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When is The Best Time to Give Corporate Gifts?

We all know about how to give corporate gifts, but sometimes we don't know what occasion is right and what we can give. Corporate gifts have a huge impact on your business, and must be considered carefully. Sending the wrong moment can have bad consequences for the company, such as offering no memorable impact, causing insult, or making you in trouble. The general rule about gifting is to make a plan to give a gift to help your company run smoothly.

Why should you give corporate gifts?

Companies need corporate gifts as a way to build a solid brand, strengthen business relationships, and improve reputation. Giving gifts to clients, employees and business partners will generate good feelings. The feelings can be a good image for your business as being kind and caring. A positive reputation can increase income because it attracts more sales from customer referrals, increases productivity by employees, and trust from clients.

What are the rules for corporate gifting?

We cannot give corporate gifts carelessly. There are several things you need to pay attention to, such as check the compliance laws, don't go overboard, and don't do too much. If you don't give a gift on a certain occasion, clients will consider it a bribe and it could have bad consequences for your business. Avoid certain times when you want to give corporate gifts, such as when signing cooperation agreements, or certain times when discussing projects.

Things To Think About When Sending A Corporate Gift

The choice of corporate gifts is increasing every day. You have to know what gift is suitable for the recipient, while thinking about etiquette and ethics. There are also several things to pay attention to when you are thinking about corporate gifts. Let's see what you should think about when it comes to corporate gifting.

  1. Think about the recipient, not you as the giver

Sometimes there are still many companies who have the wrong concept when they want to give corporation gifts. They only think about wanting to give something, but don't think about whether the recipient will like it, or can get the recipient's interest. For example, when you want to send to a recipient for Women's Day, then you have to think about what the recipient might like or dislike.

  1. Do not violate any law

Check the company's customer gifting policy to ensure you don't make mistakes when giving gifts. Find out about legal constraints in your industry or client's industry. This will avoid unethical behavior when you give gifts.

  1. Budget

Stay within the budget. Don't let your expenses increase for corporate gifts. Sometimes excessive gifts can be considered bribes, and you have to know the boundaries for appropriate gifts without causing problems.

  1. Personalize the gift

There's nothing wrong with adding a company logo to the gifts you give to clients or employees. This will be a reminder to the recipient that you are the one who gave that memorable gift. You can choose many useful gifts and use many printing methods to keep your company logo stay on the product for a long time.

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  1. Give gifts as often as you want

To show your true appreciation, avoid giving gifts only on special occasions. It might be good if you can give clients or employees any gift more than twice a year. For example, you can give gifts on birthdays, work anniversaries, accomplishments, or on client's work anniversaries. Random and unexpected gifts can strengthen your relationship with the recipient.

The best time to give corporate gifts

To make it easier for you to choose the right time to give corporation gifts, we compiled a list of the great times to give corporation gifts.

  1. For the holidays

Before entering the holiday season, you can give corporation gifts to clients and employees. There are several suitable holidays such as Christmas and New Year's Eve, or special holidays during work anniversaries. Because before the holidays are the busy time of the year, you need to plan ahead for what gift is suitable and makes it memorable. Hampers with fruit, luxury drinks, healthy snacks are suitable choices for holiday gifts.

  1. Work anniversary

Choose between your work anniversary or when the client's company was founded. You show that doing research and taking time to appreciate your business partners when they least expect it. Presentation and choice of gift matters. You must measure up your brand standards, and celebrate the anniversary as much as your company values craftsmanship and quality.

  1. Saying thank you

Thank you is one of the magic words that has a positive impact on business. Thank you messages with gifts are a way to show your appreciation to employees or clients that you value them and your way of maintaining good working relationships. Bring appropriate gifts besides giving a thank you note with gift baskets, clothing, wine set gifts, and tech accessories.

  1. After big project

Saying well done after finishing a daunting project or landing that big client will show the employee's hard work is appreciated. Give individual or group gifts with gifts of experience, incentives, or additional holidays. Providing something after a big project will foster new enthusiasm for employees to face other projects and maintain good performances.

  1. At the end of a great year

The end of the year is the time to evaluate the performance of each employee, and determines whether that year the company has made progress or not. After a great year, employees need information about what the team has gone through and how the office is progressing. Reward employees' efforts with appropriate gifts. How much you spend it depends on how good the business year has been. This is the right time to take the team on holiday together with their family.

  1. Celebrate life’s big moment

This occasion is specifically for individuals, because you give gifts during momentous occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, promotions and baby showers. Recognize your employees by celebrating their great times and giving gifts that match the occasion. You can give gifts personally or during one-on-one meetings and show how much you care about employees on their special days.

  1. After resolving the big issue

Sometimes big issues in the office can affect employee performance and morale. After you and your team have solved big problems, you can give your employees time to relax while thanking the team for their good work as problem solvers. Giving gifts after a big problem can gain employee's morale and restore their enthusiasm. If big problems are solved together, it will lighten the mind and also provide valuable lessons for each individual in the company. That's why this moment is the right time for you to give a corporation gift.


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Knowing the right time to give corporate gifts is important to get maximum impact on the progress of your business. Whether you give it to employees or clients, you need to think about what items you want to give and the right time to avoid the possibility of bribery or causing any problems on your business. Don't forget to personalize your gift as brand awareness and as a reminder to employees and clients that you are the giver of that memorable gift.