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12 Best Promotion Gifts to Congratulate Colleague's Success

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Every career path advancement is celebration-worthy. If you see your colleague, employee, or your best friend achieve their promotion because of their hard work, you want to celebrate them in a great way. Celebration for someone who gets a promotion at work will be more complete if you give promotion gifts. Because no matter the before or after titles, whoever gets promoted at work deserves to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to their office until they get a professional upgrade.

We will provide you with information about promotion gift ideas, until you find the best choice for what gifts are suitable for colleagues, friends, or employees.

What to do when someone gets promoted?

In some cases, if you hear the news, if someone else has been promoted over you, it might be hard for you. But you must still give a good response to a colleague or supervisor gets promoted with respect and support. Be the good support even though you also want to be in the same position, make your enthusiasm to reach the same position.

Same goes way for friends or family if they get promotion at their job. You will be pleased with their achievements, you can provide support by congratulating them, giving best wishes, and promotion gifts when you are invited to their party.

What is promotion gift?

A promotion gift is a special gift that you give to colleagues, friends, or family members, to congratulate them on getting their promotion at work. The gift is a form of support for them and recognizing them for their hard work.

Do you get someone a gift for a promotion?

It depends on how close you are to the person receiving the promotion. If you want to give a close friend, best coworker, or family member, you can celebrate the promotion by giving thoughtful promotion gifts that help them be more successful and productive in their new position.

But how can you get thoughtful gifts, when there are so many choices of gifts in the online or offline market? We will make it easier for you to choose some of the best gifts for your coworker's promotion.

Best promotion gifts to congratulate coworker's success

Check out the items below and find the best gifts as a form of your support for people who receive promotions at work, say thank you for their hard work, and best luck for their success.

  1. Large desk mat

New responsibilities, of course, require a new organized place. Help your promoted coworker with water-resistant, leather desk mat. If coworkers like a simple and elegant look, the large desk mat will be an amazing gift for them. The sliding magnetic cord holder can keep electronic devices close while charging, and with a leather surface layer to make it easier for you to view documents.

The soft cover is ideal for writing and storing some office equipment, with simple but super sleek looks.

  1. Custom desk nameplate

Engraved name plate is suitable for someone who received a promotion at work. You can choose what material to use for the nameplate, it can be acrylic, wood plate, or aluminum plate inlaid with the employee's name. Customize the desk nameplate with a company logo, new title, and a personalized message. Coworkers are not only proud of their achievements, but also proud to display the nameplate on their desk.

  1. Sucess crate

New promotion is a new step with all the challenges going forward. With so many steps to take in a new career plan, it will be a fantastic idea to provide coworkers of self-development and empowerment. The success crate contains worksheets, affirmations, bestseller books, and other self-help and motivational items adapted to the monthly theme. Self-development gifts are the perfect way to show your support for them, and let them continue to grow.

  1. Dual charging pad

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a special place for charging multiple devices at once. Sometimes people charge their multiple devices in different locations because only individual cords are available. But with the wireless charging pad, coworkers can charge up to three devices at once, saving both time and space. The dual charging pad comes with a cord for over 4.5 feet long, and you can order customized engraving, giving coworkers a gift that is useful at their office or at home.

  1. Home bar kit

The bar combo kit is an outstanding promotion gift to celebrate at home with some fancy stuff. The bar kit contains spoon doubles as a muddler, the jigger with incremental marks inside, and mixing and pouring pieces. All the stuff in this kit is durable stainless steel, including the tumblers which can be used to make spill-free shakes. Coworkers will be happy to drink their celebratory cocktails in their whiskey glass.

  1. Office themend throw blanket

One of the lighthearted gifts for coworkers is an office-themed throw blanket. Coworkers can bring it to work, or place it at home to enjoy a cozy and warm hug while hugging a throw blanket with some office quotes in it. The throw blanket is a unique congratulations gift to show your support.

  1. Personalized mug gift
Promotion Gifts

Your newly promoted coworker will be proud to have a customized mug with their name, and your best wishes on it. The mug is a high-quality product, and the print will never fade. It makes coworkers proud when they wear their mugs for their drinking time. You can order personalized items at BestGift HK, as a pioneer for corporation gifts and souvenirs for people around the world. BestGiftHK is the best place to make personalized mugs for your coworker, because you can choose the design you want, as well as the color of the mug you choose.

  1. Customized promotion socks

It will be some fun if you provide custom promotion socks with coworker's photos on it. You can choose whether you put photos of several employees at the socks or only photos of someone who got a promotion. The socks will bring lots of joy. Socks are made from the good quality, best for any sizes you choose for men or women. Giving something fun and unique will cause laughter and joy at the office, but it's a clever gift to give.

  1. Wooden docking station

The wooden docking station is a stable and comfortable surface for placing all items such as keys, phone, pen, charger, and watch. The compact size makes it easy to take anywhere coworkers go. You can order a wooden docking station with the coworker's name or initials. The wooden dock looks elegant and is suitable for placing on a work desk.

  1. Briefcase messenger bag

The briefcase messenger bag is crafted from quality materials, and pleasing to the eye to put everything a coworker needs to go to the office. The briefcase has two shades of vintage leather to choose from, and makes an outstanding promotion gift for employees. You can ask to customize it with your name, company logo, or picture laser engraved on the bag to add a personalized touch.

  1. Standing desk convertor

Your coworker has worked hard to get their promotion. Now, you can give the best gift by thinking about their physical health with this stand/sit converting work station. The desk convertor allows coworkers to sit or stand to optimize posture and productivity at work. There are several sizes you can choose from, and the desk is capable of holding at least 33 pounds of stuff.

  1. Traveler’s kit

Everyone who has shown their hard work for the office deserves to get the best in their leisure time. Bring them joy by giving them a traveler's kit that contains high-end items for them to use on their next holiday trip. Choose several items according to the coworker's personality, and make them feel like a boss and very important in the office.

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That's all about gift ideas from BestGift HK. If you have chosen your best gift, don't forget to add a personalized touch by ordering it at BestGiftHK. Make your promotion gift more meaningful with a personalized touch on it.