The Best Work Friendly Cafes and Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

The Best Work Friendly Cafes and Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

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A creative, freelancer, college student, or remote worker can work and study wherever they want. You certainly know that just working at home will easily get bored and need a new atmosphere. Having a special space to work every day with a different atmosphere will help us to stay productive and keep getting inspired. Luckily we are in Hong Kong, because there are many work friendly cafes that are comfortable and spacious to work and study from.

We have several top lists for work-friendly and study-friendly coffee shops in Hong Kong, which could be standard cafes or co-working spaces. These places have everything you need, from strong wifi, delicious food, comfortable places, and high quality coffee. Before discussing it all, let's learn why many people choose to work from a cafe instead of their home.

Does working in a café increase productivity?

Not everyone has the same focus key when working or studying. Even though at home there is a great possibility for calm and concentration, a working environment that never changes can cause boredom and does not bring up new ideas when we need them. Working away from the usual place is one way to boost our productivity while at the same time taking a break from the patterns we usually have.

The human brain loves something new and exciting stuff. Our brain releases the 'feel good' hormone or dopanie which can be obtained when we eat our favorite foods and beverages, see a change of scene, or do something new in a new place.

A coffee shop or cafe may not be much different from a normal work environment, but there are activities from other people, new sights in scenery, smells, and sounds that we feel can make us stay happy and always motivated.

Some people can get productivity while working in work friendly cafes because the environment has been set specifically for people who want to relax and work. Choosing coffee shops or cafes for workplaces can increase productivity as long as the place is qualified and according to personal desires. Different people's productivity levels, as well as their needs. If the place they choose feels right, then productivity will certainly increase.

Why do people work better in coffee shops?

Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

Coffee shops or work friendly cafes allow you to change the environment. When we are in a new environment, it will bring new stimulation and bring up many new ideas. The medium of ambient noise in an average coffee shop is 70 decibles. This figure will influence productivity, where the workplace has 50 decibles because it is too quiet, and a place that is too crowded has 85 decibles because it is too loud and difficult to concentrate.

Changing place from time to time will satisfy our brain to seek for novelty. The dopamine can be filled when we always see new places, favorite foods and drinks, and see what other people are doing to inspire us to work more and be more creative.

Coffee shops will provide a fresh environment, creative people are in one place, new sounds, and lower distractions than at home or in the office. Our brains can also create new mechanisms or new pathways to complete work or study tasks.

The best work friendly coffee shops in Hong Kong

  1. Elephant Grounds (G/F Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, +852 3580 0554,

It's one of the Hong Kong favorite places for work with our long opening for workers who want to start work early or go late. Elephant Grounds has five locations, providing indoor and outdoor seating. A diverse menu and a wide selection of coffee will suit your meal times, from breakfast to dinner. You can choose to order coffee plus sweet and savory snacks in between. Don't worry about the wifi quality, because they have a reliable wifi connection even on workdays.

  1. Staring Over Espresso (G/F, 17 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 9242 5433,

The founder of Starong Over Espresso, Jeffie Cheung is a coffee fanatic who has been in the coffee industry for over a decade. She established this coffee shop with positive vibes and provides an ambiance to get the work done. Staring Over Espresso is not only work friendly cafes, but also has an expansive drinks menu, as well as cold bowls and hot food. You can take the quiet mornings here to study or work.

  1. The Work Project (15/F Soundwill Plaza II, Midtown, 1-29 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 3896 1000,

It's a co-working space with day passes, full-time memberships, part-time work desks, as well as private office spaces for rent. Here you can see some items suitable for company souvenirs on display near the table. The table setting and work environment are perfect for a meeting room with a large space. The Work Project focuses on creating a comfortable co-working space with freshly brewed and ground coffee. A suitable place for workers who need a quiet and cozy place for seminars or meetings.

  1. Holly Brown (Hong Kong Island Location, G/F, 22 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2869 9008,

Holly Brown is one of the top work friendly cafes because of their outstanding coffee, gelato and sweet treats. In their website, they state the Holly Brown baristas are the World Barista Champions who have participated in many competitions. The cafe has soft drinks, teas, juices and milkshakes if you want to choose something other than coffee. Don't forget the comfort food like pizza and burgers available here. The cozy place to work with laptops and strong wifi is one of the mainstays at this work cafe.

  1. Pacific Coffee (Ap Lei Chai Location, Horizon Plaza, Tequila Kola, 1/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, + 852 3417 3118)

Pacific Coffee has many chains in Hong Kong across almost every district. Remote workers and freelancers like to work at this cafe because there are lots of power outlets and strong wifi. The big food menu is also a mainstay because there are many choices of food and drinks to choose from, so workers will never be bored to make it a regular workplace. If you are a coffee lover and want the right place to work in peace and relaxation, Pacific Coffee is the solution.