How to Optimize Coffee Shop Inventory Management

How to Optimize Coffee Shop Inventory Management

Becoming the business owner of a cafe or restaurant requires you to complete all existing tasks from employee management to coffee shop inventory management. Many business owners are overwhelmed with too many things to take care of, even managing inventory.

Lucky for you, this time, we will provide some tips for your coffee shop inventory, so you can save many hours of work and monitor what you have while overseeing coffee shop inventory to ensure it stays in business.

Restaurant Inventory Management is Important in Coffee Shop

coffee shop inventory management

The R.I.M. or Restaurant Inventory Management is a procedure that is often used to monitor the available supplies and ingredients for each shift in real-time. This system will make it easier for staff and cafes to find out how ready food, beverage, and supply are to make more economical orders. The inventory management system will make day-to-day operations easier and achieve long-term goals.

Overseeing the coffee shop inventory list will help you to reduce food wastage, deter theft, prevent under-ordering, and advance your business. It will be an overwhelming part for new business owners because they don't know how to manage inventory properly. Some below are coffee shop inventory management that you need to know.

Tips About Coffee Shop Inventory Management

  1. Utilizing a Point of Sale System

Using a POS (point of sale) system including order planning reports, integrated accounting, automated inventory tracking, and data forecasting. But POS has a weakness because some things must be written manually, such as spillage, spoilage, incorrect or inefficient food preparation or drink process, customer complaint resolutions, and theft. If you want to maximize coffee shop inventory, you can take inventory by hand for better reports and data accuracy.

  1. Consistent Schedule

Check the perishables and popular ingredients daily. For bulk items and non-perishables, you can count on it once a week. Once you can see the pattern, you can create a consistent schedule to understand how many ingredients and supplies are needed per day to adjust your neu, offerings, or orders as necessary.

  1. First In First Out Method

Using items in an order will help you to minimize food spoilage issues. You can arrange them according to the area such as freezer, shelves, dry and cool storage and sorted by the FIFO method. Some dispensers and containers are specially designed for FIFO dispensing and make it easy for you to use this method.

  1. Assign More than One Staff to Track Inventory

A few people are needed to check your inventory. The coffee shop inventory list must be checked by staff such as chefs and managers to check for inconsistencies. If these workers can consistently check inventory, they will begin to understand the patterns and nuances of managing coffee shop inventory.

Don't forget to train your employees until they can guarantee accuracy in inventory management. Don't forget to give bonuses to staff who can consistently track inventory with appropriate accuracy. A proper inventory will impact your business even better.


Doing coffee shop inventory management doesn't have to wait for your coffee shop to grow rapidly, because you have to get used to inventory management from the start you open a cafe. If you can manage your inventory neatly, then you can re-evaluate things such as overhead costs or what is the right price for your menu.

Now, you understand how to save a lot of time and reduce stress when it comes to inventory management. Next, you need to learn how essential coffee shop merchandise is as a step to increasing revenue. Visit for coffee shop merchandise that matches your coffee shop, and start to get the best move.