge and work lanyard belonging to your own company represent the companys corporate culture.

Work badges and work lanyards can also be diversified and customized, and exclusive work cards and work lanyards can be customized according to the companys corporate characteristics. A beautiful work badge and work lanyard can also achieve a good promotion effect for the company's corporate brand.

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 4. Custom Post-It Notes

custom post it

The note book contains stationery items such as post-it notes. It is something that office students often use. Customized memo pads have gradually become a popular choice.

Print the brand's logo and slogan on the sticky pad, which can be seen everywhere, and the publicity effect is of course self-evident. The customization of memo pads is also very diversified, and can be customized according to corporate brand characteristics.

 5. Pencil Case Custom

pencil case custom

Pencil case and pencil case is one of the must-have stationery for students. The production of pencil case and pencil case is becoming more and more individual. It can be said that there are various styles.

Then a pencil case with a brand logo slogan must make your desktop more distinctive and more personalized. The brand side also achieved the desired publicity effect, achieving two goals with one stone.

If you want a more personalized workspace, don't miss the choice of custom office stationery. may be a customized gift platform that can help you. The Hong Kong gift ordering platform has factories in the mainland of Hong Kong. Have the strongest after-sales service in Hong Kong.

There are more than 100 types of customized stationery gifts on the platform for you to choose from. There are also professional designers to customize the effect you want. Hope the above suggestions can help you.