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Best 15 Conference Gift Ideas for Conference and Events

Conferences are a big part of the business. There are many ways to make conferences awesome, one of which is by choosing conference gift ideas. The key is to make a good impression from the attendees, and the conference gifts will become a good conference experience from the initial work obligation to something meaningful. The increasing number of gift choices out there means you have to be smart in choosing what gift you will give. Let's see what gift is suitable to give at a conference and make them happy when they receive it, no matter what role they might have.

How do you make a conference special?

Sometimes conferences can be boring because we will see Powerpoint slides with monotone lectures. But if you are the organizer, then you have to think about conference ideas that can infuse excitement and engagement. Providing unforgettable experiences to attendees is proof that you can successfully create a conference event.

The two best steps to ramp up audience participation are games and giveaways. Simple indoor games such as icebreakers can make attendees interact with each other, while you apply your conference gift ideas as giveaways.

How do you get people excited for a conference?

Sometimes many people are lazy to go to conferences or work events because the activities are boring and not varied. Your job as an organizer is to make attendees feel like they are getting something valuable, not a chore. Inject a source of fun, such as making icebreakers and giving gifts. Don't forget to facilitate brainstorming, giving attendees the opportunity to convey their opinions to other participants and have a classy chat.

conferenc event gift

When you invite someone to a conference, you need to tell them the structure of the event and what they can expect. Create content that tells a story, so that attendees can expect something new and won't get boring presentations like old conferences.

15 best conference gift ideas for any events

We have discussed one way to give a special impression at a conference, which is conference gift ideas. After creating a fun and innovative conference, you need to give gifts to make attendees feel proud to be a part of the event. Let's see what is the right gift for the attendees.

  1. Foam yoga mat

Sometimes a lightweight and straightforward gift can be a source of pride for the recipient if we know what items are suitable to give. The customizable foam yoga mat is workout gear that everyone can use, making attendees always remember to stay fit wherever they go. Why is this gift special? Because attendees can be proud of themselves because they have a foam yoga mat to stay healthy.

  1. Custom tote bag

Tote bags are super versatile gifts, available in various colors, and you can add a unique design in the middle of the bag. Totes are one of the best gifts at conferences because they are eco-friendly and easy to get. You can provide additional gifts to put in the bag, or products that you want to offer to attendees.

  1. Mini notebook set

If the conference provides a lot of interesting information and lessons, then attendees need something to write down conference hot takes like a mini notebook set. Choose a notebook set with lots of pages, plus a matching pen to quickly write down any information or personal thoughts. If you want something personalized, you can customize it with the recipient's name, or your company logo on the hardcover.

  1. Bluetooth finder

There is one thing that can unite us with people, namely how we look for items that are easily lost, such as keys, chargers or other important items. The Bluetooth finder makes it easy to find our important items, because you can pair them with a Bluetooth device.

With the app on your phone, you can easily find your last paired Bluetooth finder with your valuables. You can set an alarm to make it easier for you to find misplaced items. This modern conference gift will give the recipient peace of mind to protect their valuables.

  1. Refillable glass water bottle

Everyone definitely has a moment where they are thirsty in the middle of a meeting and there is no water available in sight. The water bottle can be a conference handout that overcomes the problem of dehydration for attendees. Although you as the host will need a glass water bottle as a hydration station instead of leaving the room and looking for a drink.

  1. Bento lunchbox

The Japanese-style bento lunch box will be an attractive gift for attendees, because it can support your company's commitment to sustainability, making it easier for recipients to meal prep. Choose a bento lunch box with BPA-free material, includes spoon and fork, as well as a sauce container that can tuck into the box.

Many lunchboxes now feature leakproof silicone sealing, and are great for anyone to take their lunch to work and put in a bag to eat later.

  1. Power bank

In this digital era, smartphone batteries and other gadgets are like life for every user. By providing a power bank, you can give attendees the opportunity to charge their phones wherever they go. Power bank is easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to recharge. Give a power bank with power up to 5000 Mah and don't forget to customize it with the company logo.

  1. Wireless charger

The wireless charger is ideal for salespeople or employees who need to use their phones throughout the day and move from office to place. The wireless charger has rotating magnetic connectors to charge all devices ranging from tablets, headphones, cameras, smartphones, etc. This charger can be a solution for everyone who needs to always be steady with their gadget for work, and fits in their pocket or purse and can be carried at any time.

  1. Classic backpack

A classic backpack could be the right gift for your next conference or corporate event. The backpack has a large front pocket to store many items you need for the day. The adjustable straps will add comfort and comfort, making it easier for anyone who carries it and look stylish. Apart from the rear space being large enough for lots of people, there are side pockets for extra storage to keep small belongings.

  1. Traditional mug for morning coffee

Giving an item that can be used every day is something memorable for attendees. Give them a ceramic mug with the company logo in the middle to enjoy their favorite coffee in the morning. Choose a mug with a glossy interior so that your logo is clearly visible and long-lasting. Choose the right color to match the logo design you choose.

  1. Waterproof speaker

The waterproof speaker will always accompany the recipient to listen to their favorite songs whenever and wherever they want. Employees and clients can play their favorite music under the rain, sun, at the office party with more than 10 hours of battery life, and only takes a short time to charge via USB. This gift is suitable for music lovers and adventurers who want to listen to songs without having to worry about the weather around them.

  1. Office essentials

Sometimes employees and clients always appreciate if they get office essentials at a conference or seminar. Some office essentials that are good to use while working are a notebook plus a pen, stapler, and stable refills. You can add several other important items such as a desk organizer, ruler, or adjust it to the role of the attendees.

  1. Custom T-shirt giveaways

Apparel is one of the favorite items that is suitable for conferences with supersoft quality and stylish for any occasion. Choose a medium or large size and unisex, with the T-shirt color matching the design you choose. T-shirts are one item that is easy to put a company logo on the front or back, making your brand easily recognized by many people every time the recipient wears it.

  1. Travel bag

The eco-friendly travel bag is perfect for the gym or travel. Spacious space, as well as perfect straps to easily carry heavy luggage for attendees who like to travel once a month. If you want to provide something more high end for attendees, this is the right choice.

  1. Custom embroidered hat

Need branded hats for your attendees? how about a personalized hat to show your company logo? Some events can provide something that is low budget but still gets great exposure, such as a custom embroidered hat. You can add the classic baseball hat with the company logo in the middle, plus a color that matches the design you choose.

Event Gift Ideas: The Best Guest Gift For Corporate Event

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